Line 6 Provides Armor

New Jersey Emo quartet Armor for Sleep has been touring nonstop since the release of their debut album Dream to Make Believe was released in late Summer 2003. Their music has been described as “dark and delicate, but at the same time painfully distant,” and “reminiscent of early Sunny Day Real Estate.” While the initial description may sound a bit obscure, the songs are incredibly infectious without sounding the least bit generic or poppy. And trust us, these guys are as talented as they are deep.

Singer/songwriter Ben Jorgenson originally played all the instruments himself on the demo before enlisting P.J. DeCicco to play guitar for his new vision. P.J. is currently using HD147s and 412 Cabs, and Ben is using Line 6 stompboxes for their tour. Armor for Sleep has played with Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Piebald, and Recover in the last year alone, and has just begun their own headlining tour.

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