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  2. there's that. but also, because this is your first post and you didn't say much else.... settings don't get saved automatically. you need to 'send' them, otherwise a patch will go back to the last saved version when recalled.
  3. Thank you guys, some good points there. You'll be pleased to know that I'm not fixated on a single amp and I'm eager to experiment with Pod Go and discover all the things it can do. I picked the Plexi only because it was used by so many artists in the classic rock genre. As I said, I now have a better understanding of dynamic DSP and am now confident Pod Go will suit my needs. Unlike a lot of younger folk (I'm 63 in August...Pod Go is my early birthday present to myself, assuming we get deliveries in the UK by then) , I was brought up on stomp boxes and then mfx units that didn't use dynamic DSP e.g. Yamaha GW33, Boss GT3, 5 anx 6, and Vox Tonelabs. My Zoom G5 is virtually immune from a DSP issue too. My Vox Valvetronix Amp and previous Line 6 Flextone II Plus were also static DSP gear. So if you haven't had previous experience of dynamic dsp it does mean a learning curve and a change in mindset.
  4. i was going to say 'it isn't the L6'. but then I read your link and it looks like you solved the problem. thank you. good day.
  5. Ah okay, never done it but will give it a go!
  6. 1) You will see Line 6’s notes about Catalina compatibility in a link near the top of this page. 2) The POD X3 series is not compatible with iOS afaik. Others may have more info about this and can report here. 3) This is probably your best bet. Note that the POD X3 is not a full midi device; the implementation does not support all midi commands and features. Here’s a snip from the X3 manual: MIDI – connect POD X3 Live to your MIDI equipment to send and receive Program Change Messages for selecting Presets. POD X3 Live’s MIDI Out connects to another device’s MIDI In; its MIDI In goes to another device’s MIDI Out. Chapter 6 has info on setting your MIDI Channel for communication. Visit www.line6.com/manuals for more comprehensive MIDI CC information. .. and here’s the midi reference manual... .
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  8. This sometimes happens due to very slight vibrations in the surface where the unit is resting. This can cause the system to interpret the vibrations as movement of one or more of the knobs, causing unexpected changes in parameter values. To see if this is in fact the issue, try rotating all the knobs to their min or max positions; they are less sensitive to detected movement in these positions. Of course as you do that the sound of the preset will change. Just switch presets without saving the changes and then return to the preset, leaving the knobs at the min/max positions. Then continue to use the device as usual and see if the unexpected changes continue. If so there is a different problem.
  9. Hi. I did buy the Apple camera kit adapter but haven’t used it for this purpose. Instead, I went a different rout via an audio interface with a usb to lightning output. So I run all my guitars through my Helix and my vocal mic into a mixer. Mixer output goes to the audio interface (AudioBox iTwo). ITwo usb to lightning output cable runs to a 2 into one lightning adapter: one input is from the iTwo, the other is for iPad output to a large screen TV so I can monitor the Facebook Live feed on a big screen to see comments, song requests, etc. I’ve received a lot of comments that the sound is very good, so, so far, so good! Hope that helps.
  10. Hello guys, I was given so many usefull things here that I like to give something back. For better handling in the heat of battle I wanted to have the right/left switchbutton of my HX-Stomp a bit higher to avoid switching the middle one by accident. I found theese stainless steel curtain rod endcaps: https://www.amazon.de/Endkappe-leicht-gewölbt-10mm-Kleben/dp/B01MDQYGG4/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me= They also are available with a flat top: https://www.amazon.de/Endkappe-flach-10mm-Stab-Kleben/dp/B01MG5256O/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me= Have a look at the attached pictures! Inner diameter: a bit wider than 10mm. Inner height: 10mm Height of four washers: 4mm Remaining height inside (corresponds line six switchbutton-head height): 6mm Building instructions: Inside theese caps I superglued four washers (all at once an quickliy to get a defined height) Let dry! To get the inner diameter of the cap a bit narrower put some superglue on the inner surface. Let dry! Put the caps on the switches. They fit so tight that you shouldn´t get them off unintentionally. Possibly scratch some glue off to make it fit. If needed you can remove the caps without a trace. This works fine for me and looks great and decent. For the big Brothers of HX-Stomp this could be a cheap second-switch-row solution. Cheers!
  11. Thank you for the chart and all the effort that went into it. During my experiments related to this thread I was amazed at the accuracy. The mere 0.8% discrepancy I noted at one point is essentially a rounding error and not indicative of any inaccuracy in your numbers. I strongly agree with you about how to make best use of the chart. Build your presets without any consideration for DSP until and unless you hit the limit. Then use the chart to determine the most DSP-effective adjustments to the preset.
  12. Hi after not playing in a while I'm getting back in to guitar and have bought an hx effects unit. I have tried using hx edit on my laptop but it fails to launch every time. On launching app it appears in process list in device manager, then gets suspended listed beside process then vanishes. Nothing appears on screen at any point of this and process only up for a couple of seconds. Issue is same whether device connected or not. I have uninstalled all line 6 apps, cleaned registry and deleted all line 6 directories from c drive then redownloaded and reinstalled but same issue occurs. Laptop is a Dell inspiron 15 running win10 build 1909, all drivers up to date. I tried starting with all startup items disabled and tries disabling realtek process as read elsewhere this resolved for some but issue continues. I own an hd500, jtv, dt25 all other line6 apps work fine and I was able to run line 6 updater and update the unit from 2.5 to 2.92 successfully. Reimaging for one app isn't really an option, it seems there's a conflict with something on it, does anyone know if there is an event log anywhere for hx edit so I can try troubleshooting further?
  13. I don't use a computer with USB-C for my Helix, but there are problems updating with a hub in place. Connect directly to the computer and the update went smoothly. Maybe it depends on the particular hub, but I would try the direct cable if possible.
  14. Does Reaper have high dpi mode or some other graphics settings? I jad the same problem wirh Studio 1 and disabling high dpi mode solved my issue for the time being at least..
  15. I'm have a change to buy a second hand Line 6 POD X3 Live. Looking forward to play with it. Besides my main pedalboard I also want to use it as an audio interface and controller for BiasFX on Mac and or iPad. 1) In the ideal situation I want to use the X3 Live as an audio and midi interface with OSX Catalina for controlling BiasFX. Is it compatible with Catalina? 2) If not, is the X3 Live as an audio and midi interface compatible with iPad? In that case I'll use BiasFX Mobile 3) If not 1+2, I've also a Zoom U44 audio/midi interface. Another option is to use that as interface and connect the S/PDIF and midi cables to the Zoom U44. Is that an option? Can anyone confirm which of these 3 option will work?
  16. He has two setups. One is guitar ->pedal ->amp. The other is guitar ->pedal ->Helix. What difference would a buffer in the pedal make? The pickups of the guitar are loaded the same in both cases. Are you implying the input of the Helix doesn't like a buffer before it? To the OP: When you say you max'd the input impedance, you set it to 1MOhm, correct? If what you're hearing is loss of treble, then 1MOhm should give your best chance of keeping it. How long is your cable run between the Paisley and Helix vs. your pedal setup? Long cables can filter high frequencies too. Try to match the physical setup as close as possible. Is the input pad turned on in the Helix? That can change the sound and dynamic response a bit. I think you'd want it set to OFF but try it both ways, see if it helps. If the output of that pedal is a lot greater than the pickups alone, maybe it's a level issue. Try putting it into an effects return jack instead of the guitar input, and use the return as the input of your Helix path. Then go into your Global Settings and change that return to line level instead of instrument. I think this is unlikely to be the problem, but worth a try.
  17. FWIW, Helix's input dynamic range is 123dB***. So if you're looking to match that, the Clarett is closer. Honestly the Helix is a great ASIO input device, it just has pretty poor latency (higher than most modern interfaces). ***for the instrument input. Not sure if it's different for the various other inputs.
  18. I hoped that might be the case, I haven’t ever needed to use a hub before as obviously most computers come with enough ports, but I didn’t know with the advances in technology, especially with how much better USB-C is supposed to be, that connecting via a hub might not be a worry any more. I was nearly ready to buy a Huawei Matebook, they look good and have pretty good specs for their price, but they don’t all come with a wide variety of ports, most only sporting the usb-c but they include a hub with the laptop.
  19. One little clarification -- if you use a Dual Cab block, it is in stereo, with one cab panned hard left and the other hard right. You only get this dual option if your cab block is separate from the Amp block. Otherwise, yes, single cab blocks collapse everything to mono at their output.
  20. Are you certain of this? If so, what's the source? I've never read this anywhere before -- everything I've seen previously said bypassed vs. not bypassed retains the same input impedance values and only turns the model on or off.
  21. I guess I am not the only one having this issue.
  22. I'm kinda confused by what you're implying... the input impedance is an analog circuit inside the Stomp/Helix, which changes the actual impedance at the input jack. In other words, it's changing the way the pickups are loaded. The lower the input impedance, the more treble gets cut. That's not a buffer phenomenon, that's simply what happens with a low impedance input in circuit with the pickups--it creates a low-pass filter. On 'Auto', the input impedance is set to the value of your first block (it's baked into the model--it won't tell you anywhere what it actually is). For fuzzes, 'Auto' sets it to a pretty low impedance, because the real pedals also have low input impedances. That's where the treble loss comes from; that's what makes a fuzz sound the way it does. If you override the input impedance to 1MOhm, you've now changed the fuzz model itself because fuzz pedals in real-life don't have high input impedances. Thus you end up passing way more treble frequencies into the fuzz. It doesn't have anything to do with a buffer vs. no buffer in the Helix/Stomp, but this same thing is essentially what happens if you put a buffer before a fuzz in the real world. TL;DR: you're not hearing a switchable buffer; you're just hearing the difference between a low-impedance and high-impedance input on the same fuzz pedal. Real fuzzes have low input impedance which filters treble.
  23. I am having some glitches in my POD HD PRO X. The volume and other settings are changing automatically. How do I fix it?
  24. L6 modeled bypass characteristics of the pedals... regardless of input Z setting, if a pedal is in the chain, it has inherent bypass characteristics that will effect subsequent blocks, just like the real device would. Some are subtle, some have a lot of color, it's mix and match till you find what you need. Or route them all on parallel paths and snapshot a mixer dot to roll your own switcher.
  25. FWIW, I tried exactly this and can't hear any difference in the treble freqs. I made two identical presets, one with a fuzz bypassed and one with the fuzz deleted completely. I set the input impedance to 1M on both. If you're still having this issue, can you share a preset that you're sure shows it?
  26. Thank you guys I’ll think about and see what I purchase. Every since I tried an Ir, the sound got fuller and the response to my playing feels better. went back and forth trying the stock cabs and idk something doesn’t feel right. So i don’t how some people enjoy them. Maybe the dual cab option? I’m going to try that and see.
  27. These are things which make me feel hopeful for a good level of support on the POD, not to mention the Red Llama model which also sound stellar and was also released before it was on helix. Just really crossing my fingers we see proper support for all ends of the spectrum, low and high level. But Line 6 really does seem to start to be recognizing the need in the market for a consistent, affordable, high quality amp modeler with decent support thus far with the POD Go.
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