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  2. jabak

    List of FRFR speakers mentioned in Helix forum

    Also used by a few, me included : JBL LSR 305
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  4. adamqlw

    Crackling static noise

    I managed to get this permanently sorted for myself, sharing the tips so everyone else can avoid the same user errors I did. I am running a Surface Book 2, FYI. Firstly, it does not like being made to run high performance in clamshell mode, as heat dissipation is not optimal. This causes the system the throttle the CPU, in my case down to 0.8 gHz… meaning there was no longer enough processing power for real-time processing. Cue the emergence of clicks and pops. This is exacerbated by moving the power slider to “best performance”, which you need to. When not in best performance mode, the CPU frequency is throttled dynamically to conserve power. As it throttles up and down to meet shifting demands, it hits the point where real-time output suffers, creating the odd click and pop. Also, my CPU has 4 physical cores and 8 logical ones. Cantabile and Reaper identified this as 8 cores, and defaulted to running multi-threaded with 8 cores. However, because real-time processing is critical for audio, this actually resulted in more clicks and pops. Manually setting this to the number of physical cores (in my case 4), solved the problem. In summary: Clicks and pops were related to CPU throttling down due to heat, CPU throttling down due to power conservation, and the DAW trying to make use of all logical cores instead of all physical cores. Making sure your mobile system is sufficiently ventilated, your power setting is on “best performance”, and your number of cores is the same as your physical number fixed this for me. Previously, I was unable to run a single heavy load patch (drive pedal, compression pedal, 2 amps, 2 2048 IRs, stereo delay, reverb, chorus) without clicks and pops. Once I had all that sorted out, I managed to get 8 instances of that heavy-duty patch running at a buffer of 96 with 2 ms latency… Now I’m satisfied (also, embarrassed of my user error and pleased with having resolved it). Hope this helps anyone else who’s run into problems.
  5. guitarmoke

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Rebel Yell' preset Demo

    Thank you both! I'll try to keep porting over some more of my presets when I get a chance. Some are just not possible as they are, until some new functions are added?
  6. Pittbubulle

    Helix as a MIDI controler : Controlling Torpedo C.A.B.

    Hi rd2rk, Thanks for answering. You have understood it perfectly. How I know that Torpedo is not bypassed? Because sound doesn't change at all, and "bypass" is not written on Torpedo's screen. CC Receive is set to "on" and parametered to listen to "all channel". As I Can monitor midi reception on Torpedo, I know that a midi message is sent by Helix when selecting a preset, and I know that Torpedo receive it. But apprently, in Helix, either there is a conflit, or the nature of the message sent is wrong.
  7. rd2rk

    Helix as a MIDI controler : Controlling Torpedo C.A.B.

    If I understand what you're trying to do: In some Helix presets, you want to use the Torpedo CAB (Helix cabs off). An Instant Command in those Helix presets sends a PC# to the Torpedo CAB. This works fine, Torpedo loads specified CAB preset. In some Helix presets, you want to use the Helix cabs. In these Helix presets an Instant Command sends a CC#27 with Value 0 (OFF) to BYPASS whatever Torpedo CAB is loaded (in SETTINGS on the Torpedo, is CC Receive set to ON?). This is NOT working. You know that because.......
  8. JimiRox

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Rebel Yell' preset Demo

    I bought it and agree it sounds great. And nice emulation of the ray gun and feedback.
  9. I don't use Helix I'm afraid. Sorry.
  10. dtgailes

    Hx Effects Tone Color

    Thanks for the feedback. I've updated to the latest software and performed a factory reset with the same results. I'll try opening a support ticket.
  11. patdixon

    Using amp models with a real amp

    So an update: the gig went very well (a friend in the audience is a huge GnR fan; said my guitar tone was spot on). The only bad thing was noise. A lot of noise. Exacerbated by the HX amp switching function. Actually that adds hum which is different than noise. I've ordered a hum eliminator so hopefully that will work but I still have the noise issue. Think hiss, not hum or buzz- present even in tuner mode (that eliminates cables, guitars, signal paths, etc). I know this is inherent to high speed microprocessor clocking, etc. but I really wish Line6 would figure out a solution- like maybe a hard noise gate directly at the output. For now I'll have to outboard a vol pedal which works perfectly, but if they had put a hard gate at the output it would save a lot of grief for a lot of folks. As long as I remember to toe down before song starts & it is one more thing to bring & hook up. Actually I also use a talkbox so I could just use that as a mute but again, one more thing to remember & hook up. Thanks for all the help; I love my Helix LT & it really sounds good, I just wish it were quieter between songs.
  12. Rysie13

    Moke's Custom Presets 'Rebel Yell' preset Demo

    Sounds fantastic Moke! I'll be purchasing this one for sure! By the way, your Acoustic sim patch is outstanding! very realistic. Great work man!
  13. Hi community, I have a question, how do I use the toneport for a straight thru signal? I wasnt to use some plug-ins but i cant seem to find a non-coloured "tone". Any help would be appreciated.
  14. TLysecki

    Expression pedal with Helix HX - Switching?

    Expression pedals can be rigged to turn off when you hit a certain position, and even after a certain duration has passed. So if your pedal stays at the heel position for 250ms, it will turn the effect off. I don't love that and have assigned my wah to a footswitch that I control with the expression pedal. It sounds less convenient than it is, I don't think it's that bad.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Lately at gigs my trusty Variax Acoustic sometimes randomly toggles out my stored Alternate setting (red LED, alternative tuning saved) into Standard (green LED). I can usually toggle the selector in and out real quick to reset it, and it usually gets me through the song. But it happens at least once at about every gig. Is there a fix I could attempt myself? (I'm good with this sort of work, and have replaced some piezo in the past when needed). What should I look at or try first? Thanks.....
  17. soundog

    Amp recommendation

    I like the Lonestar for clean, crunch, and lead in one amp. Read through forums to find usage tips. Below is a mish-mash of some notes I've saved from various sources, including these forums, which helped me get a handle on this versatile and complex amp: DRIVE = DRIVE 1; GAIN = DRIVE 2 Channel 2 has a split personality and can either be set to achieve a slightly gainier clone of Channel 1 or, with the flick of a switch become a high gain preamp. Switching in the "DRIVE 1" control adds 2 more triode stages and an additional gain control to meter in the exact blend of smooth singing saturation. The bipolar nature of Channel 2 allows the LONE STAR to roam effortlessly through both vintage and modern territory with full channel switching accuracy and an emphasis on soul and simplicity.You can set up the amp for two low gain channels, one for sparkling clean and the other driven into an old school clip or, one for low gain clean and the other for high gain singing sustain. This is the pre-drive control for the high gain preamp in Channel 2. It may be switched out of the circuit, along with its associated tube stages, to create a slightly higher gain clone of Channel 1 in (this bottom) Channel 2. When the "DRIVE 1" control is activated (switch left, towards "DRIVE 1"), this control operates in conjunction with the "DRIVE 2" control to meter the amount of preamp drive that will be introduced into the circuit. Generally speaking, you will find better response and dynamics combined with smoother saturation by setting the "DRIVE 2" control higher than "DRIVE 1". In fact you might try leaving the "DRIVE 2" set to 2:00 or 3:00 and just playing with the "DRIVE 1" to learn the regions of saturation.You will probably find the more blues oriented sounds between 9:00 and 11:00, while the really saturated high gain sounds appear between 1:00 and 3:00. ---- Start with Drive2 at 7-8, then play with Drive1 between 1-8 Better response & smoother saturation with Drive2 slightly higher than Drive1. Try Drive2 near middle settings or lower. As you increase Drive2, reduce Bass. Treble is most important of tone settings and effects the others. Start at 4-6.5. Use Presence in lower settings for lead sounds. Use TS Shape on Normal to pass through tone settings. Thick smears highs and mids; Thicker more so, more sustain. Use TS Normal for rhythm and cleaner leads, thick and thicker for more balls. Use Master between 2-7. [ie, turn Drive 1 down pretty low, and Drive 2 higher than its setting] Drive 2 near middle settings or a bit lower. Try leaving Drive 2 at 7-8 and playing with Drive 1. TREBLE most importantly of tone dials, set at 4-6.5 As you increase the "DRIVE 2" reduce the BASS. TS Shape on Normal Some of the best lead sounds in your LONE STAR will find the PRESENCE control in it's lower regions, where a balanced, vocal response is achieved. we suggest using the MASTER control in its sensible ranges ( 2-7 ). — The drive and gain knobs are named Drive 1 and Drive 2 respectively and will have the added gain stage always on. We had thought about adding the behavior of setting the channel to clean, but when Ch2 is set to clean and in normal mode, it is essentially the same as Ch1. I tried to incorporate the switch into the knob as you described, but found that people would just miss or forget about the feature since it wouldn't be shown on the knob. I tried to add a switch on the model just like on the amp, but then found that people could get confused adjusting a knob that essentially did nothing, which we definitely wanted to avoid. I know it's a lot of explanation for a single switch that did not make it into the model that the real amp has, but I wanted people to know that we really think about doing the amps as much justice as possible, but we also want to keep every part of every model as "Helix-esqe" in every element of the experience.
  18. soundog

    Helix Equivalent of Amplitube Step Slicer?

    Thanks, @Inerzia — I'll give that a go!
  19. EricRenner

    Guitar Impedance Setting

    That's.... Really annoying and depressing to be quite honest with you :( but if I have to do it that way I'll do it that way. I play a lot of SRV and Hendrix tribute shows so it's kind of on a *need* basis for me sadly.
  20. Inerzia

    Guitar Impedance Setting

    The impedance can be controlled by footswitch. I'm doing it. If you want different impedances for different pedals, you have to use snapshots, but if there's just one "special" impedance you want to set up for, footswitch will do
  21. Peregrino69

    UX2 input question

    Mate this is a 2-line device. You can't have both Mics and both instrument inputs in use at the same time. The basic guide states that you can use either the raw or padded instrument input, but not both simultaneously. Can't confirm as have never tested, 2 mics or one mic and one instrument at the same time do work. Check out the manuals at https://line6.com/support/manuals/podstudioux2 They are pretty decent.
  22. Inerzia

    Helix Equivalent of Amplitube Step Slicer?

    The closest thing in Helix would be the Bleat Chop Trem
  23. shawnt113

    Helix Native sales, does that ever happen?

    Does anyone know how I sign up for alerts to know when it goes on sale again?
  24. Hi all, First post after purchasing a Helix Hx for my live set up. The clincher for me was the amp channel control, which works really well. I have a question about the expression control. Basically if you have an expression pedal for wah for example, is the effect off when the pedal is not in use?. i.e can I use it like a normal wah. The last thing I want to be doing is stepping on a switch then having to move over to my expression pedal, my other option is to simply keep my current wah pedal...Any advice appreciated. Paul.
  25. I recently got an Ibanez active bass with the reverse polarity issue so my G10 will not work with it unless I use an adapter, I don't feel confident with this solution as the transmitter protrudes too much. I decided to get a G30 to replace my G10 and started to read dozens of reviews raving about the great wireless performance, but also about the battery door issue that produces intermittent dropouts, also the clip attachment to the transmitter seems to be flimsy and unreliable. A pouch/bag can help with the clip problem, but won't solve the battery door one. I was wondering if Line6 is aware of this problem (since a search in the forums does not return any relevant posts) and if it has been solved in the latest production units.
  26. shawnt113

    Helix Native sales, does that ever happen?

    .... and I missed it.... dangit!!!
  27. phil_m

    Helix Native sales, does that ever happen?

    They had it on sale for $99 for LT owners just last month... So, yes, it happens.
  28. I know there is a discount for those who own Helix hardware, and granted that for the Helix rack & floor users you get the Native for $99 but as a LT user $299 is more steep than I can go right now. Does L6 ever do sales for registered users? If ever I saw a $149 or $199 price for Lt users I’d HAVE to snatch it up!
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