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  2. hurghanico

    POD HD and my amp...

    Connect the POD to the amp input only if you use it just for the effects (ie no amp models).. You could put the POD in the FX LOOP of the tube amp no problem (let say just for using some effects and not amp models) but some effect models like overdrives and distortions would be in bad position in the chain.. I would rather suggest to connect your guitar to the POD and the POD to the RETURN input of the tube amp. Doing so you, ie basically bypassing just the tube amp pre-amp, you could then nicely combine several HD pre-amp models with the real power-amp and speaker of the tube amp, plus all the FX models. IMO the above one is the simpler and effective way to connect the POD to a tube amp. Good and easy results are guarantee. In the above configuration you should preferably select the pre-amp version of the amp models available and disable the cab models. But if don't want to bypass to the pre-amp part of your amp (and you are not interested in using instead the pre-amp models), you should instead use the 4 cable method, which is a more flexible way of working but as its name says it requires 4 cables and more tweakings to work good. You can easily find several posts around about the 4CM if you are interested. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  3. severeriff

    FX100 users who have upgraded to Helix

    Looking for users that have migrated from owning an FX100 to purchasing a Helix. I'm currently using an FX100 for gigging, running through an Fender Bassman and a Marshall 4x12. I'm interested in improving my overall sound, and I'm probably going to switch to going direct to FOH very soon anyways. From what I've been able to glean, it seems that the big benefit of upgrading would be that I would gain the newer modeling technology, but give up the tone matching capability I have now with the FX100? I'm wondering if those that have actually done it have felt like they received a good value in making the upgrade? Thanks in advance for your perspectives.
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  5. andrelast

    Guns n Roses AFD patch give away

    For sure! I have been fortunate enough to get talking with so many people since I created my YouTube channel and give my patches for free, and like, 50% was thanking me because they couldn’t afford patches that are for sale. It really sucks.
  6. Chuckusa

    POD HD and my amp...

    So here is what I am playing with right now. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro II all stock... I also use a POD HD black kidney bean pedal. For years I have been wanting the Peavey Valveking II 20 guitar amp combo. Well this year I have a feeling I am going to get it after Christmas is over (my birthday is shortly after the new year). Anyway what I want to knows, whats the best approach to using these two items together? (The Peavey Valveking II 20 and the POD HD) The amp has a buffered effects loop. I was wondering do you guys know from experience, what sounds better; running the guitar straight into the input of the amp, then hook up the POD HD to the effects loop? Can the POD HD do that? Or should I just run the POD HD straight through the input of the amp? Also reasoning with the amp emulation of the POD HD, should I play the effects using the preamp of the combo? Or will I get some really neat sounds using the POD HD with the effects AND the amp simulations? I would like to use the jam-along/sound i nterface feature of the POD HD and have some tracks playing through the POD HD while I play along to them, then record the result from the USB of the Peavey Valveking. Will any of this work good, (I know the emulated output won't sound as crisp and lively as a real mic in front of the amp speaker). What do y'all think?
  7. andrelast

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    There’s the only way you have the amp in the room thing. I use a SD Powerstage, it’s exactly like a real amp in the room. Every other ways to use the helix will get you the sound of a miced cab.
  8. rd2rk

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    I guess I don't get why, if it works, you need to do it differently? No, I don't have HX Effects, I have the Floor model. But always curious about how/why people use the different models.
  9. revolver1010

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    Not sure if you're familiar with the HX Effects, but I did say in my initial post, "I went into global settings and set it to Amp2". For the HX Effects that setting is exactly that - Amp2, and I did indeed set it to Amp2. Still doesn't work. Rev.
  10. uelef

    212 plus

    You have to bypass the cab in your Helix patch …
  11. Findlasse

    Does Helix Native work with HX Effects?

    Thank you for answering! :-)
  12. Thank you Brad - nice to know! :-)
  13. Hi! I had a Vetta II earlier and it had a great feature. With the floorboard pedal in top position - I had a nice Police-like clean sound - pressing the pedal down to bottom position - the sound transitioned into a nice dirty sound. I tried to mingle with the HX to get the same option, but with no success. Thought it might be possible with 2 signal lines and then using the expression pedal to route to either 1st or 2nd signal path?. Is it possible on the HX effects??
  14. Hello! Longtime Line 6 user here who lost his JTV-59 Variax and POD HD500. All I have left is a Pocket POD. I have this connected to my PC via USB and use the Vyzex software for tones. I have a crap-ton of backing tracks that I play to using Audition CS6. I am not very knowledgable about audio software other than the basics of recording and mixing and know almost nothing about MIDI. What I am wondering is whether it is possible, in any audio software but preferably Audition CS6, to embed a MIDI control signal in my backing tracks to automatically switch the bank of the Pocket POD to any other bank while the track is playing?
  15. rd2rk

    How to use Ext2 pedal to switch amp channels? - HX Effects

    Page 36 of the manual: KNOB 3 - Parameter SELECT Determines the Ext Amp connection [1 (Tip-to-sleeve), 2 (Ring-to-sleeve), or both] for switching an external amp's channel, reverb, or other functions. Only works when "Global Settings > Preferences" > EXP 2/EXT AMP is set to "EXT AMP."*
  16. rd2rk

    ReAmping with SPDIF

    I can dig it! One of my cables sporadically sends a spike through S/PDIF. My speakers don't like it a lot. Digital cables are fragile it seems.
  17. Can someone please explain to me how the heck to use expression pedal 2 to switch amp channels?? I can switch with ext1 no problems. I can use ext2 for expression pedal control no problem. I went into global settings and set it to Amp2 and still it never changes the amp channel. If I put the cable into jack 1 however it then swtiches. When assigning a control switch I notice the option for ext amp doesn't have a 1 or 2, just says ext amp, I'm guessing this has something to do with it? I've tried assigning jack one as expression in global settings and jack two as amp control but still the channel only switches when the cable is in jack one. What do I need to do to get jack 2 to work?? Rev.
  18. Kilrahi

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    In my opinion, those who successfully embrace FRFR are those who don't need it to have an "amp in a room" feel. I wanted an FRFR in the room feel ... and it did that perfectly. Powercab is your best bet, but if you really want an amp in the room, it's a scientific fact you need to place an amp in the room.
  19. Yalovitskiy

    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    This solution works only for sonicport VX. There is two types of connection.
  20. garbanzo

    How to open HXF files for 2.82 update?

    Thanks for the reply Peter. After diverse tries I did finally get it all installed, most probably in the order you suggested. Works fine.
  21. Ibanez19

    Stuck in Snapshot Mode

    As mentioned in this post, getting stuck in Snapshot mode still occurs for me in firmware 2.82. L6 support had me do another full factory reset, but that hasn't resolved the issue. At this point, I'm not sure what to do. @IMMikeMurphy, can you let us know if this resolves for you after updating to 2.82?
  22. That's exactly what it says in the update instructions ;)
  23. razorwit

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    Hey, just one guy's experience here: I switched to a (full) Helix and Variax back in April. Gigged a bunch on it in everything from 500 person clubs to 15k at a 4th of July show. Before I switched my guitar rig was 5 guitars, medium-big analog pedal board, tube head, attenuator, and cab. Now it's a Variax and the Helix going into my IEMs. Folks ask me all the time if the Helix/Variax is "as good" as my analog rigs, and I don't know that I have a simple answer. I've swapped out the pickups in the Variax and had it plek'd, and spent hours and hours with the Helix (just like I would with an amp and pedals) and it's fine. BUT I'm sitting in the studio this morning playing a Suhr into analog pedals and a hand-wired Vox, and I have no desire at all to get out the Helix. That said, I play keys as well, and for live gigs the Helix/Variax cut 140 lbs and ~20 minutes off my setup. When it's 2:00 AM and I'm loading out, or when I have 15 minutes of changeover time on a big stage, I have no desire at all to get out the analog rig. I mean, between the keys rig and the analog guitar stuff, I was carrying more gear than the drummer. So I guess here's where I come down on it: Playing with the Helix is different. The amp is part of the instrument, and so of course it's different, just like moving from an upright piano to a Yamaha C7 is different. When I was considering making the move I had to ask myself what I was trying to get out of it and weigh the pros and cons. If what you're after is an "amp in the room" thing, then you should probably ask yourself what you'd be getting out of moving away from an actual amp in the room. It sounds like what you'd be getting out of a Helix and FRFR is additional flexibility in amp/cab choices. If that's important, it's probably worth the time and money. If you're happy with the rig as it is now, and you don't need the additional flexibility, then the Helix is probably just a shiny object that you don't need and you may as well save the money for a new Fender Custom Shop or something. Hope that helps, Dean
  24. Peter

    How to open HXF files for 2.82 update?

    The only thing you need is the HX Edit 2.82 installer (everything you need is included, ...drivers, updater, HX Edit program). Download and install(When you get to the options section of the install, leave them all checked). Then start the Line 6 Updater and connect your Helix. Login and you can download/install the firmware.
  25. caledoneus

    hx effects

    OP stated he is using the HX Effects. This does not have XLR outs, just the 1/4".
  26. FraserClark1

    Buttons Not Responding

    Hi, I need a bit of help! My AMPLIFi 75 used to work perfectly however the three buttons on the top face of the amp do not work. The ‘ABCD’ lights do not change when the Button is pressed and neither does the patch. The Bluetooth light does also not illuminate and the amp does not appear on Bluetooth. I’ve tried all sorts, every vacuuming around the buttons in case any dust found its way in there but no luck.. can anyone help? cheers
  27. wikkimillis

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    I've had very good experiences with a Mooer Baby Bomb. I setup my presets where I route the signal without cab sim to the 1/4" outs and then use this tiny power amp to fire up the usual guitar cab in the rehearsal space. I'm not rehearsing every week and am not a pro but if you happen to have a guitar cab anyway you can get the full guitar amp in the room feel for 100 bucks (pretty much the cost of the baby bomb). And it's loud enough in my opinion. If you already have a cab you like sitting around somewhere, a powercab is basically 1000 bucks too much in my opinion. But I guess all depends on what you want to do with it.
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