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Title Genre Difficulty

Essential Guitar #14

Lesson Beginner

Like the diminished scale the whole tone scale is based on an underlying chord, in this case an augmented chord.

Essential Guitar #15: Symmetrical Scales

Lesson Beginner

This installment will take you into the outer reaches of the symmetrical scale galaxy.

Essential Guitar #18: Symmetrical Scales

Lesson Beginner

In this episode of Essential Guitar we’ll be looking at another aspect of guitar music closely related to symmetrical scales.

Essential Guitar: Alternate Tunings: Open D

Blues Beginner

Canada’s premier rock band is an adventurous power trio whose potent mix of metal, power pop and progressive styles is designed to give any listener a Rush.

Essential Guitar: Blues and the Tritone Dyad

Blues Beginner

We’ve all heard the well-worn cliché, “Less is more.” In music it is an axiom with many applications and expressions. Consider the humble tritone dyad.

Essential Guitar: Blues Riffs and Rhythm Figures: The Dyad Approach

Blues Intermediate

As you discovered in the last episode the tritone dyad has leanness and a utility that invites unlimited harmonic applications, especially in blues and rock styles.

Essential Guitar: Life After Licks - Essential Applications, Part One

Lesson Intermediate

With so much information available it is often a daunting task to put the material into action. Students often ask: Where do I start?

Essential Guitar: Life After Licks - Essential Applications, Part Two

Blues Intermediate

Motifs or motives, your choice. In one sense motifs are the catchy bits that distinguish a particular lick.

Essential Guitar: Modes, Part Two: The Mixolydian Pentatonic Scale

Lesson Intermediate

This time I’d like to share with you a unique mode-based concept which I have never seen covered in any book, video or teaching aid.

Essential Guitar: Rhythm Overlays, Part 1

Rock Beginner

In response to a number of requests and inquiries I am devoting the next few episodes of Essential Guitar to an essential topic, Rhythm Overlays.

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