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Title Genre Difficulty

Essential Guitar: Rhythm Overlays, Part 3

Lesson Beginner

This time we’ll continue with still more applications designed to help you get more meaning and mileage from the licks you’ve been absorbing as guitarists.

Essential Guitar: The Tritone Dyad in Country and Metal

Country Beginner

“Can the tritone dyad be used in other, very different, styles?” The answer is yes, and to illustrate allow me to present two disparate cases in country and heavy metal music.

Featuring George Benson

Blues Intermediate

Carlton’s Minor Substitutions

Featuring John Petrucci

Blues Intermediate

Tracks: Pull Me Under, These Walls | Feature Lesson: All Blues Pt. 2 | Feature Track: Lynyrd Skynyrd "Double Trouble"


Roots / Folk / Bluegrass Intermediate

Let's talk about fingerpicking. In this lesson we will cover the basic fingerpicking styles employed by many great guitarists such as Merle Travis, John Lennon, Jeff Tweedy, and Donovan. Classical guitarist's have been plucking their guitar strings with the fingers on their right hand for centuries. That style is taught and perfected in universities and concert halls around the world. Modern fingerpicking or thumb picking, was most likely invented by blues musicians, imitating "ragtime" piano in the late 1800's, and adopted by country and folk musicians shortly thereafter. It's more rhythmically based and syncopated. It's also not confined to a particular method and many great fingerpickers use a free-form approach.

Funk and R and B Guitar Styles - Part I

Funk / R&B Intermediate

Great Funk and R&B guitar players are the epitome of cool. They are a noble breed, always serving the song, melding with the bass and drums with minimal showboating. They understand the importance of the groove and hypnotic rhythm they need to supply with finesse and mathematical precision. In this lesson we will cover some R&B and Funk basics that every guitar player should know, regardless of what style they play. Everyone can learn from these masters of rhythm and melody.

Funk and R&B Guitar Styles Part 2

Funk / R&B Intermediate

Hi and welcome back to the second installment of "Funk and R&B Guitar Styles". In the first lesson we looked at riffs and grooves inspired by R&B and Funk giants such as James Brown, the Meters, and Curtis Mayfield. In this lesson we will check out licks you can use for introductions and some other things R&B and Funk players use regularly. So grab your tele, strat, les paul, 335, starcaster, hollow body, or whatever you got, and set the amp to clean and start grooving.

Getting the Bends, Part Five - In the Court of the Kings, Part Two

Lesson Intermediate

The art and techniques of string bending haven’t been the same since the Kings began their reign. In this episode we’ll look at the essential contributions of Albert King.

Getting the Bends, Part One

Lesson Beginner

String bending is arguably the most pervasive, expressive and unifying element in guitar playing. String bending is also one of the most important, idiomatic and useful tools in the player’s tool box.

Getting the Bends, Part Three

Blues Intermediate

String bending is essential to the language of blues guitar.

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