CMJ 2008: All Things Must Pass

The CMJ 2008 Music Marathon came and went in a blur of bands, cabs clubs. Hard to believe it was almost a month ago; we're only recently beginning to recover.

Over 100,000 music fans, artists, filmmakers and industry pros descended on the Big Apple hoping for a bite of success. We had the honor of working with many great up-and- coming bands and, with any luck, the Spider Valve™ guitar amps and LowDown® bass amps they used gave each of them the power and tone they needed to make their mark.

Our co-sponsored events, including Serious Business Records' label showcase and Planetary Group's Skewer party, were, in proper rock and roll fashion, perfectly out-of- control: the bands were energized, the fans were lined up around the corner and the vibe in the club was electric.

The calls and emails from new and old Line 6 fans are still pouring in as we begin discussing our plan for future festivals including Austin's South-by-Southwest, Manchester, Tennessee's Bonnaroo, Seattle's Bumbershoot, and, ultimately, CMJ 2009.

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