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Powercab 112 Plus Firmware 1.01 Now Available

This announcement is no longer active


Powercab 112 Plus Firmware 1.01 Release Notes


Powercab 112 Plus  v1.01.0 is a FREE firmware update that includes fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is recommended that all Powercab 112 Plus users perform this update. This update will not affect any presets that you have modified. Thank you for using Powercab!




*  New Global setting: "Direct Out Level" switches the XLR output between Line level or Mic level for connecting to a mixer or audio interface that only accepts a microphone level and avoids clipping when Powercab is gain-staged for maximum output. It is also now set to Mic level by default.


 * Fixed a bug which caused a loud feedback issue to occur when muting the tuner output while using Powercab 112 Plus over L6 Link with a POD HD product. It is highly recommended that all POD HD 500/500X users install this Powercab update immediately.

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