Two New Digital Wireless Microphone Systems Provide Wired Tone and Wireless Freedom!

X2™ XDR955, the latest addition to the Line 6 Digital Wireless family, is a handheld wireless microphone system that provides the clearest sound, the purest signal and the arena-worthy reliability professional vocalists demand.

X2 XDR955 digital wireless system redefines the sound of wireless. Most analog wireless systems compress their signal and roll-off crucial high- and low-end frequencies, which results in a “thin” and “brittle” sound. X2 XDR955 is totally free of compression. Plus, it features 24-bit digital conversion, an extended frequency response of 10 Hz – 20 kHz, and an extended dynamic range of over 115 dB. It sounds like the mic is plugged into a high-quality XLR cable, even at the outer reaches of its 300-foot range!

Exclusive Line 6 dual-RF technology offers an extra layer of protection that shields the wireless signal from different kinds of interference including static, jamming and dropouts commonly caused by cell phones, wireless networks and other unseen sources of RF energy.

Plus, all Line 6 Digital Wireless Systems operate outside the DTV band. They are not affected by the February 2009 FCC/DTV changeover, nor do they require licenses for use.

Line 6 gives all professionals, not just professional musicians, the confidence they need to perform their best. X2 XDR959 is a new wireless beltpack system with a cardioid lavalier microphone. It provides presenters, schools and houses of worship with the same crystal-clear sound, pure signal and 300-foot range that keeps rock stars on the go.

Line 6 Digital Wireless Systems offer professional quality at an incredible value. Learn more about X2 XDR955 and other Line 6 Digital Wireless systems!