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Title Genre Difficulty

The Guitar Port Guide to Good Grease

Lesson Intermediate

Let’s start with the basics of modulation

The Guitar Port Guide to Good Grease - Part 2

Rock Intermediate

Flanging and chorusing are easy to manipulate and apply once we understand that they are time-based effects. Using a delay or echo unit you can produce typical flanger and chorus sounds by setting the time delay for very short delays.

The Guitar Port Guide to Good Grease - Part 3

Lesson Intermediate

As with many of today’s most common and popular sound processors phase shifting began in the recording studio.

The Ins and Outs of Extraordinary Pentatonic Usage

Rock Intermediate

The Penta-Modal Effect in Blues

Blues Intermediate

Pentatonics and Modes, Part Two

Triads and Tribulations Part 1

Jazz Beginner

A look at the 3-note chord family, also known as a triad.

Whats in Your Box?

Blues Intermediate

Pentatonic Quintet, Part Two

ADVENTURES IN RHYTHM: Rhythmic Displacement, Part Four - And Here Are The Finalists

Lesson Intermediate

My Top Ten of favorite players and music using rhythmic displacement comes to a conclusion in this episode. Any guesses about the finalists? Here’s a hint: …a little bit of country and a little rock ‘n’ roll.

ADVENTURES IN RHYTHM: Rhythmic Displacement, Part One - The Basics

Lesson Beginner

This infinitely useful but little understood musical device adds interest and energy to your playing—guaranteed.

ADVENTURES IN RHYTHM: Rhythmic Displacement, Part Three - And The Top Ten Countdown Continues

Lesson Intermediate

The adventures in rhythm continue. And so does the Top Ten Countdown of rhythmic displacement licks. How do B.B., Wes, Slowhand and Pat Martino put those vital ideas to work in their music?

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