Title Genre Difficulty Load
How to Play Guitar: Chapter 1 Rock Beginner Load
Holiday Special: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Lesson Beginner Load
How To Read GuitarPort Tab Lesson Beginner Load
Essential Guitar: Alternate Tunings: Open D Blues Beginner Load
Common Tones Jazz Intermediate Load
Movable Shapes Jazz Intermediate Load
The Basics of Classical Guitar: Finger Picking Classical Intermediate Load
Sound FX Metal / Shred Intermediate Load
Harmonizing The Major Scale Jazz Intermediate Load
Minor Modes Jazz Advanced Load


Title Genre Type Load
Medium Alt Rock Alternative Load
Double-Kick Metal Metal / Shred Load
Rockabilly Country Load
808 Boom Chick Alternative Load
Bongo Groove Alternative Load
Meat and Potatoes Rock Load
Distorted Fast Power Grunge Loop 165 Alternative Load
Spooky Spacy 1 Loop 90 Alternative Load
Medium Blues Rock 1 Loop 105 Blues Load
Fast Rock Brush Loop 203 Rock Load