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  3. MikeTGreen

    My Helix and Powercab Tone Suddenly Sucks

    Thanks, I did not know that. But then again there's still a lot to learn. Maybe I should revisit the global EQ. Do you know of a good tutorial explaining each parameter of the global EQ and some recommended start points? I can let my ears do the final touch.
  4. Just want to say that amsdenj's post is 1 of the most educational I've ever read about setting up a patch. Thanks!
  5. euler1970

    Help with Helix Native software results???

    Thanks Soundog. I've been able to get some good results now. However, Helix Native still sounds digital...to my ears anyways. Is there anyway around that using the Native software or perhaps third party plugins...just curious? Thanks.
  6. cgar18

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    i had a couple of amps and I tried a couple of frfr and I finally swich to a seymore duncan 170 with a blackstar 212 cab that I already had.Imo I lik the way the 212 sounds with the helix cabs,yeah I know people will say you are coloring the helix cabs by doing that but I go by sound not by what could be and so far it works.I alos have to option to turn off the helix cabs and just uset the sound coming out of my 212,that works for some amps.I recently also bought a headrush 112 and so far that is working out well.You kind of have to research online if you can set up your rig in a musci store that is better Im sure whne you are ready to buy a good music store will let you set up your helix with what ever you are looking for narrow it down and go try them.I even get a great play back sound from this little speaker.
  7. kreator1972

    2.8 Lost Preset Fire Woman

  8. Rooster1956

    Used XPS

    I'm looking for a XPS cable kit, any one has one for sale or know where to find it ?
  9. PierM

    Helix hardware reliability

    I wont offer any opinion, just what happened to me with my Helix floor, from 2016 to 2019; 2017: Joystick failure, sent for repair 2017; Joystick failure again, repaired myself (bad soldering job) 2018; scribble strip failure; swapped with a new one (ordered from the British Audio guys) 2019: another scribble failure: same as above Now I moved to a Helix rack with controller: all good for now.
  10. jbuhajla

    My Helix and Powercab Tone Suddenly Sucks

    Keep in mind, Global Parameters are reset to factory default after an update. So, be sure to take note of all your global settings before an update. They will not restore to where you had them set automatically.
  11. jbuhajla

    Helix hardware reliability

    4 years and counting. Hauled it around twice a week for rehearsal and live playing, and much playing at home. Yes you are going to find a small percentage of failures, like with ANY manufactured device.
  12. codamedia

    Best speakers for Helix at home

    Well... it all depends on how you monitor. This will not work well if you are listening through headphones, studio monitors, PA cabinet, etc... etc.... This WILL work well if you are listening through the power amp input on a guitar amp or any power amp into a standard guitar cabinet. The above scenario's are not equal, and need to be approached differently.
  13. Peter

    Helix update 2.71 to 2.81 failed

    Your right, you can enter update mode manually by holding footswitches 6 + 12. Sorry, no one mentioned that in this topic. But because you wrote: "probably forgot to update Helix Edit / The Helix shows: Boot failure, Entered Update Mode" updating HXEdit was the obvious solution. There was no feedback from your side, so nobody could further narrow down the problem. ...so please do not complain ;) But good that it works now.
  14. thomasDS

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    Same problem over here... Still no update...??? Anoying. I hope this won't happen while gigging, cause global resetting the device also erases my own built patches... lollipop!
  15. HansHelix

    Helix update 2.71 to 2.81 failed

    Hi folks, It seems to me that you didn`t quite catch my problem. But meanwhile I solved it. Here is the solution: I had to hold the button No 6 and 12 down, that is the both right buttons, while turning the helix on. Then the helix goes to the boot modus and the update can start. So you see: overbearing artful dodgerness doesn`t help, but knowledge. Have a nice day and note down
  16. Vic20-Ian

    Helix and the DT amps

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the difficulties explained. Frustration was borne out of having the messaging saying that DT25 support was now working then spending time to figure out why nothing was changing when I switched patches. Adding some appropriate settings for some factory patches would show the DT25 changing rather than static. Coming from other devices e.g. PodHD500 and not getting the same capability seemed like a downgrade but I understand the 4 amp challenge etc. I got it working by creating my own patch with Vox and Class A, Topology III and then figured out all the others were just set to a global default. It would be great to have the basic one amp patches at least set to an appropriate Class and Topology to get the best out of Helix and DT25 out of the box.
  17. Vic20-Ian

    Helix and DT25 missing settings

    DT25 support is in 2.81 but none of the amplifier models or factory patches set the correct base topology, class or Pentode/Triode. The modelling is missing these elements crippling the Helix in my view. Please vote for DT25 missing patch information to be added
  18. Hi, just got my second amp and i'm trying to connect them to my hx-effects unit, amp 1 (fender baseman) in front of the amp amp 2 (boogie fillmore 50) in 4 cable method (effects loop) how can i achieve that ? * i was able to have them both, when i connected it in front of both of them but not with one in the effects loop... 10X
  19. Hello, Quick backstory: Had a tube amp - EVH 5150 III with a 212 Hesu cab and a pretty nice pedalboard. Sold it because I don't want to do bands and gigs for a while - I rather focus on my music, alone. So the tube amp had to go. I was either going to buy a Kemper or the Fractal, because "Line 6 can't do metal well", according to some folks on the internet, but something told me to hear it for myself. I ended up buying a Helix. I did a LOT of research before buying it though - I saw presets being made, IRs being loaded, how to mess with global settings. In less than an hour after I unpacked it I created a great modern 7 string tone (Had to use external IRs - ML Sound Lab MEGA oversize pack). It rips. This goes out to everybody who's looking for a modern-proggy-and-quiety solution. Buy the Helix. Oh, and I just want to mention that I was VERY dissapointed with it for the first 10 minutes. I was like "Did I just buy a POD FARM 2.5?". Turned out High a low cuts at IR blocks are the key. I started with 80 Hz for lows and 14k for high with my 7 string. What cut ranges do you guys recommend? I have just one question. Now i don't plan on using it anytime soon, but how the hell do I "unblock" the expression pedal? It's still, stiff. Can't move it at all. I found some kind of allen wrench. How do I proceed? Thank you! Chris
  20. Peter

    Restore a single preset?

    You can not restore a single preset from a complete backup. You can only export(backup) and import a single preset.
  21. When I use POD Farm 2.5 on Windows 10, I often have a blue screen.
  22. DrBob777

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    Thanks. Upgraded to 2.8.1 brings back memories of old Line 6 XT live. Manuals still hard to read. Ugh
  23. shanecgriffo

    Helix hardware reliability

    i hate to be the party pooper rain on the parade sort of guy but sadly ‘reliable and trouble free’ has not been my experience. Starting with a non functioning soft touch button, a dead mic input and now a dead jog wheel i’m trying to put aside money for shipping and repairs.. it is pretty un-usable at the moment except for plug and playing my existing presets unless i cart my laptop around.. it hasn’t had a hard gigging life and i still love it, it just doesn’t love me
  24. My Line 6 Pod HD500X is not showing up in the POD HD500X Edit program on my MacBook Pro. I've tried both USB cables in both USB ports and still nothing. I just don't know what to do anymore. When I go to Line 6 Monkey, it shows that I need to update the driver so I do but nothing happens. The computer resets after the driver downloads and then it goes back to not connecting. But Line 6 Monkey recognizes the device.
  25. rd2rk

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    Works the same in Cakewalk (Sonar), which, like logic, requires that a VST2 be configured as a Softsynth in order for it to respond to MIDI commands. As I said, Bypass works, and the little MIDI indicator lights when Native receives a CC, but it does NOT light when sent a PC.
  26. rd2rk

    Native Preset Selection by MIDI

    As stated, MIDI Bypass works, so signal is getting to Native, both from my Helix Floor and From the FCB1010. I can see the PC# getting there, along with the Setlist (Bank) commands. Same deal in Ableton LIVE10. I haven't tried Sonar yet, I'll try that now. Maybe someone should try this with something other than Logic? FWIW - If there's an amp sim plugin that responds to MIDI, I own it, and I've made them all work in all 3 of my DAWs with both Helix and FCB1010, as well as a multitude of Rotary/Slider controllers. No MIDI noobs here!
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