Line 6 StageScape M20D with iPad app control live sound mixer and digital recorder image with StageSource PA speakers


Smart mixing system for live sound.

Digital Networking via L6 LINK and the Dream Stage

Connect StageScape M20d to Line 6 StageSource speaker systems via L6 LINK-enabled speaker systems to create the ultimate digitally networked dream stage setup. StageScape automatically recognizes which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and routes monitor feeds. Main PA speakers automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. StageScape automatically recognizes subwoofers and sets crossovers, and detects which loudspeakers are being used as monitors and routes monitor feeds.

When connected via L6 LINK, StageScape M20d and StageSource speakers are capable of unparalleled power and flexibility. Together they redefine the typical mixer-speaker paradigm to introduce a smarter live sound experience in which the live rig is a complete, intelligent ecosystem rather than merely a linear combination of components.

Using L6 LINK, StageScape M20d and StageSource speakers scale easily from smaller PA systems all the way up to large scale concert systems consisting of main PA speakers, subwoofers, monitors, and more.

All L6 LINK signal transmission from mixer to speakers and between speakers is high-resolution digital audio for maximum sound quality. Up to nine L3t/L3m loudspeakers and nine L3s subwoofers can be connected via L6 LINK, and channel assignment is automatic. For example, connecting two upright L3t or L3m speakers together automatically configures them as left and right. Connecting three upright L3t/L3m speakers together configures them as left, mono center (left + right), and right.

Any L3t or L3m loudspeakers laid on their side are configured as floor monitors and sent monitor feeds A, B, C, or D. Each speaker’s rear panel L6 LINK display will indicate the current assignment: Left (“L”), right (“R”), or L + R (“b” for both). When connecting one or more L3s subs with L3t or L3m towers, crossover points are selected automatically.

Any speaker on the network can have its channel assignment changed manually from the M20d touch screen interface. In this case, each speaker’s rear panel L6 LINK display will indicate its sequential number in the network. L3t/L3m loudspeakers and L3s subwoofers are numbered independently.

Line 6 strongly recommends using 110-ohm AES/EBU digital cables when connecting StageScape and StageSource via L6 LINK. Standard XLR cables may yield inconsistent results because of the varying quality of commercially available XLR cables. Line 6 does not recommend cables longer than 50 feet for L6 LINK.

Line 6 StageScape M20d tweak parameters with the X-Y touch controller for digital mixing image

Tweak Pad, Visual Multi-parameter Control

For quickly dialing in channel EQ, dynamics and FX, StageScape M20d provides an incredibly easy-to-use Tweak Pad X-Y multi-parameter controller. Drag a finger toward common sound descriptors like “bright” or “dark” and multiple parameters adjust simultaneously to achieve that sound. For experienced engineers who want fine control over all parameters, Deep Edit Mode provides detailed plug-in-style interfaces, with discrete calibrated adjustment capability.

Total Scene Recall and Artist Presets

StageScape M20d can save and recall a virtually unlimited number of stage setups, scenes and channel DSP presets. We provide a huge library of professionally crafted channel DSP presets – including options from A-list FOH engineers Brad Madix and Daniele Di Giovanni – which dramatically accelerates the process of getting great instrument and mic sounds. Plug in a kick drum mic, choose a kick drum preset and StageScape automatically configures a custom-tailored suite of channel processors – all you have to do is drag your finger around the Tweak Pad to dial in the perfect kick drum sound.

Brad Madix (Rush) contributes a complete set of rock presets—including kick, snare, bass, guitar and vocal.
Daniele Di Giovanni (James Brown, Ray Charles, Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, Mike Stern) offers a stereo Jazz Piano preset developed using the Earthworks Piano Mic System.

Line 6 StageScape M20d digital effects mixing screens images

Four Stereo Master Effects Engines

Four master stereo effects engines supply pristine studio quality reverbs, delays, a vocal doubler and more. The StageScape Master Stereo Reverb effect delivers studio-grade algorithms for adding the perfect amount of high-resolution ambience and character to lead vocals and the overall mix. You also get an additional stereo reverb effect engine for creating custom-tailored instrument or backing vocal reverbs.

The third effects engine is a magnificent vocal doubler that delivers stunning depth and richness to any lead or backing vocal. Finally, the fourth stereo effects engine offers a choice of professional delays, chorus and flanger effects to add textures to instruments and the overall mix.

Line 6 StageScape M20d digital mixing console with preamp gain control image

Set and Maintain Preamp Gain Automatically

With Auto Trim and Trim Tracking functionality, StageScape M20d enables you to speed through soundcheck and perform confidently. Auto Trim scans your incoming signals during soundcheck and automatically sets the ideal preamp levels. During your set, Trim Tracking continues listening and intelligently reduces gain if clipping occurs—without changing the mix levels. With StageScape M20d, you’ll never worry about not having enough time for soundcheck, or unwanted distortion during your performance.