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Title Genre Difficulty

ADVENTURES IN RHYTHM: Rhythmic Displacement, Part Two - The Top Ten Countdown Begins

Lesson Intermediate

Last time we got acquainted with the idea of rhythmic displacement. Now it’s time to meet the rest of the family.


Rock Intermediate

In this series I’d like to introduce a few of the guitar’s most essential open tunings and give you some repertory to play in those tunings.

ALTERNATE TUNINGS: Dropped D, Part Three

Lesson Intermediate

This time we’ll be looking at two close sonic relatives of Drop D tuning. These have various folksy and colorful names but often are simply called “Double D tuning” and “High Drop D Tuning.”


Lesson Intermediate

Last time we looked at some applications of Drop D tuning in the hard rock and pop genres. This time we’ll take a detour in a different direction and explore some possibilities in jazz chord-melody style.


Roots / Folk / Bluegrass Intermediate

In this installment we’ll explore another vital resource in the world of alternate tunings, the modal tuning DADGAD (often affectionately called “Dad-Gad”).

ALTERNATE TUNINGS: Open G Tuning, Part One

Blues Intermediate

This time we’ll continue with a second and equally invaluable option, Open G tuning.

ALTERNATE TUNINGS: Open G Tuning, Part Two

Blues Intermediate

Open G is one of the most used and most versatile alternate tunings in the repertory. It is especially common and indispensable in traditional and modern blues styles.

Augmented Triads and Chords

Jazz Intermediate

What happens when we add a major 3rd above or below a note? Easy, we get a major 3rd interval. Now what happens when we add a major 3rd to the 3rd we just added? Then we stack another major 3rd on top of that? And then another, and another. What happens? Is my amp going to explode? Is it like looking at the sun? Will the heat from the exploded amp transfer to my guitar cable and heat up the strings on my guitar enough to burn my fingertips? Um, I don't think so. You just played an augmented triad. Check it out.

Blues 101 - The Blues Form, Part 1

Blues Beginner

If blues is the common ground, what is the common ground of the blues? Join us for a comprehensive mini-series designed to get you there. Step aboard for the first stop in our blues journey.

Blues 101 - The Blues Form, Part 7: Mo Better Turnarounds

Blues Intermediate

Want to spice up your blues turnarounds? And who doesn’t? Here are some solutions from Magic Sam, Jimmy Reed, the Mississippi Delta and Jimmy Page.

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