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UPDATE 5/18/20: Line 6/YGG COVID-19 Company Status

This announcement is no longer active


Hi everybody,


I wanted to give you a brief update on where Yamaha Guitar Group is relative the Covid-19 situation.


As of today the team in Calabasas CA are still all working remotely and we continue to operate our business surprisingly well and efficiently. Our team in Southern China are back in the office and our factories are producing product at full volume. All of our business operations are up and running with the exception of our repair center and Customer returns. We are hopeful that over the coming weeks we will be able to open up limited returns and repairs.


Our Customer Support phone techs are all working remote and doing a good job of keeping up with your calls, tickets, and texts. The release of 2.90 did spike our calls so you may see a slightly slower response time but we are working hard to close the gap.


Our distribution center is open and Continues to ship product to our distribution partners around the US.


Generally YGG is in a very good position to recover fully when this crisis ends and in fact we, like I am sure many other companies, have learned some things from this that we will carry forward post Stay at Home Order.


And lastly,


We know many of you make all or part of your income with music. We understand how difficult this has been and we are thinking about you and looking forward to when we can see you again at the venues we all love. One thing is certain: there is going to be a pent up demand for your skills like never before. We are watching you all hone your chops on live streams and are hearing your music being pushed out through social and it is AMAZING! I hope when this is all over the world remembers how valuable music and musicians are to all of us. I for one do and will.


Stay safe and healthy everyone!


All the very best!


Frank Ritchotte

Senior Director of Operations

Line 6 Inc

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