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  2. schuha_at

    Help with noise (RFI?)

    Hard to diagnose remotely. From the stomach I suspect rather problems with the grounding or installation of the house or interferences of devices like fluorescent lamps, TV monitors etc.. Try another active box. Bypass the Power Conditioner. Try setting up your equipment at another place in your house. If you have a good friend, ask him if you can try your equipment in his apartment. Maybe you can at least narrow down whether it's your equipment or your environmental conditions. Good luck!
  3. schuha_at

    FRFR vs FX Return

    I think the most important thing is the sound the audience hears. IMHO a good modeler with a suitable IR is unbeatable. The whole gimmick with microphone position and mcrophone distance matching to the performance location is omitted and you always have an authentic sound. However, I can understand that the stage sound now feels a bit different. I consistently took the step to a small FRFR monitor speaker and got used to the other feeling. The sound for the audience is delivered entirely via the PA and is now determinable. You can't always get what you want - so escape back to the origin or make friends with the new situation and explore the possibilities.
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  5. datacommando

    How does sending digital audio from Helix to USB-interface work?

    I decided to go the extra mile on this one, so here ya go, check these guys out - they may be able to help you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1149598418555545/
  6. soundog

    Best laugh I've had in weeks...

  7. soundog

    Broken guitar tone

    Or go direct, then try an extreme distortion plug-in, something like iZotope Trash 2. Totally mangle the tone.
  8. does the loop take an extra block on the hx stomp? say, if i use an external od, does it mean i only have 5 blocks left?
  9. Verne-Bunsen

    Broken guitar tone

    I think you are on the right track avoiding a traditional amp and cab, as Trent Reznor often recorded direct to the console. I remember reading in an interview that he wasn’t happy with guitar sounds until they barely sounded like guitars any more. I’m not at my Helix to play around with it, but I think even dropping the preamp and replacing it with a dirt or fuzz pedal and then manipulating with a post eq would be where I’d start. As an aside, man what a great album that is. It was my introduction to NIN and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
  10. s7nstringsofhell

    lots of bottom end issue

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  11. kerryhall1

    Broken guitar tone

    I'm trying to get this sort of tone for recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzkBmJGGwdA What would you recommend? Maybe guitar -> compression -> preamp -> compression -> eq? What sort of eq or compression settings?
  12. s7nstringsofhell

    lots of bottom end issue

    i changed my cable. reset my monitor postions. have the HS 5 settings at 0. I have run some ML Sound lab Petrucci tones and Chop Tones Metallica and petrucci tones. all on Mesa IRs etc I attached a sound byte of the issue low end trest.mp3
  13. rsvette12

    Anybody have a Helix Native license for sale?

    Thanks Dog :) hope I explained ok
  14. soundog

    While waiting for the “Second Spring” to arrive...

    Cerberus is my second favorite bass emulation, behind the UAD. Its also very affordable, and will take 3rd party IRs.
  15. Since you've already confirmed that the power supply itself works, and the base unit functions with USB power, then pretty much all you're left with is the power supply jack on the base unit... there will be a couple of solder joints behind there somewhere, connecting the jack to the rest of the guts... loose solder joints are certainly not unheard of. Before taking it apart though, I'd try another power supply just for giggles... it's the easiest and least invasive way to confirm the jack itself as the problem.
  16. rvroberts

    Helix connecting to studio monitors

    OK - well the Behringer umc204hd is a computer interface - but it does have other connections - one is designed for monitors, and you can run direct to the monitors so you don't get latency. That's super important. I assume you also are connected to a computer and use a DAW? If so, then as a home playing and working arrangement, it might be totally convenient to go through the Behringer. This is not necessary however - just maybe a good fit for your workflow. You can connect the Helix direct to the monitors and feed your computer through the USB connection on the Helix. Then the Helix becomes your interface rather than the Behringer. It's all about what else you want to connect and whether you do a lot of recording. Recording through the Helix is great for guitar and OK for a mic - but beyond that you start to run into more the consideration of which is the best interface for what you do. Definitely, the Helix is a guitar processor first and a computer interface second. Technically, when recording guitar the quality should favour the Helix as you are only converting your analogue signal to digital once (going through the Behringer will mean converting back to analogue and then having the Behringer reconvert to digital). But in the real world - you may not hear the difference - that's a test you have to try. Any way you go you will still need to be thinking EQ. Don't expect overdriven guitar sounds to work without high and low cuts etc. So my answer is that the best option is the one that works for you!
  17. Rocco_Crocco

    MRX EVH 5150 Pedal

    You can use the Panama preamp as a distortion block into your amp block of choice. I tied it before and it sounds killer. I never tried an actual 5150 pedal, but my understanding is it was made to sound like the drive channel (preamp) of the 5150. I'd be curious to hear the thoughts of anyone who has A/B'd the actual MXR pedal and the Panama preamp in Helix.
  18. jakebake

    Helix connecting to studio monitors

    Hey Guys, I just purchased a Helix floor unit a few days ago and really liking it so far. A lot to learn. I was mostly using it through headphones, but I also have Yamaha HS8 Monitors and a behringer umc204hd interface. I'd like to just be able connect the helix to the interface and use the monitors through that, but if this isn't the best option should I just connect the monitors directly to the helix? I have he monitors right now connect via XLR from the monitors to 1/4 inch to the interface.
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  20. Lachdanan0121

    While waiting for the “Second Spring” to arrive...

    I only use one subscription route for plugins, and that is the East West Cloud Composer X, and only for the instruments/generators not the FX. I am locked into a year, but it is only $20 a month. Now, I won't run into much of the problems that you are talking about if I don't renew it after a year, as I will render to dry track consolidation of each part (in each song) so it all gets replaced by the dry wav files, that I can process later. Other than East West Cloud Composer X, I tend to feel the same way as you do. I own everything else. The thing is when I researched EW, all of their instruments go through a downloader/installer of their own, (all same one) and all use the same "Play" plugin to operate. Which actually makes this subscription model a great offer from them in particular. But I understand the reservations, all other software that I use I own, I don't subscribe.
  21. DunedinDragon

    Can not eliminate dry signal coming out of XLR output

    You're not hearing things, you're hearing what you're supposed to hear. Bypassing an amp doesn't break the signal chain any more than bypassing or turning off an effect. The signal is always constant unless you intentionally turn it off by lowering the volume to 0 either on an amp, a volume pedal, or a gain, or even an effect.
  22. It’s funny you mention that. My main pedalboard for years was based around two clean amps (in the Fender camp) and i knew I could hit them with an amp in the box pedal like a dirty little secret... to “Marshallize” them. Similarly I had a Wampler Black 57 pedal which I “Fenderize” or de-Marshall a Marshall. i haven’t gotten around to trying to use a Stomp like that.... none of the modelled pedals in the library are typically what I would associate with that... but it worked beautifully in the analog world. Of course.... yeah... why model the pedal when they’ve modeled the amps...but the limited amount of time I tried to replicate that with my amp and a stomp... I couldn’t get what my pedals did. Sean Meredith-Jones www.seanmeredithjones.com
  23. datacommando

    How does sending digital audio from Helix to USB-interface work?

    My late mother told me that there would be days like this, so that’s it guys- this is getting into borderline insanity. It’s all my own fault really. Anyone wanting to run a Teenage Engineering OP-1 Mini through a Helix and into an iPad, with a mic and a Live Looper app should have been a big clue! What’s worse is the title of the thread should have made me run away screaming. If some one asked you what not to feed a lactose intolerant cat, and you advised them what to avoid, don’t be surprised at the results when they go on to feed it milk! I’m outa here.
  24. cbrillow

    Amplifi 30 - will it feed back?

    Absolutely agree with phil_m on this. If you're accustomed to coaxing controlled feedback on a 'conventional' amp, you should be able to achieve it with this one, too. I'm sure you know all that variables -- type of guitar, pickups, gain & volume levels of the amplifier being used, and .... the positioning of you and the guitar relative to the speaker. If I were trying to tame this little beast, I'd probably put it up on a stool, where it would be easy to get close to the speaker with the guitar body.
  25. rsvette12

    Anybody have a Helix Native license for sale?

    You gift it to a person after being paid - once paid you login and under your purchase history you gift it to another person (you would gift it to the person who bought it meaning the person you gifted it to needs to tell you Their Line6 user name that they use to login into Their line6 account) then gift it to that name - thats it
  26. amsdenj

    While waiting for the “Second Spring” to arrive...

    Cerberus bass amp from Kaussa is fantastic. I would dearly love to have S-Gear amp models in Helix.
  27. gmtech12002

    G10, cross talking

    I guess what complicates our situation more is that the bases are unplugged all week long and then on Sunday morning we come in a plug in the bases and plug in the transmitters to charge while we tune and get setup, which in turn usually leads us to being ready all about the same time, guess we need to just get a routine figured out that lets us get setup at different times,
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