Line 6 Spider IV amp preset edit window and controls


Shaped by pro guitarists.

If you’re hungry for amazing presets, dinner is served. Spider® offers up to 300 signature guitar tones handcrafted by famous guitarists and bands, plus up to 200 tones based on the best guitar songs of all time. And of course you can create your own presets and save and store up to 64 of your favorites.

Line 6 Spider IV amp in manual mode


Total tone control.

Want a more traditional amplifier experience? With manual mode, what you see is what you get. When Manual mode is activated, all front-panel knobs work independently of one another. Choose an amp model, and Spider will dial in the tone stack and drive automatically—so you have a great starting place to create your own distinct guitar tone.

Line 6 Spider IV amp effects control panel


Make each sound your own.

It’s never been easier to define your sound. Spider lets you deep tweak guitar amp and cab parameters to dial your tone to perfection. And the same goes for effects—deep dive the parameters of an effect until it’s perfect for any song.



The sound of rock and roll.

Celestion® custom speakers have shaped the sound of rock and roll, fueling performances by some of the most talented shredders of all-time. Renowned for their durability and consistency, Spider 30, 75, 120, and 150 feature Celestion speakers that are custom built to grind out your guitar tone at gigging levels night after night. Clean tones sparkle and sing. Creamy overdrives respond to the intricacies of your picking. And searing tones launch themselves from the cabinet.

Line 6 Spider IV amp product family photo


Focused response. Amazing projection.

To get the whole story of Spider amplifiers, you need to turn one around. All Spider combo guitar amps feature a perfectly tuned three-quarter closed-back cabinet. You’ll experience a tight, punchy, and focused response that you just can’t get from an open-back cabinet

Line 6 Spider IV amp lcd editing display window


Intuitive, easy to read display.

A large, two-line LCD is your window into Spider. Dive deep into effects and adjust their parameters. Scroll up to 500 presets, see the tuner interface and name your user-created presets. You also get a visual representation of where your effects knobs are set.


Celestion is a registered trademark of KH Technology Corporation.