Engineered for exceptional sound.

There’s a reason why touring professionals use speaker systems with wood enclosures instead of plastic cabinets. StageSource® speakers are built with dual-braced tour-grade plywood enclosures, which vibrate less than plastic and deliver clearer, stronger sound. The wooden construction ensures outstanding reliability, and the speaker drivers are protected with a sturdy 1.5mm steel grille. Plus, M10 suspension points make StageSource perfect for permanent installations.

Less vibration
Plastic cabinets tend to vibrate, which decreases the clarity and power of your sound. Our accelerometer measurements show that StageSource exhibits less panel vibration than competitive non-wood speaker enclosures.

Improved front frequency response
Panel vibration can cause frequency response anomalies (ripples) in a loudspeaker’s front-firing acoustical output, which colors the perceived frequency response. The wooden StageSource enclosures deliver improved front frequency response by eliminating ripples in the acoustical output.


System configuration made simple.

Unless you’ve got your own personal sound engineer, it can be almost impossible to resolve feedback issues while you’re performing. That’s why StageSource stops feedback before it even starts. An intelligent 12-band feedback suppression system identifies problem frequencies on the fly and adjusts levels automatically—without affecting your overall sound.


Optimize speaker tuning—automatically.

StageSource makes setting up your live sound system a stress-free process. For example, you could combine four monitor wedges on stage for the musicians, plus a FOH configuration using any combination of loudspeakers and subwoofers on each side of the stage. This system can auto-configure with a single run of L6 LINK connecting the units together. L6 LINK digital networking has a powerful impact on the traditional live sound cable paradigm—and it also allows musicians and live sound professionals to simplify and save setup time while improving sound quality.

StageScape M20d

The most advanced live sound experience.

When you’re ready to take your live setup even further, connect your StageSource speakers to the StageScape® M20d smart mixing system via L6 LINK to form a complete, networked live sound system capable of unparalleled power and flexibility. Together they redefine the typical mixer-speaker paradigm and create an intelligent live sound ecosystem. The system automatically recognizes each component, and performs system-wide optimization and configuration. Add a sub, and the L3s automatically kick in their crossovers. Put a StageSource on its side, and the StageScape M20d mixer automatically treats it as a monitor. It’s the world’s most advanced and integrated live sound experience.