Three Essential Propellerhead Bundles

Propellerhead software, one of the world's leading makers of software musical instruments, is releasing bundles of its spectacular software in three distinct collections.

Reason Premium Edition is an instant all-in-one music production environment. It includes Reason version 4, Propellerhead’s infinitely expandable music workstation packed full of samplers, analog synths, an amazing step-time drum machine and more, plus Reason Drum Kits 2, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keyboards and Reason Electric Bass: four powerful Reason ReFills that will add life, dynamics and tons of organic-sounding instruments to your music.

Studio Combo and Rhythm Combo bundles both provide Reason ReFills and do not include Reason version 4. Studio Combo features Reason Drum Kits 2, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keyboards and Reason Electric Bass. Rhythm Combo features Reason Drum Kits 2 and Reason Electric Bass delivering killer rhythm sections for any style of music.

Reason ReFill sound libraries, painstakingly produced for Reason version 4, feature hypersampled collections of modern and classic instruments for the most vivid, colorful and lifelike sounds.

Reason Drum Kits 2 provides the sounds of classic drum kits as well as the room they were recorded in, the unique sounds of the mics and more. Reason Pianos boasts three stunningly realistic and highly responsive pianos recorded using six sets of microphones from multiple angles. Featuring the keyboards heard on all those immortal recordings, Abbey Road Keyboards includes seven time-honored instruments recorded on location with the original vintage microphones, preamps, outboard gear, and with expertise provided by Abbey Road engineers. Reason Electric Bass delivers selectable classic basses and rigs essential for adding dynamic and natural-sounding bass lines to your music.

In each bundle, each ReFill comes in both 16- and 24-bit versions.

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