POD® Reviews and Awards

January 2007 Best Floor Effect - Floor POD
The Music & Sound Retailer

2007 Best Guitar-Tool of the Year - Floor POD
Soundcheck Reader Award

2008 Best Guitar Effects – POD X3 Live
Music Industries Association (MIA)'s Music Award

2008 Total Guitar Reader Awards – POD X3 Live
Best Software/Effects Category

Total Guitar

2006 Editor's Choice Award - PODxt Live
Electronic Musician

2005 MIPA - PODxt Live
(Musikmesse International Press Award)

2005 "Guitar Tool of the Year" - PODxt Live
PPV Magazine

December 2004 #1 Product of the last 10 years
Total Guitar Magazine

Best of 2003
Home Recording

2003 MIPA
(Musikmesse International Press Award)

Nominated for 19th Annual TEC Awards 2003

Mix Magazine

2003 MIPA (Guitar Preamp)
(Musikmesse International Press Award)

2000 MIPA (Guitar Preamp)
(Musikmesse International Press Award)

The Best of the Top Ten 2000
#1 in the Category of Effects Pedals
#1 in the Category of Guitar Processors (Pedals)
The Music & Sound Retailer

Key Buy Award 1999
Keyboard Magazine

'Editors' Pick' Award 1999
Guitar Player

Technical Innovation Award 1999
PC Magazine

TEC Award 1999
MIX Magazine
Signal Processing Technology Hardware
Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio


"Regardless of the size of your recording setup, the Line 6 POD HD Pro adds unlimited tonal options to your palette." Read the review
Anthony Stanhope - Digital Recording Arts

"Overall, Line 6 has stepped up to the plate with a next-gen modeler that retains what people liked about previous devices, adds more features, increases the level of detail, and maintains sanity in the pricing. In other words...they’ve done it again." (POD HD500) Read review here
Craig Anderton - Harmony Central

"The effects are all top notch and the amp models were responsive, very tweakable and sounded like real amps..." (POD HD300) Read review here
Jon Bloomer - GuitarNoize.com

"The HD300 demonstrates a noticeable jump in quality from previous POD incarnations, especially in terms of real-world response," (POD HD300) Read review here
Peter Hodgson - iHeartGuitarblog.com

"It’s a bull. Drop it, stomp on it, kick it, it just doesn’t care. And with it’s all metal construction, it shouldn’t." (POD HD300) Read review here
George Vanderlaan - Gear Vault

"As an all-in-one device for the guitar player wanting something that can be used at gigs as well as in the studio...the POD HD500 (or one of its scaled down siblings) is hard to beat…." (POD HD500) Read review here
Paul White - Sound on Sound

"Overall the PODHD500 and its siblings are very good news for all of us - oodles of practicality and great sound for a reasonable price - no complaints here at all." "Detailed and playable HD amp models; huge range of effects; flexible connectivity; stage-ready build quality." (POD HD500) Read review here
Trevor Curwen - Guitarist - Guitarist Choice Award

"It’s a bull. Drop it, stomp on it, kick it, it just doesn’t care. And with it’s all metal construction, it shouldn’t." (POD HD500) Read review here
George Vanderlaan - Gear Vault

"We can state beyond any doubt that the HD500 leaves nothing to chance when it comes to helping you sound exactly as you want to sound, with virtually no limits. This, and the very agreable price, makes this device very tempting indeed." (POD HD500) Read review here
Tim Slater - Playmusic Pickup

"For a lot of studio musicians who like to work fast and on a budget, it could easily become an indispensible recording tool…" (POD HD) Read review here
Matthew Holliman - Premier Guitar Magazine

"The POD HD is a desktop multi-effect that takes the POD concept to the moon and beyond…" (POD HD) Read review here
Barry Rudolph - Music Connection

"With the choices of boutique amps and unique effects, it’ll be tough to find something as flexible and easy to work with, that sounds as good as the real thing!" (POD HD) Read review here
Chris Devine - Performer

"Sounds: I could write pages on this topic, but I’ll try to keep it brief for this article… It’s exceptional!" (POD HD) Read review here
Andrew Roebuck - Rowbinet

"The Line 6 POD HD bean, I found, to be a remarkable slab of modern technology." (POD HD) Read review here
"The Smitchens" - Guitar Muse

"This effects and amp modeler does it all, from stage to studio." (POD X3 Live) Download Review.
Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine, January 2010

"Line 6 calls it the most powerful POD ever, and it's impossible to argue. This rackmount work of art gives you the amp, effect, and cab models that Line 6 is famous for, plus a ton of ins and outs, phantom power..."
Guitar Player, May 2009

"FOR THE LOVE OF POD: It's definitely the POD XT [favorite piece of gear], just because it allows me to make each sound fit exactly what I need. I can customize every single song for live performance. It I didn't have it, I think everything would sound very plain. Plus, the POD XT simplifies my life." -- Joseph Milligan of Anberlin
Nick Bowcott, Guitar World, April 2009

"The Edge's rack includes...two Line 6 POD Pros..."
Guitar Player, Holiday 2008

"His [The Edge] effect setup is an ever-evolving network of stompboxes and rack processorts that generally includes...Line 6 POD Pro"
Vincent DeMasi, Guitar Player, November 2008

"10 Year of POD: Ten years ago, Line 6 unleashed the POD on unsuspecting guitarists around the country and instigated a revolution of sorts."
Adam Moore, Premiere Guitar, November 2008

"On the desk to his [Rob Thomas] right sits a Line 6 POD processor..."
Jon Regen, Keyboard, July 2009
"As a combined audio interface and guitar/bass/vocal processor it represents very good value, especially when the additional software is taken into account."
Paul White, Sound on Sound, June 2009
"If you thought the Pocket POD was a no-brainer spin-off from the successful POD line, you should take a look at the Pocket POD Express. A simple, inexpensive and good-sounding guitar preamp for practice, recording or even gigging."
Sound on Sound, April 2009

"For practicing, jamming or just having fun, the Pocket POD is a total no-brainer." (Pocket POD)
Guitar World Holiday Review Guide, Holiday 2009

"TG voted the original Line 6 POD the greatest guitar product of the past 10 years. Yes, the little bean was that revolutionary. Well there's a new POD in town now and we're happy to say the X3 kickds its ancestor's ass." (POD X3)
Roxy Riot, Total Guitar, June 2008

..when you consider the sheer number of tones available, as well as the friendly price tag, the Floor POD is a bargain any way you look at it. Download Review.
- GuitarEdge, March 2007

We've always been keen on the POD line of modelling effects, here at PM, the addition of the Floor POD, one you can plonk on-stage in front of you immediately have all the best amps in the world at your feet, is therefore a sure fire winner, in our opinion.
- Chris Underwood, Play Music, May 2007

"Now, all of the great features and sounds of the PODxt are avaiable in a stompbox-style unit- awesome."
Remix, January 2006

"On their own, the Line 6 PODxt Live processor and Variax 300 guitar are state-of-the-art modeling devices. Put them together, and you have a guitar, an amp, a cabinet, and effects modeling, as well as the ability to save and recall presets containing all of those model types."
Mike Levine, Electronic Musician, January 2006

"Besides satisfying my picky guitarist with an expansive array of amp and effect sounds, the PODxt Live proved to be an extremely convenient tool for recording - eliminating the time, labor and guesswork of miking an amp - and it allowed us to start recording and creating shredding guitar licks immediately."
David Weiss, Remix, June 2005

"I only have scratched the surface of what this multifaceted unit has to offer. But I'll say this: the PODxt Live is worth the price for the effects alone. And if you need something to recreate a studio recording in which several different amps and guitars were used, the combination of a Line 6 Variax and the PODxt Live is tough to beat."
Michael Ross, Guitar One, September 2005

"Our collective jaw dropped when we saw the list of classic stompboxes that the Line 6 boffins have packed into the PODxt Live."
Alistair Lindsay, Music Tech Magazine, March 2005

"If you are looking for a real good Stage-Amp-Modeler with exquist effects you should check out the PODxt Live..."
Thomas Jeschonnek, Gitarre & Bass, January 2005

Modeling has become the buzzword in the guitar industry, with other manufactures launching similar products in recent years and it’s easy to take this amazing technology for granted. So in recognition of the way the POD took our breath away and changed guitar recording forever, it’s our number one product of the last 10 years. Truly Awesome.
- Ed Mitchell, Total Guitar, December 2004

"Though similar to its predecessor in look and feel, the PodXT leaves the original Pod in a trail of digital dust in terms of its sound, editing capabilities, and interface. The PodXT is a complete top-to-bottom redesign that takes advantage of 32-bit floating-point processing and offers a host of useful new features."
Jon Chappell, Electronic Musician, October 2003

"The POD XT's amp models blow away those of the original POD, and I'm particularly impressed with the accuracy and clarity of the '58 Bassman and the '66 Marshall JTM-45 presets."
Michael Molenda, Guitar Player, April 2003

"The effects are great, but amp modeling is POD's (both original and XT) true forte.  Although the original unit's models closely aped the original amps, the XT has upped the realism ante quite a bit... I was already sold on using the POD in a pinch, but now with the XT it will be a while before I mic an amp again."
Michael Ross, Guitar One, April 2003

"Well, now the question becomes, 'Do I sell my entire guitar rig that I spent years building and lugging around?' After a few moments with the new Line 6 PODxt I was on my way to my favorite pawn shop. Once again Line 6 has improved on its cutting edge guitar technology... From clean and buttery to dirty, raunchy and raw, the PODxt is by far the most flexible guitar rig ever that fits into a gig bag."
Scott Wyatt, TapeOp, March/April 2003

Pods... are burgundy-colored, kidney-bean-shaped boxes that have become many a guitarist's favorite tool for live performance and recording. Players can jack in their instrument, run a cable to a studio mixing board or a live sound system, and have an arsenal of amps at their disposal with the twist of a knob.
- Roger Van Bakel, New York Times, February 27, 2003

"The POD-XT is an excellent update of the venerable POD, and is at the forefront of amp and effect modeling. Many of the features found in the Line6 Vetta, Studio Modelers and GuitarPort have found their way into the POD-XT, and has made it a much more fexible and complete guitar recording system...the sound and the POS system is obvously a labor of love for its developers...Line6 has another hit on its hands, one that deserves to be on the short list for any recording artist."
Darwin Grosse, Recording Magazine, February 2003

"The original kidney bean shaped POD created a sensation when it was introduced, allowing guitarists to get Line 6's popular Flextone modeling tones while recording guitar direct. And while version 2 added minor improvements, PODxt takes things to whole new level. More than just an upgrade, PODxt is POD on steroids. Aside from its similar shape, nearly everything about the PODxt is brand new. The sounds come from the top-of-the-line Line 6 Vetta amp and the Line 6 modeler effects units; it has a new LCD display for easy control of parameters and settings without the need for a computer; and it features high-resolution audio to match today's digital recording gear."
Mark Starlin, Better Guitar, 2003

The POD revolutionized the way people record their guitars from simple home studio setups all the way to leading studios worldwide. Combining 32 guitar amplifier models with a wide variety of effects and speaker cabinet models, the metallic red, kidney bean shaped device offers just about any tone you
can imagine!
- Terry Kok, EXHardware.com, January 6, 2002

The Pod creates all the sounds you need to cover your gig--everything from country and R&B to rock. It's cost-effective, easy to haul, set up, and use. It delivers great amp simulations with Line 6's TubeTone modeling--and it looks cool, to boot.
- David Alessandri, Gig Magazine, March 1, 2000

POD is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. It has provided me with no end of inspiration, and a palette of tones, atmosphere and sounds that is bordering on endless.
- Alan McGuinness, HomeRecording.com, April 23, 2000

Have you ever fantasized about having a warehouse full of amps at your disposal? Line 6's POD may not be an actual warehouse, but the kidney-shaped tabletop sound machine is packed with digital models of many of the world's most famous tube amps.
- Emile Menasche, Guitar, July 10, 1999

Along to the rescue comes POD, aiming to provide everything necessary to get the sound of a bunch of classic amps, including guitar-style effects and reverb, with not an amp, speaker or microphone in sight.
- Intermusic.com, July 1, 1999

As always, though, the bottom line is sound — and, quite simply, POD has got it right. For my live setup, there's no turning back: POD has taken over the guitar processor slot and shows no signs of giving it up.
- Craig Anderton, EQ Magazine, May 1999

Everything from the high quality feel of the controls to the amazing sounds it produces could make the POD one of the most loved and used pieces of gear you own.
- Kit Benge, HarmonyCentral.com, May 21, 1999