Line 6 Delivers Historic Tone to Future Guitar Gods

Packed for a long weekend, a few lucky Line 6ers are heading to South-by-Southwest music festival to bring time-tested tones to the next generation of guitar and bass greats.

Co-sponsoring Planetary Group’s Skewer BBQ at Maggie Mae’s, Line 6 is hand-delivering a selection of some of our latest and greatest amps, including Spider Valve™ 212, Spider Valve HD100 and LowDown® 300 Pro.

14 bands, including Longwave, Starsailor and Elf Power, will be plugged into Line 6 tone as they take the stage in front of thousands of people at this colossal, daylong event.

Held every March in Austin, Texas, South-by-Southwest, or SXSW, is one of the largest music festivals in the nation.

Treated mostly as a networking event, though anybody can attend, dozens of venues, bars and industry parties receive about 1,400 acts as they descend upon the city from all over the world, hoping, ultimately, for their shot at the big time.

Join us at Maggie Mae’s on March 13th to enjoy some music, eat some BBQ and receive one of our great giveaways!