Relay G30 is the Best-selling Guitar Wireless in the US!

The people have spoken! Relay™ G30 digital wireless system is the #1-selling guitar wireless system in the United States!*

Traditional analog wireless systems just can’t keep up as more musicians choose the superior tone, dependability and reliable operation of Relay G30.

“It sounds excellent! [It has] lots of great features nobody else thought of.”
Billy Sheehan (bassist, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Steve Vai)

“I just got my G30 today and it’s mind blowing!”
Crymsyn (customer comment on a retailer’s website)

Relay G30 and other Line 6 digital wireless systems have drawn a permanent line in the sand between cutting-edge digital wireless technology and traditional analog wireless technology. Line 6 digital wireless systems are giving wireless guitarists, bassists and vocalists the sound quality and simplicity they’ve always wanted but, until now, could never have.

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*source: MI SalesTrak®