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  2. Helix Native doesn't handle any of that - which is precisely why you won't find these options on the input block. Input impedance is completely handled by your audio interface or what you slap in front of it.
  3. Is there a way to pay Line6 for this update? I mean it. I've been on Helix since v1.8 and have gotten free updates over the years with features, amps, effects worth at least 2 new products. I really want to support that.
  4. bobbysm15

    Helex IRs

    ahhh.....ok, thanks!
  5. DunedinDragon

    Helex IRs

    That's the length of the IR. In effect, greater length, more detail, higher DSP usage.
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  7. 3.01 update didn't fix the issue I was having. I guess I just can't use the spillover function until it actually works.
  8. bobbysm15

    Helex IRs

    In Helix Edit what are the numbers just below the mono tab when an IR is selected. Mine shows IR1024 and IR2048....what are these?
  9. The Helix model it is not a one to one emulation of the controls on the Xotic. The attack and release controls are presets via internal DIP switches on the Xotic whereas they are variable parameters on the Helix. Don't know what values Xotic uses for these. I would find something that works for you for these two settings. The Xotic also has DIP switches for an input pad and although it is not really the same thing the Helix has one of those in global settings so maybe they left it out. Same thing goes for the DIP switch hi-cut on the Xotic; can be found elsewhere on the Helix. Use the new gain reduction meters on the Helix to get the sensitivity dialed in right. Rough mapping of the respective controls is below. I did a general writeup on compression(before this pedal was added) you might or might not find helpful in getting ideas for settings. Xotic SP Helix Volume Level (otherwise known as makeup gain) Blend Mix Hi-Mid-Lo Sensitivity Internal DIP switches(Attack) Attack Internal DIP switches(Release) Release Internal DIP switches(Input Pad) Guess you could use the Input pad in Helix's global settings but not to exactly the same result Internal DIP switches(Hi-Cut) Hi-Cut maybe use the parametric EQ's Hi-cut or a Hi/Low cut block before or after compressor
  10. Is there an update for HX Edit as well? Or just press on with pride on the 3.01 HX update?
  11. Assuming you already tried the "Check For Updates" link at the bottom of HX Edit or click on the icon next to the version number and update from the dialog box there. If the firmware can not be updated from HX Edit you may want to use the standalone Updater as an alternative.. Take backups first. To check for the firmware version go to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' in the top menu. This will show you the HX Edit version and the firmware version. You should see 3.0 for HX Edit and 3.01.0 for the firmware. Thought that was worth highlighting as a lot of users who are updating will be seeing only "3.01" after the 3.01.0 firmware update if they are just looking at the icon and version at the bottom of HX Edit. Things can get a little confusing when the HX Edit and firmware versions get out of synch. Just wait till the next version of HX Edit drops.
  12. 3.01 did not fix the issue. Any other ideas?
  13. willjrock

    Big Sur

    Im beginning to think im the only person in the world with more than one computer.
  14. Wow, my unfounded speculation may actually have been correct, grin. First time for everything. If that indeed was the culprit then I would think that others that hit this just have to find a window where everyone is not updating there firmware at the same time and the Marketplace servers aren't too busy to ack.
  15. Thanks.. I played for a few minutes and I think it's the later... It's failing on things I purchased from Marketplace. I figured it out by trying to small batch exports and basically anything from the Marketplace is failing... I deleted everything that had the golden pic next to it and the backup was successful... I haven't used them in the last year so probably won't miss em' and I always have an old backup in too. and yes, I believe I'm all matched, I had no issues with the 3.00 update, and I'm just bumping up to the urgent fix 3.01 also, I am logged into HX Edit and I could choose and play the marketplace items so they worked.. it only failed on the backup.
  16. Not yet and the bug is still there in the 3.01.0 firmware.
  17. Hmm, haven't seen this one. Looked this up with Google rather than the forum and it looks like it is some kind of general license server error. I would try rebooting my PC. Could be a corrupt preset perhaps. Try selecting a different preset before attempting your backup. If all else fails I suppose you could backup a bundle, your setlists, and even individual presets and use them to restore if necessary. Does your version of HX Edit match your firmware version? If not take care of that first. Btw HX Edit 3.0 is the match for firmware 3.01.0. Another thing occurred to me and this is pure unfounded speculation. Do you have any presets purchased from the Line6 'Marketplace'. If so maybe their license server is trying to check them and because they may be slammed because of the update it is failing to acknowledge. Anyone else seen this and know what the issue is?
  18. can't update to 3.01, while in the editor and i check for update it says its current at 3.00
  19. It's not working for me, I'm getting an error I've never seen before. during Backup part of the firmware it says "Error occurred during the backup: "Failed to open license. (code -1130)" "Do you want to retry" I've never seen this before, I have no new IRs or patches in the last 5 updates over 2 years, and everything I do have is paid licenses. there doesn't seem to be anything on the forums about this issue either.
  20. HX Stomp 3.01 firmware update installed easily using HX Edit 2.92. Helix Native 3.0 has crashed my Windows 10/Ableton Live 10 Suite and the best I can do is use version 1.90 and that was a bear to get it to work. HX Edit crashes with 3.0 but will work with version 2.92.
  21. Sounds like either you didn't upgrade your firmware to 3.01.0 or you did not upgrade HX Edit to 3.0. You need to do both.
  22. You might find this video of interest:
  23. Are you planning on having Margaritas during the gig? :D
  24. Ha, never upgrade to a .0.0 major upgrade, always wait at least for the first bug update. The rule looks like it applies again!
  25. How does Native handle lower impedance blocks like some of the fuzzes? Do they all go in at 1M? If so, do they suffer from the same problems as fuzzes on the hardware (in my case LT) when you have the global impedance set to 1M?
  26. fwiw I'm not sure this is anything new. It was definitely there in 3.0 (don't recall what that screen looks like on 2.9x), but as a midi user, I kind of appreciate it & hope it sticks around. I also found it in a screenshot on a L6 wiki page: https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/midi/
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