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  2. Pacemaker1000

    iOS app broken with latest update?

    Problems syncing with cloud since update. Says connection errors Anyone else notice this? only cure is delete and reinstall app
  3. Pacemaker1000

    Spider V and Amplitube integration?

    Not sure what you’re after? You can use the spider V as an input to an iPad to play amplitube tones and effects. Wirelessly if using a G10.
  4. Today
  5. Yes, it does. I hear the 'wah-sound' but as in heel down (value 0 i presume)
  6. I have a Spider IV 2x12 150 that cuts out during low frequencies (E-A-D strings). When I strum a low string, it will cut out for about a half a second, then kind of crescendo back in . I can make the higher frequencies cut out a little when I crank up the volume. Looking for suggestions on which part to Change. They all seem fairly easy to buy/change at home, I just don't know which one(s) is the problem. Thanks !!
  7. rd2rk

    Helix Native Problem

    When you uninstalled Native last time, did you manually check for traces? There's a Line6 folder in the Program Data directory that has Native stuff. If uninstall doesn't remove it and it's corrupt, that could be an issue. Try uninstall again, check for traces, run a registry scan with something like CCleaner, check in Power Settings to make sure that Fast Start is turned off, then reboot. And then there's Norton. I stopped using it ages ago when it messed with several of the programs that I used every day. Do you also have it on your notebook? Try disabling it, see if that helps. Is there a way to mark a program as "safe"? I had a look in the Knowledge Base, and this seems to occur most often with certain DAWs. What DAW are you using?
  8. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    My apologies Dave. I screwed you up. I was sharing my settings with you, but I forgot that I now have Helix Native which I use, connected to the Stomp, do monitor my DAW. Since you don't have Helix Native all you were going to get is a dry guitar signal. Silverhead is a pro - much more so than me, so I'd try those settings first. USB 5 & 6 are usually for reamping settings though and so I think you'd have to change some other details or you'll hit a road block again. Still, give it a go first. Honestly, to help you'd it'd be easier to know what you want to do. If you are creating a recording, I strongly recommend using the Stomp's hardware monitoring over the software. Usually I create a dry track and a processed track. Are you wanting any dry tracks? If Silverhead's approach doesn't work, try this: Daw Settings: 1. USB Inputs 1 & 2 2. USB Outputs 1 & 2 Stomp: 1. Turn down the output block to as far negative DB as it will go. If that still doesn't work, let me know, and I'll fiddle around with it too. I have done what I think you're wanting to do before, it's just a matter of remembering how. There wasn't much purpose for it (for me) when I did it so it's remembering what the exact settings were.
  9. codamedia

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    There has been so much "beat down" on Line 6 to add meters to the Helix.... those of us with outboard metering can get around it to some degree, but even we cannot measure things like "gain reduction" easily when it comes to compressors. I know this is beyond the scope of this thread and belongs on ideascale... but I wish the LA Studio Comp had a "gain reduction meter" (just like the original) even if it was only present in HX Edit.
  10. Cloud_Runner

    Digital input level

    Thanks, I was kinda hoping there would be a global digital input level so I didn't have to edit all my patches.
  11. Kilrahi

    Cloud error

    What device are you using? If I remember right, other users with older IOS devices have had success by installing earlier versions of the app.
  12. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I can only go on what I was objectively measuring on the signal meters of the mixing board in that regard which measured a much greater range of response in the peaks above the average signal at the lower channel volume/higher Helix volume than at the higher channel volume level/lower Helix volume. In some cases I had the compressor after the amp which registered smaller differences (as would be expected) than patches with the compressor at the beginning of the signal chain. However, even with the compressor after the amp I needed to significantly increase the peak reduction on the LA compressor to match the response I was getting at the higher channel volume/lower Helix volume with the same patch layout. I'm not sure how else to read those results unless it relates to the behaviors of the higher Helix volume...which could also be possible.
  13. soundog

    Helix For Bass

    I found a 17th century bull fiddle in our back yard yesterday. Sucker attacked me and nearly took off my foot.
  14. gunpointmetal

    frfr speakers

    I have one on a pole and one in wedge position in places where I need the sound reinforcement to be LOUD, but they're both behind me putting sound toward the audience. When we have a good PA and I don't need the volume, just one on a pole facing the audience for some front-row coverage.
  15. erniedenov

    frfr speakers

    Same here. When I first got my Alto TS212, I put it on the floor and it sounded pretty bad because of coupling. Mounting it on a stand was a huge help; didn't have to use an excessive amount of low cut after that.
  16. gunpointmetal

    line 6 touch issue

    Mine Floor does that occasionally, and sometimes it will trigger if my socked foot is within a few inches of a switch. Honestly almost seems ambient-humidity-dependent. I just turn it off before I pack up before a show and it's never caused an issue.
  17. I'll double check when I get to the Helix this evening
  18. jpdennis

    Does and Amp+Cab block exist for Ampeg?

    As phil_m said you can use just one block. Select the SV Beast you want (I think there are two) then page to the right until you see the speaker choices.
  19. thorneven

    Intermittent Signal Loss During Live Performance

    You say "never dropped below 123V." But a power fluctuation above 123V would cause the symptoms you cite. Are other devices hooked up to that power cable also experiencing these losses?
  20. thorneven

    Spider V60 tuner

    Don't you have an LCD meter on the pedal that shows when a note is flat or sharp? What model pedal are you using?
  21. varmonter

    Helix For Bass

    I found an ir on 3 sigma that is of some 17th century bull fiddle. I use it on my stomp for my fretless p bass and really like the sound.
  22. djspleen

    Pod HD500X Restarting Issue

    Mine was doing that and I got a new power supply. Seems to fix it.
  23. soundog

    tune while looping??

    why not take use an Out block after the looper, and then use the In for an input to the tuner can't imagine why you'd want to do this, but the world if full of wonders
  24. BBD_123

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Well, yes, as channel volume is nothing to do with the modelling of the amp power stage. But for me, at least, that's the point. Keeping the amp block close to unity gain avoids accidentally shouting too loudly at everything further along the signal chain. There are different perspectives on the thread, so my focus on gain (mis)management in Helix may be a tad off topic.
  25. paulvr

    Cloud error

    Hi, I'm having the same issue on both iPad and iPhone. logging out/in and uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't help. I raised a ticket at line6 support. This is not the first time that this issue occurs. I find it strange that there is nothing to find on the line 6 website regarding the status of the cloud server and/or what to do in case to firehawk remote cloud errors. Also no firmware update in 2 years. Apparently all their attention goes to Helix and firehawk customers are not important anymore. Quite disappointing.
  26. phil_m

    Reaper not loading helix native.vst

    That error generally means the interface you have select in the Preferences menu in Reaper isn't connected.
  27. So everything was working fine. I shut off my mac and when I turned it back on reaper could see the helix native vst but it was ghosted. I get the following error: Error opening core audio device
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