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Title Genre Difficulty

Borrowed Chords

Jazz Intermediate

What key am I in? That chord is not in this key! What scale do I play over this chord? I've had to ask myself that question on a number of occasions. Sometimes chord progressions, or shall we say, songs, do not follow the rules of diatonic harmony. Usually you can analyze what is happening with the chords if you consider something old, new, borrowed, or blue. Let's take a look at relative and parallel keys.

Broke Interval Lead Soloing

Jazz Intermediate

Contrary to the old adage: If it ain’t broken, you can fix it. Log on here to check out the world of broken-interval soloing. It’s a technique and sound that makes fellow travelers of George Benson and George Harrison, Albert Lee and Lee Ritenour, Randy Rhoads and Kenny Burrell.

C Major 7th to Pure C Major

Jazz Intermediate

How many different C major chords do you know? How many do you use? Most guitarists know the standard cowboy chord and bar chord for Cmajor but if you dig a little deeper you'd be amazed with how many you can find and play. Using the Cmaj7th inversions from the previous Chord Chemistry lessons we can come up with all sorts of unusual voicings for Cmajor.

Carltons Minor Substitutions

Lesson Intermediate

Ever wonder how Larry Carlton sneaks those sweet sophisticated sounds into his blues and rock solos? Log on here for a minor part of the story.

Chops Building and the Ostinato Thing

Metal / Shred Intermediate

What do monster players Pat Martino and Paul Gilbert have in common? A mini-seminar on the almighty ostinato gives us the answer.

Chord Chemistry: Dominant 7th Inversions

Jazz Intermediate

This time we will take a look at Dominant 7th chords. Last time we examined Major 7th chords and this time we will be changing one note, flatting the seventh.

Chord Colors

Lesson Intermediate

These days a guitarist has to be familiar with a wide variety of approaches to a basic musical idea. Ask yourself: How would your favorite player react to a blank canvas. Join me for a look at the chord colors and styles indigenous to Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richard and Joe Pass.

CHORD FAMILIES: Introduction

Lesson Intermediate

Once a guitar player has a working knowledge of chord families they are better equipped to be creative and more resourceful harmonically.


Lesson Intermediate

This time let’s continue with a few musical variations that serve as useful exercise patterns as well as tasty tidbits to build the ear.

Chord Scales on Strings 2346


Welcome back to Chord Chemistry. In our previous lessons we've studied four note inversions . We have played major 7ths, minor 7ths, dominant 7ths, diminished 7ths, and minor 7th b5 inversions. Now we will combine the chords we learned and make chordal scales with them.

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