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  3. Katana air is a bedroom legend. THR is 200 more for full wireless same wattage. Both are very good and sound awesome without causing too much of a ruckus.
  4. Does anybody know how to assign hotkeys to foot switches in looper foot switch mode ? I want to start recording Logic and begin looper. Tusyoshi Aino
  5. Does anybody know how to assign hotkeys to foot switches in looper footswitch mode? I want to start recording Logic and launch looper at once. Tsuyoshi AINO
  6. Anyone else with this same problem? I'm going to upload a example video, hopefully they can solve it
  7. Hello, so I just got my pod go today, and I have a question so I have pod go plugged into my powered monitor speakers. And it seems that my bass middle treble tone controls on the amps seem to little to change the tone. Can someone help me figure what I'm doing wrong.
  8. Thank you, Dave Hart! I'm running on the Surface Go 2 and temporarily popping out my SD card got HX Edit to run. I can't believe it was something so bizarre! Hopefully it will be fixed properly soon.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I might have some info to help, my apologies if someone has already mentioned, as I did not go thru all responses. I had a huge problem where i could not get the hi end tones to cut thru during a solo, etc. My Headrush 112 was so loud, but I wasn't cutting thru the rest of the band during solos, etc. In each preset, I dragged the treble all the way to max on all effects, and was still not cutting thru (all the while, headphones sounded GREAT). Then, I discovered "Global EQ", which obviously gives you the starting point for ALL presets that you have saved. Apparently, all of the tone-based settings for each pedal on the presets are actually "fine-adjust" settings, while the Global EQ is the "coarse-adjust"....Well, I got into Global settings, dragged the high-end up on the EQ, and it cuts thru like butter now. I understand your issue in your post was "FRFR vs. Headphones" sound, but my output sound is exactly what I had hoped for. I honestly don't understand why Line 6 doesn't mention this on Page 1 of Quickstart instructions, as it probably would alleviate many complaints, and if it is in the manual, sorry if I missed it...Anyways, hope to hear if this helps, and Rock On
  11. I have no problem with people asking questions... It was hard to actually discern the questions you were actually asking between the rants, though. I'm not a Line 6 employee, so I have no power to say what changes and what doesn't. But I wouldn't expect fundamental changes to the basic UI functions at this stage in the game. I'd just say though, that, I don't know how well I'd react to your "suggestions" when they're wrapped in what are really insults. Anyway, I think people here are totally willing to answer questions. Fire away...
  12. You ARE using a cab after your distortion box in your hx blocks, right? And you probably will want to cut highs on the cab or after the cab (or using global eq) around 8k-ish by a few db. If you aren't using a cab block, it'll sound like crap, just like taking a distortion pedal and plugging the output into a PA system or a recording interface.
  13. There should be some good tips on that in the manual. There's this Forum and also a Facebook group for Vaiax users to consider. From Facebook, people post links to other resources. Wit Workbench HD, in many ways, it's like building a guitar room "almost" scratch. Lots of time means lots of stuff to explore. Enjoy the explorations.
  14. Fine. Surely if lots of people are familiar with it and it's the easiest interface for any multi-FX device you’ve ever used, I should just have figured everything out and not posted any of those questions and shouldn't have complained, since as you say they're not going to change it. You're 100% right. Thanks again for helping me figure out how to edit the snapshots in PG Edit. Thanks for chipping in.
  15. grdgo33 it's so frustrating looking at your humongous polemical posts that I can't really think of read them all. Phil has already been overly kind so you really should stop trolling and complaining. Do ourselves and yourself a favour and sell your pod go and buy something else.
  16. Thanks for the reply. My initial post apparently was kinda ambiguous. I don't want to do anything to the physical guitar. I just want to explore making changes using Workbench HD to the modeled guitars but am overwhelmed because there are a large number of different possibilities and I'm ignorant about 99.99% of them. As an example there are 30+ pickup choices each with options for position, angle, level, wiring & polarity. Multiply that by all the other settings that can be changed and it gets hard to sort through. So I'm looking for resources that can help me get my head around all the various possibilities and provide advice on what changes have what effect.
  17. I probably shouldn’t bother responding to you because you seem to only want to complain... With the amount of energy you’ve spent writing these diatribes and posting memes, you probably could’ve figured this out a while ago. You can complain about the basic UI decisions all you want, but the reality is they aren’t changing them at this point in the game. The POD Go’s interface is essentially the same as the Helix interface, so tons of people are familiar and used to it by now. Rather than actually looking at it, you seem to be projecting your expectations on it. It’s really not hard to use. It’s the easiest interface for any multi-FX device I’ve ever used, that’s for sure.
  18. Alright... The next day... phil_m: First of all thanks for your help it helped me understand "bypass snapshot" and the snapshots! =) (probably could not have done it without you... LOL) I'm just ranting and venting here (also trolling, just a little.. hehe) so please just take my comments with more than a grain of salt! ;) Reading the Line 6 manual or sentences like these make me believe I am dyslexic... I have no idea what that bold sentence is supposed to mean... 15 minutes fiddling with the editor, and reading doc & this comment, I think I finally understand it. So apparently, the only thing this "snapshot bypass" does is that when it is unchecked (off), when you turn on the effect block on/off in Edit, it changes the on/off state for all snapshots. But every parameter value (except on/off) are still applied. So the block is not really bypassed now is it? That's the type of silly nonsense I'm talking about when I say that it's idiosyncratic. It's ridiculous. ([edit/Correction] Ah ok... As you said, it's only "Parameters you have assigned to controller" which do change, fantastic, that way people trying to figure out how it works can get confused with this incredible logic where it's bypassed but then it's not bypassed! Wonderful! Thanks L6!) Also, if you want to bypass the on/off state of the block, shouldn't the option be on/checked instead of off/unchecked? Bypass = "A means of circumvention.". If you want to bypass something; circumvent something; go around it, the bypass option should be TURNED ON, OR CHECKED. And if you DO NOT want to bypass, then the option SHOULD BE TURNED OFF, OR UNCHECKED. Yet, in Pod Go Edit, it's the opposite. You want to bypass the state of the snapshot. But in PG Edit, "snapshot bypass" checked(on) = block on/off state not bypassed, and "snapshot bypass" unckecked(off) = block on/off state bypassed. But to go back to the "snapshot bypass" feature. In what use case would that option ever be useful? If you're in snapshot mode, you can switch between SS 1/2/3/4, but you can't really turn on or effects using the foot switches, and if you're using snapshots, which are basically used to switch from one set of parameters to others using the foot switches, I don't really see the case where you'd want to fiddle with knobs to edit parameters on the fly (or while playing LOL) and somehow manually manage one or many blocks while switching snapshots. LOL Just doesn't seem very useful, and I don't get why it's the 2nd thing (1st is how to select snapshots) in the manual, before even "how to configure snapshots"... It's really so silly, so badly explained in the manual, and the function works illogically and the checkboxes for bypass on/off are inverted, like seriously... Even with a cooler head, this sh!t's ridiculous...! GP Edit should be able to take the 4 snapshots, compare them with one another and only assign as parameters for the values which change between snapshots. I mean it's not rocket science, it's full blown software running on a PC, we're in 2020, and L6 coders can't compare 4 snapshots to find the differences and automatically assign as parameters...?! A list of snapshot/paramValue differences, iterate through each snapshots parameter and see if they're the same for the 4 snapshots, if param value is different add to list. Done! Your list of differences contain your parameters... An intern could code this in 20 minutes... lmfao! I mean sorry to sound like an lollipop, but seriously... This is ridiculous...
  19. So clever! I'll have to play with things like this.
  20. gk001

    Helix Youtube Remote

    Dshow, thank you so much for the quick response and providing this Much appreciated :)
  21. Sorry to hear that! Certainly firmware updates via USB aren't rocket science, so it's likely that you did things correctly. The app does everything for you, and assuming you connected directly to your computer usb port and didn't have a misconfigured laptop who's usb port erroneously went into a sleep or low power state, it all should have worked fine, and FW jumping to 2.92 is apparently valid. Either way, the app takes care of those decisions for you. Since you already said that you followed the steps provided by line6 and after opening a support ticket, it's highly likely that you did everything correctly. But please do review the steps outlined in the post above mine to make sure. If something was missed in your execution that then resulted in this issue, then posting that detail here might help re-enforce this info for others in the future. Hope the assistance from datacommando works for you! Good luck!
  22. Cool! He always was a line6 fan, and used them right from the ax212 amp onward, despite fighting with the tech at times. He uses a lot of other things too, mind you (I got to hang with him and talk shop 20 years ago and go through his rig, which was in my drummer's home/studio/rehearsal space at the time). I'm excited to hear he's using the helix now! A true legend in guitar land, although very polarizing as a player. One of my all time favorites, and a hell of a guy, too, not to mention one of my personal idols. He's been so dedicated to line6 from the start, it's rather amazing really!
  23. Hmmm... Well, when you have the Trails parameter turned on in the FX Loop, the Return stays active even when you bypass the loop. But that doesn't explain why it would go away when you turn the loop on. I'm not sure what's happening there. Any chance you could put a screenshot of your preset up?
  24. Line 6 added input and output indicator bars to the recent firmware. I advise that you check that you are actually getting a signal from your guitar into your Helix and then that the signal Is getting as far is the output. Add a compressor block to see if the meters react on that. After that it will be a process of elimination as to where the signal is going, does it come through to the XLRs or from the USB for example. When all else fails - raise a ticket as “phil_m” suggests in the post above.
  25. Hey all, I've been away for awhile, so "hey" to L6 land! Been using the Helix for a couple of years, really digging it. Lately I've been running 4CM with various heads, and I noticed something really weird about the behavior of the fx loop: if you have the fx loop tail set to "on," you'll get a really noisy signal through your rig, even if the fx loop is off and you're running the Helix amp sim. It goes away when I actually engage the FX loop. Anyone else experience this? I did a few searches and couldn't find anything on it. If this is a known bug, my apologies for the duplication. Cheers, all. Fester2k
  26. I don't usually do videos, but I figured what the heck... It's what the kids want nowadays... This is a Litigator preset I made. I just was trying to make something relatively versatile. I wanted to see what kind of range of sounds I could get out of a single Vintage Delay block, for one, and I was pretty happy with this. There's basically four snapshots - Clean, Crunch (using the Legacy Classic Distortion, or RAT), Delay 1 and Delay 2. Oh, and my POD Go is on the floor here even though you see the Helix Rack in the background... This is all recorded via the PG's USB out. I had a few people ask me for the preset, and it can be found here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/5107626/ I didn't think about it when I made the video, but I used an Ownhammer IR for this preset originally. I replaced the Ownhammer IR with the Dr Z 212 in this preset so I could share. I think I was able to get them sounding pretty darn close.
  27. You'll need to open up a support ticket: https://line6.com/support/tickets/add.html If you activate the tuner, does it respond to the guitar plugged into the input?
  28. Steve Howe has been a Line 6 user for many years.. not just the Helix but also the Variax.
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