Line 6 Days on the Road

Line 6 is all over the map. As of this moment, we're slated to appear at almost every upcoming major music event and trade show around the world.

Hosted at San Francisco's Moscone Center (383 miles away), the 125th-annual AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention came and went over a quick October weekend. Jaws dropped over POD Farm™, the premium tone plug-in, and POD Studio™, our powerful new USB interfaces for recording guitarists. We got enough oohs, aahs and wows that we almost floated back on our own.

We also just returned from the LA Amp Show in Van Nuys, CA, (a mere 18-mile commute). Southern California takes its amplifiers very seriously and LA's avid amp scene feasted its ears and eyes on the beastly Spider Valve™ amps and the unstoppable M13 Stompbox Modeler.

In a hotel room in midtown Manhattan (a 2,800-mile journey), as we prepare for a wall-to-wall week of nonstop rock and roll at the CMJ Music Marathon, the finishing touches are being put on this article. On stages across the city, we're going to treat loads of bands (and audiences) to the sounds of Spider Valve and LowDown®.

Everywhere we go, displaying Line 6 gear, discussing Line 6 gear and listening to people gush about their Line 6 gear are all full-time jobs. It's a wonder how we get any work done at all.