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  2. I'd like to be able to run my HX Effects directly to an output from which I can go direct to my laptop for recording, direct to headphones or studio monitor for practice at home, direct to FOH for gigs, or 1/4" to my amp if I'm feeling like using that instead of the Strymon Iridium I have in the effects loop. Is there one audio interface that I can do all of this from? Or do I need another device, or multiple devices. I'm getting my amp sim from the Iridium, so I want the signal to stay as uneffected as possible to keep everything sounding the same no matter which output medium. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. i'am sorry Sir , the problem has been resolved, it turns out I used the driver on win 10 ,,,,, after I replaced it with then my problem was resolved
  4. That's incredibly rude. They JUST released this firmware. There are ALWAYS bugs in new software/firmware releases - it's impossible for there not to be since customers always do things that are slightly different/unique from what the QA teams and developers test, no matter how thorough and rigorous their testing is. Give them a GOOD length of time to assemble and finalize a list of bugs with highest priority/shortest release time and then to actually solve the bugs, test all bug fixes. retest EVERYTHING since most bug fixes touch on code outside of just the single item being fixed, and then deploy it. Bug fix releases typically take a long while to come out, and they can't fix everything in every situation, specially so if they can't reproduce it. Also - please submit your bug on official channels since it's possible you are the only person who has encountered it so far... and certainly you'll be one of the first. It could even be the position of your acoustic sim pedal in the virtual pedalchain, such as before a compressor or whatever (just an example, not saying that is it or that a compressor would cause the problem).
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  6. Wow! Great! Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey, I tried using line 6 updater but it still won’t actually update my helix
  8. Today
  9. I get that and I fully agree with you! That is precisely why I posted the "ideascale link" so you might take the time to go upvote it. Line 6 does not read these forums... they are user forums. Ideascale is their official system for requesting a feature.
  10. Just the other day i was editing my Lester guitars on the Workbench HD when I noticed that in the first pickup position I could not add any pickups. Any ideas why?
  11. Joeniek

    Midi Thru and SysEx

    I don’t want sysex acces. I just want a midi thru to be a real thru!!! So it passes on al midi messages. I have a midi chain of Boss ES-5 / HX stomp / Strymom Mobius / Strymom Timeline / Strymom Bigsky. If I want to edit these pedals with the editor on my Mac I need to adjust the whole midi cabling to bypass the HX stomp. I think it’s just crazy I need to do this in the 21st century.
  12. That's the wrong wording... they do this on purpose so it isn't really broken - it's turned off! I can see Line 6 not wanting SysEx access to the HELIX.... but IMO... they should provide an option in the global menu to "turn on sysex forwarding". They could just leave it OFF by default and let the power users turn it on as needed. I found this post on IdeaScale ....but it needs some more upvotes to gain some traction :) https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/MIDI-THRU-should-pass-SysEx-messages/988293-23508
  13. Lots of great points made already in this thread and it is easy to see why this topic inspires discussion. Personally I am an advocate for a modular approach to modeling. Modelers are essentially computers with specialized hardware optimized for live and studio use. This discussion reminds me a bit of the naysaying regarding touchscreens, plugins, multiple loops, headphone amps, etc.. Name a feature that now exists on a modeler and you will find a thousand users who find it useless and therefor declare it shouldn't or will never happen. I think a modular approach to modeling is coming. How widely it will be adopted and sell I have no idea but fundamentally the ability to add memory and additional or more powerful processors(DSP) as they becomes available makes perfect sense to me and is already a viable and well established approach in the computer world. When it comes to modelers people have no problem with another parallel to computers, namely the ability to add peripherals. That's exactly what the option to add an expression pedal or a MIDI controller is. Why not extend this to onboard hardware as well. Daughterboards, motherboards, larger faster memory, improved processing. Let us swap them out or add to them. Why not? Why not offer the ability to expand the total number of blocks, particularly DSP intensive ones? Add preset or IR capacity, add additional speed or gapless preset switching with multiple routes with lots of blocks. The bones/platform of a Helix for example, with its extensive I/'O, loops, and switching options are already so extensive and well thought out. I think it would be a desirable extension and future proofing of these devices to be able to improve and accelerate their processing and storage capacity over time. Just as in the case of computers some users will never crack the case to add faster/additional memory or a new CPU and motherboard/daughterboard but others, particularly "power users", will. Native allows us to add memory and processing power to our computer for studio use. Why not have this capability on the device as well. I doubt we will see modular capability come to the existing line of HX devices but I have no doubt that Line6 or some other company will offer this in the future.
  14. It's a great model... I'm sure it will find it's way into my favorites list!
  15. Sorry.... I don't believe there is any way to re-assign that switch at this time. It is tied to "tap tempo/tuner".
  16. Agree with everything voxman55 said. Additional perspective is that putting it somewhere before the amp makes it more like a traditional analog guitar pedalboard set up. Put it after the amp is more like emulating a studio fader on the mixing console. Neither is right. They're just different flavors of approaching the thing. My personal preference for how I use Helix and POD Go is to have volume before the amp because I really like the subtle changes in gain as I sweep the volume pedal.
  17. Thank you to everyone who responded to my question. I now have a much better (although incomplete ) understanding of snapshots. My original problem was that the title "Pilot's Guide" on the download page made me think it was just the simple 4 page cheat sheet that came with the unit. Thus I ignored it. Oh well . . . Now to answer SaschaFranck's question, 1. I find stepping on 2 buttons at once to enter snapshop mode to be clumsy. My understanding is that the footswitches can be reprogrammed to do almost anything. So, can I convert a switch (say FS8) to toggle between regular and snapshot mode and if yes, how? 2. I have purchased some custom presets from Glen DeLaune (he's on youtube). He describes some of them (Mark Knopfler) as having snapshots to emulate specific songs. They are very good btw. However these additional tones are accessed by pressing the MODE button not the 2 button snapshot switch. This is partly why I was confused originally. So I surmise these are not truly snapshots but are instead just turning a specific block on and off. The question is, he has given these MODE buttons custom names to match the songs they emulate. How do you do that? Thanks again.
  18. Hi all, I've opened two tickets with Line 6 but haven't got anywhere and was wondering whether anyone on here has some wisdom to share. As the title suggests, I have a JTV-69 that I have just bought. It communicates with the Helix via the VDI cable perfectly but scanning in Workbench doesn't find it. Yes, I have done all the troubleshooting: 1/4" jack plugged in, fully charged battery, volume turned up, model select knob engaged. I have a JTV-59 which connects instantly every time. Both lights on the interface are green. I thought it may be that the JTV has old firmware so I tried to connect to L6 Monkey- same issue. Monkey recognises the interface but not the Variax. This is getting really frustrating and I guess my next step is to take it back to the store and get them to order another JTV-69 to try. It also has major 'plinking' issues, which I wanted to try to mitigate with some of the Workbench tips I've come across (trying neutral bodies etc). I'm thinking it may just be a lemon. On the plus-side, it plays beautifully. Any advice?
  19. Have you also upgraded the firmware? You have to download and install HX Edit 3.0 and also update your firmware separately. Look for the link at the bottom of HX Edit with an icon showing your device. Click through and update the firmware if you have not already.
  20. Make sure the heat vent on the bottom of the unit is not blocked by carpeting. Might be worth running a fan across the unit to see if this extends the time before the sound drops out. It does sound like you may have to open a ticket on this however. Curious btw, does this happen regardless of which preset you have selected? I've had my Helix out in the blazing sun as well as sitting on a carpet and never experienced the behavior you are describing.
  21. Have you considered that the unit is overheating?
  22. At the front of the chain, before the amp block (and any distortion fx) the volume reduces volume but also gain. At the end of the chain (or at least after the amp block) it's pure volume control with no change in gain. There's no right or wrong - just depends on what you want. I also like to set pod go on some patches so that expression pedal at the front end doesn't reduce volume per se but just gain from the amp. It's a great way to add/reduce gain & ou can set it either way eg patch starts high gain then heel back to reduce gain or vice-a versa.
  23. Go to footswitch mode (page) 2 where it says "Preset ▼", "Preset ▲" and "Tap/Tuner". Press and hold FS1 and FS2 until it changes from "Preset" to "Snapshot". Voilà.
  24. But it doesn´t send the MIDI program change to ForScore (the lead sheet App). Sorry! It should be the other way round. My iPad should send program a change signal to HX stomp via bluethooth.
  25. Hi, Just before updating to version 3.00 you should have made a back up of the presets that were in your HX Stomp, and you can choose to restore them from within HX Edit. First thing to check is that you do actually have HX Edit v.3 and not an earlier version. You can perform a factory reset on your Stomp which will update with the latest presets. These are the reset options. Hold down the combination of Foot Switches while turning on the power to your Stomp. Recommend FS1+2 and see how it goes. HX Stomp Button Combination Description All 3 Footswitches Clears all presets/IRs FS1+2 Resets presets and IRs FS 2+3 Factory restore (globals, presets, IRs Hope this helps/makes sense.
  26. Bonjour, j'ai un "Amplifi 150" & un pédalier "Shortboard MKII". -il y a dans l'Amplifi 150: 24 Banks "A-B-C-D"(presets usine) et 1 seule User Bank (Bank Utilisateur 25) "A-B-C-D" . -C'est à dire que l'on a accès à des milliers de sonorités sur le net...Mais seulement la possibilité de sauvegarder 4 sonorités dans la "Bank 25" (utilisateur). -Ma question est: a t'on la possibilité d'augmenter le nombre de "User bank" en rajoutant de la mémoire.... Sinon, c'est lamentable car on a un super ampli avec des super sons, mais seulement 4 pauvres presets utilisateurs.
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