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Take It Anywhere

POD® Express Bass is an ultra-portable bass amp and effects processor that enables bassists to take their tones wherever they choose. Simple controls make it easy to use, while models derived from the HX® family of processors ensure exceptional sound quality and authentic feel. POD Express Bass gives bassists seven amps, seven cabs, and 17 distortion, compression, synth, modulation, and delay effects—including a looper—and it may be powered by three AA batteries (included) or an optional 9-volt power supply.

  • GRIT
  • DEEP

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  • Outline of a hand holding a pedal in their palm Ultra-Portable
  • Outline of a knob Simple Controls
  • Outline of check mark in a certificate circle Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Outline of three double A batteries Power
  • Outline of stereo soundwave Stereo Output
  • Outline of foot ready to press Footswitches
  • Outline of headphones Headphones
  • Outline of usb icon USB & Recording
  • Outline of expression pedal EXTERNAL CONTROL


POD Express Bass pedal Backview of POD Express Bass pedal Sideview of POD Express Bass pedal
POD Express Bass pedal

LED Ring

Seven multi-color LED segments light to indicate various parameter functions. A red LED indicates the selected amp model when turning the AMP encoder. When holding the ALT button and turning the AMP encoder or an effect knob, the LED segments indicate the corresponding value. When turning an effect knob, the LED segments (1-7) indicate the level of the currently selected effect.

AMP Encoder

Turn to select an amp (or turn to the detent at the 6 o'clock position for no amp). A matching speaker cab is also loaded. Press and hold the AMP encoder to save the current settings as a preset.

Effects Knobs

These select specific effects within each of the four effect categories. Turning them entirely counterclockwise bypasses the selected effect.

ALT Button

Press to access the alternate control functions (GAIN, MID, BASS, etc.). Hold to adjust the corresponding alternate parameters.

ON Footswitch and LED

Press to enable or bypass the device. The LED lights white when enabled.

TAP Footswitch and LED

Tap this footswitch in time with the music to set the tempo of delay and modulation effects, indicated by the flashing red LED. Press and hold to engage the Tuner.

Preset Mode Switching

Press and hold the ON and TAP footswitches simultaneously to enter Preset Mode. Then, scroll up or down through the 21 preset locations using the footswitches. All 21 preset locations may be overwritten by user presets.

  • LED Ring
  • AMP Encoder
  • Effects Knobs
  • ALT Button
  • ON Footswitch and LED
  • TAP Footswitch and LED
  • Preset Mode Switching
Backview of POD Express Bass pedal


Plug your guitar in here. When using batteries, POD Express powers on when a cable is connected here and powers off when it is disconnected.


Connect to stereo devices (external amps, audio interfaces, other pedals, etc.) using the L/MONO and RIGHT outputs. Connect to mono devices using only the L/MONO output.

VOLUME and FS3/4 Inputs

This is a multi-purpose input. Connect an optional expression pedal to control volume and a single footswitch to control other functions, or a dual footswitch to control two functions.


Connect a desktop or mobile device to use POD Express as an audio interface.


Connect an optional power adapter (such as the Line 6 DC-1g) as an alternative to battery power.

  • IN
  • OUT
  • VOLUME and FS3/4 Inputs
  • USB
  • DC IN
Sideview of POD Express Bass pedal


Connect stereo headphones here and use the VOLUME control to adjust the level.


Turn this thumbwheel to ADJUST the output level for the OUT & PHONES.



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