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  3. RogerGLewis

    Variax 900, Bought On E Bay.

    Hi Sound Dog, You have got that right, there was a lot of criticism of James's mash-up , mangling of SSB at the time. This is more his bag.
  4. soundog

    Left arrow on HX Effects Unit not Working Periodically

    Normally would suspect a bad switch, but if it clears up with a reboot that pretty much rules that out. If it clears up with a reboot and then reappears with only a specific preset, possibly a corrupt preset? Clear it and recreate. If it clears up with a reboot and reappears after a repeatable specific button sequence, let us know what the sequence is so others can try to replicate it. Another option is to reload the firmware (after backing up your stuff). I had some odd glitchy problems with my HXFX shortly after getting it and pushing it to its limits (sends/returns, USB and MIDI connected, etc). A firmware reload seems to have fixed everything. The HXFX is still fairly early in the firmware revs.
  5. MusicLaw

    Helix foot controller bag

    Yup! The Helix Backpack is also very well designed in that when loaded with lots of gear, it is perfectly balanced and stands vertically on the large four bottom rubber pads. And, it comes with a bunch of very handy long x 1" wide Velcro straps that come in really handy for bundling cables which stay put as they secure to the inner lining of the large lower storage pouch.
  6. MusicLaw

    update 2.60 _ loss of DSP

    Also see: Ben Vesco's Helix DSP Allocations. At last glance, Ben's info was up to date as of firmware version 2.50.
  7. shawnt113

    Mimic Barefoot Pale Green compressor

    Has anyone here heard one of these or better yet know how to get that on the Helix? It has this percussive attack that’s almost unpitched at the beginning of a note. The only other way I could think to describe Is like a tight clean note attack about 5-10ms before you hear the amp. I’ve never owned or played through one but I have played with a guitarist that used one and it was glorious. Any advice m?
  8. VirtualGuitars

    Please help me set a 'stereo setup' straight - confused.

    Everything before the FX Loops will be processed in mono no matter if you choose mono or stereo effects blocks; however, everything after the FX Loops will be processes in stereo if you use stereo effects. No sense wasting DSP processing power for no reason.. Only the time-based effects like Chorus and Delay would be noticeably different anyway.
  9. VirtualGuitars

    HX Effects - 4 CM Issue?

    See my reply to this other post here with an example of cabling and a basic patch: Hopefully this will help you.
  10. fremen

    Fremen big pack - 175 presets

    I don't have Apple products, and I won't work with any processor which doesn't have IR capabilities either, unfortunately. IR loading was what sold me on the Helix after the announcement :) My custom IRs are central to my sounds...
  11. soundog

    Variax 900, Bought On E Bay.

    The Star Spangled Banner and James Taylor were not a good mashup. Jimi got it right.
  12. So I have a Helix floor and I go digital out to a pair of L3m's that are linked - so the left is speaker "1" and the right is speaker "2". I have these positioned perfectly left and right, facing towards me. Please note that I do not gig out live, and I my position from these speakers never changes. When I make presets I have been using all 'stereo' blocks (even OD's). Is this even correct? I am looking to basically create my presets in a way that is the most feature rich; basically, if I ever do get out gigging that it will sound good and not be un optimized - given that most clubs would be mono sounds and I won't have to recreate every single preset for mono. In my current setup, is this even true stereo? What should I be doing? Is it only true stereo if in the patch, I am using splits in the patches that pan to 100% L/R? Or do stereo blocks with digital linked L3M's automatically work stereo?
  13. VirtualGuitars

    Helix foot controller bag

    This bag has so much padding it's unreal. You cannot go wrong even if it's just for the Helix Control.
  14. dmeyers17406

    Saving Amp Packs before a reset?

    Thanks for the reply. I actually just went and "reset" all the setlists/patches to blank, only keeping the "Best of HD" and the "FX Heavy" setlist/patches, which I assume were the only 2 factory setlists left on the device, the rest being ones from the previous owner. Also I went through the settings and adjusted things to my liking, so combined with the setlists reset, it pretty much accomplished what I wanted to achieve with doing a re-flash. I actually just saw this reply after logging in to download the original factory set lists from another thread, just to have them and maybe look through them eventually. I have been thinking about doing a global reset because I think the global EQ settings were messed with by the last owner and I wanna restore that to default, and because the pedals global min/max settings seems off. Was only hesitant because I didnt know if that would affect the added amps, so its good to know it wont.
  15. Use the Direct Out from the Pocket Pod. The Amp Out should go to your guitar amp. From the Pocket Pod reference manual: Amp Out – This is a mono 1/4-inch output that is perfect for connecting your Pocket POD to a guitar amp which has a pre-amp. Direct Output/Phones – This is a stereo 1/8-inch output for headphones, a P.A. or recording device. You may need to get a 1/4" to 1/8" phone adapter plug like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-GMP113-Inch-Female-Adaptor/dp/B000068O47/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1534817042&sr=8-18&keywords=phone+to+mini-phone+adapter Dave http://www.daveshomestudio.com
  16. napynap

    Screw Spider Valve Mkii 212

    Received the screw and this part works perfectly.
  17. ysford

    acil yardımcı olurmusunuz

    merhabalar pod 500 x var ilk zamanlar bir problem değil ama suan ton değiştirdigim zaman ekran sürekli eqolayzir ekranına gidip geliyo ve takılıyo hic bir sekilde müdahale edemiyorum not: anlam üstündeki trible olan pot değişti
  18. Yesterday
  19. psarkissian

    Variax transplant donor bodies...

    Body will have an affect on the overall tone colour (EQ) of the signal. How much, I'm not certain with this body. My educated guess,... darker tone maybe a smidge boomy, a bit mid-range -ish, looking like maple body so the highs won't be as pinched off as with some other woods. Would still be functional, if the transplant is done correctly without mods to the electronics.
  20. psarkissian

    update 2.60 _ loss of DSP

    Found this in the Knowledge Base, not certain if this is what you're looking for,.... ... hope it helps or is in the right direction.
  21. es345tds

    update 2.60 _ loss of DSP

    This is not directly related to this DSP issue but could someone tell me where to get info on the total DSP values per Path 1 and Path 2 and the related DSP values of the models and effects so I can figure out DSP usage other than trial and error?
  22. MusicLaw

    Helix foot controller bag

    You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Helix Backpack! It is durable, rugged, and has plenty of storage capacity. A quick Google search for Helix Controller Dimensions returned several hits indicating it is: 17.2" x 9.4" x 2.5". There have got to be a wide variety of padded bags from Gator, Boss, Novation, Amazon, and many others in suitable sizes designed for mixers, controllers, pedal boards, are a variety of gear that you could choose from. Just be sure that you get something at your price point with sufficient padding and a few storage pockets.
  23. bangbig

    IR's not showing in editor after update

    Re-install did the trick!
  24. All was good then I decided to update to 2.6 from last version. All went well, adjusted verbs as needed via the Helix floor unit. The next day went to use editor and the IR column shows all as empty, although the floor unit still has all of them as it should. Editor will import from laptop, but will not highlight or load them. Any ideas???? I tried to back up the ir's from a date before the update, says it's successful, but no dice still an empty list.
  25. adecannon

    Helix foot controller bag

    Sorry should have explained better, yes its for the foot controller that controls the Helix rack
  26. philspencer

    Looper glitch upgrading to 2.60

    Hmm yes it is an old patch..i swapped it for a 1 switch and swapped back and it still did it. I shall try it in a brand new patch and if the problem persists I'll contact them! Thanks
  27. VirtualGuitars

    Helix foot controller bag

    The byproduct of multitasking. I would still use the backpack since it's so rugged..
  28. Bob2point0

    Variax transplant donor bodies...

    Ha. This thread does have that creepy/scary vibe to it now that I think about it. Looking at mine, I just wonder how one of those rotating humbuckers like Lindsey Buckingham uses in his Turner guitars would sound in a 700.
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