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  2. Can any one share a copy of the older firm ware?
  3. There are some known device interrupt problems with certain other devices such as the Logitech port hub. You may have encountered this problem if you had any kind of Windows update that might have replaced some older drivers. Definitely not a Helix problem. If nothing else you can always try using the Windows Event Viewer to see if you can isolate the driver causing he crash.
  4. DunedinDragon

    Drum Box

    It's highly unusual and rare that Line 6 ever discusses future features especially those related to amp and effects. My personal insticts tell me that a drum kit would be well outside of the scope of what Helix is about, so I'd be surprised to see it.
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  6. Hello everyone! Just purchased my HX Effects a couple of weeks ago and I´m so happy with it. It works so great in most of my amps, but I got some issues on my Orange TH30 head. I use the 4 Cable method as it was explained on HX´s Cheatsheet, but something goes wrong. When I turn on my amp, only sounds the clean channel so loud! Can´t change channel and pots did not work either, and there´s also a lot of annoying noise. I want to use my HX Effects with this amp the same way I did with others I have. Sure I did something wrong Hope you can help me. Cheers! Jau. PS: My english is quite awful so I need thing to be explained as simple as you can. Many thanks in advance!
  7. enjalt

    Drum Box

    Hi, Just Wondering if in a future update, it will be planned to add some drum boxes functions on the Helix. Does someone heard any infos on this?
  8. The variax isn't propietary, but system exclusive (SYSEX) It will work AFTER you transmit necessary "wakeup" command SYSEX: F0 00 01 0C 07 00 2A F7 All the info here: https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=13484.25
  9. Wow you posted a humoungous topic but I'll try to reply to what I know: 1) yes you can. 2) yes you can. 3) you can assign a sw to activate effects or change parameters (that is, swap between a min and a max setting), you can also do it multi-parameters (one sw press does more than one thing at the same time). 4) reading the manual you can assign EXP2 either to an expression pedal or two external fw, if so I guess they act like all the other built-in fw. 5) you can move any block just anywhere. you can also put your cab at first place if you fancy so! 6) you can put anything in the 4 free blocks, including EQs of course. 7) you can see all the fx list in the manual. they are differentiated by the line fill color (M series is a color, helix type are another color). 8) don't know that 9) tipycally all the phisical parameters of the fxs (and amps) have been trasposed to the modelled parameters list. 10) you can do that. you can assign any parameter from whatever effect to the exp pedals. Bare in mind that I don't have the unit but I'm pretty sure of what I've written having read a lot of posts and a lot of reviews. The second part of your post could make sense, I mean using the fx send as virtual "amp-out" signal, just bare in mind that you need to set properly the position of revs and delays (typically you don't put them before your amp simulation).
  10. z3albw1rr, the fx send could be a nice idea but what if you have post amp fx like revs or delays? you would typically put them after the amp (if not after the cab) so if you spill the signal pre-amp you won't bring them to your real amp.
  11. Just send one amp to a path output, and assign that output to USB 1/2, and the other path to a different path output and assign it to USB 3/4. If you haven't modified your unit global configuration you'll have your DI in USB 7. In your DAW you'll just have to select USB 1 (mono) or USB 1/2 (stereo) as the input for one amp track, USB 3 o 3/4 for the other amp track, and USB 7 (mono) for the DI track. In order to monitor while recording, you will also have to send both amps to the 1/4' jack or XLR outputs, I use volume blocks to control the blend of both amps. Dual Amp.hlx
  12. Did you also download/install the matching 2.92 version of HX Edit? Did you follow the update notes precisely?
  13. New Helix user, and I'm starting with the HX Stomp. Right now due to my living situation (baby and thin walls) I can only play using headphones. The headphones I have currently are AKG 240's. They only have a 55 ohm impedance. On higher gain settings they sound pretty decent for sharp distorted chuggy tones, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting decent tones otherwise. Any fuzzy pedals, saturated break up tones (even slightly) etc sound awful. It's all mud with no definition or clarity, and farting out. And I am using cab sims, plan to buy some IRs soon. Ive tried copying settings and EQing from various videos and even using the exact same settings, it sounds so wrong. After my researching on this forum, my best guess is that my headphones are too low impedance. I know the sound with headphones will never be exactly the same, but something definetely isn't right. I've been considering getting some very high quality 250 ohm headphones, but I've heard a few people say that with the HX Stomp in particular, 250 ohm headphones can barely get loud enough with the volume cranked. Can anyone with an HX Stomp confirm or deny this? Im curious if people have any input, suggestions, or experience using 250 ohm headphones with the HX Stomp in particular. I'm not even sure if I'm on the right track, but even with a bit of tweaking, most of the non high gain models sound like absolute mud. Are my headphones just not great? Does their impedance not even matter?
  14. You can edit your topic title by editing your first/original post. You will see it also allows you to edit the title.
  15. I experienced a similar anomaly but I use Helix LT on W10. Seems like it took several different tries and reboots before it resolved itself. Now I'm experiencing a different issue with HX Edit crashing constantly with the error stating "connection interrupted". Trying to resolve that issue now.
  16. Oops. I meant 2.92. Yes that is what I have. Damn it! Now my thread title isn't indicative of what I'm asking. Grrrrr....
  17. Haven't tried it, but should be fine to use either Send or 1/4" LT out into your looper, then the looper into your XR18. You can route the looper within Helix so it is post or pre Helix effects.
  18. Well, I'm only gonna use their "the first one's free" download from UAD, since I have an Apollo Twin. I'm not about to get roped into their $150-per-plug-in model. I want to see how the workflow is, and how nicely LUNA plays with the UAD plug-ins I already own. It would be hard to move me from Logic, since I've used it for many a year.
  19. Rockinguy

    HX Edit Crashing

    Starting sometime today my HX Edit software crashes and says " connection interrupted". I'm on a W10 OS and havent had a problem until tonight. I reboot the Helix LT and then reopen HX Edit and sometimes it'll take about a minute to crash and sometimes almost immediately. I have the current firmware V 2.92.0 I'm perplexed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  20. I'm receiving a few stomp boxes I had in storage. I plan to integrate them with the HX stomp. Question: If I add a mono stomp box via Send and Return, I will need to add an FX Block. Can I leave that FX block always ON and just switch on and off the stomp box using the stomp box builtin switch? I don't want to waste precious HX Stomp switches (only three built in), but does an always on FX block alter the sound in any way? Any aliasing? Thx! federico
  21. Thinking about it some more I think you're right. I've seen some aggressive tap tempoing(?) and given that the other problem LED is right next door it could be a bad solder joint due to excessive, jackhammer-like vibration in the region. I'll try opening it up and seeing what's going on in there.
  22. -Loose encoder switch. -Battery box circuit fail. -Slim chance of a main board fail. These are all problems that are not self repairable. It will need to be serviced at an authorized service center in your area. Check the pull down selector for locations that service our guitars. https://line6.com/find/service_center/ Are you using a Tip/Ring/Sleeve plug guitar cable? Tip/Sleeve types don't always connect properly.
  23. Yesterday
  24. The latest firmware for the Stomp is 2.92, so it’s probably worth upgrading if you’re experiencing weirdness like this.
  25. I've been noticing that every once in a while when I power up my Stomp with firmware 2.91 I have no input or output with the device. At least I THINK it's input and output. When it happens no sound outputs. And the tuner doesn't work at that point either. Like I have no input. Rebooting it seems to solve it. Is this a bug that anyone else has noticed? It's one of those things that doesn't happen every time. Just randomly. Had it happen again today so I thought I'd ask.
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