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  2. jaysen99, I haven't played around with a Duoverb HD, but from reading up on the specs (100-watt stereo power amp) - I'd say, "yeah, should work the same way." I don't know if you'll need a dummy plug in the front of the amp. I used to run it into my old Flextone II head without a dummy plug and it worked great. Funny part was that the Flextone II head had a single input for the stereo loop RETURN. But, it was a stereo jack, so I used the same y-cable and simply reversed it. The two mono ends went to the output of the HD500 and the TRS (stereo plug) end went into the loop RETURN on the Flextone II head. I have also run a similar set-up with my X3 bean with fantastic results. Remember to turn off the cab sims!
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  4. spikey

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    You will love Nixie! I call it up when using Helix so when I change patches I see Nixie change so I know all is working correctly. Of course, you will need a box that takes the Nixie (midi out from ur midi interface) and Helix Midi out, combines them and sends it out to the Bluesky, and then just return midi from BS to your midi interface. In this way you can control the Blue Sky from Helix (control center) or from Nixie.
  5. Yes, the NDF does the job well, it's not visually perfect like the Line6 cap, but it doesn't matter, as long as it protects the pins, that's what I needed. Thanks again to all those who kindly suggested good ideas in this thread.
  6. DunedinDragon

    expression pedal assign

    Snapshots by definition aren't global. They are always part of a preset, so whatever you define as part of a preset will be available for use by the snapshots on that preset. You could potentially define a "template" preset then just copy that to whatever new preset you might need to create. You could have that preset defined with default snapshots.
  7. rockinb

    expression pedal assign

    I have a Mission EP1-L6 pedal connected connected to EXP2 and want it to be my volume pedal leaving the onboard pedal for Wah and possibly other things ... for use mostly with snapshots . How do I make this assignment and can it be done globally for all of my snapshots ?
  8. So downloaded the trial to test it out Looking for a quick fix while my amp goes in for repair. Like the helix platform, had a rack, now use the HX Effects with my amp so thought native would work a treat. Downloaded the trail to try it out. Created a bunch of patches and all was good with the world. Was originally thinking Neural but have played around with the Plini plugin Native was stacking up well. Open a logic project tonight which had worked fine before (as described above) and it simply would not open. Eventually got it to open by turning all the plugins off re saved it and then it opened but the Native inserts that had worked perfectly well before would simply crash Logic the minute I tried to open or move the plugins. Now I have a pretty ancient Mac and I'd happily concede that that was probably the issue had it not been for the fact that it had originally worked perfectly but now no good. So any ideas why this should suddenly happen? I'm not going to be blowing proper money on this if it's just not going to function. Thanks in advance Matt
  9. Thanks for the update. I hope you eventually get the Line 6 cap - it does the job perfectly with no protrusion. But it sounds like you have a good solution now with the dummyPLUG NDF so maybe no real need for the Line 6 cap.
  10. jpdennis

    Odd preset after updated to 2.71 on HX Effects

    I do not have your unit. However, as a test you would first do a backup of any of your custom presets then preform a factory reset. If this odd preset comes back the next step is to either wait for a response from someone who can verify it is a bad preset or not. Or call customer support. Even a question like this should be a quick reply from CS.
  11. Hi. I've just reinstalled podfarm 2 after a lengthy break. I have a toneport di but I only want to use it as a dongle. I should be able to use the 1814 for podfarm standalone right? I did purchase a podfarm 2 license. Thanks.
  12. feffa86

    New Speaker Models?

    Co-sign, hoping there's something in the pipeline for the Powercab+. I'm using two Powercabs in stereo through L6 link and when I connect either one of them to the computer through USB I can only record the channel going to that speaker and not both channels. I think someone affiliated with Line 6 said that's a bug, so hoping that'll get fixed too.
  13. themetallikid

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    I agree, and for the sake of leveling presets, I generally will only use a signal meter to get me in the 'ballpark' but then use my ears as I'm aware that differently EQ'd presets will not sound matched when the outputs are the same...I can compensate for that. In fact that is what my 'core' presets have already had done. Where I was trying to lead my questioning and discussion was more so that when I take my core sounds (that I'm very happy with) and make them into song specific presets that utilize a dual path....even utilizing the same block parameters yields different volumes when comparing single vs dual path presets using the same settings. My statement about the Ch. Volume parameter was just a question about it being even across the amps as I know it doesn't affect tone, in the same way that the gain/master combinations do....and how that varies between amp models. I don't expect a 'fix all' method to presets...been around the modeling thing too long to expect it to be that easy.....but there is some 'under the hood' stuff that knowing can definitely save you some pulling out of your hair (I don't have much left anymore, and what I do have is reserved for pulling out in regards to my 3 year old princess, lol) when trying to maintain consistency across 60+ presets.
  14. themetallikid

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    I don't have any fancy gear to legitimately test it, lol.....I did change my terminology as there are more than one way to run 'dual amps' so what we are referring to are dual path presets vs single path presets. But if I hear you correctly (for simplicity sake): Single Path signal strength = 'X' Single Path preset output = 'Y' Dual Path preset signal strength: split A/B 100 (using as an amp selector on different paths) = 'X' Dual Path preset signal strength: split A/B 100 @ merge block when rejoined = 'Y-3db' So to fix this signal split/merge issue, at the merge point, we would need to add +3db to get it equal 'Y'??
  15. cruisinon2

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    You can't assume this at all. Even if the output level control is entirely linear, the dB curve and perceived loudness are not.... not even close. dB meters are often waved around as the be-all, end-all in these volume leveling discussions, but even that will only get you in the ballpark. There is exactly one way to reliably match volumes of different patches: Use your ears, and adjust accordingly. You will waste countless hours trying to develop some sort of universal formula to apply to every patch you create. The only tools you need are on either side of your head. A mathematical shortcut doesn't exist.
  16. cbrillow

    vocal mic into amplifi

    May be a little late for a response, but my opinion is that a microphone would be best connected to an Amplifi through a mixer, with its output going into the aux/line input of the Amplifi. That's not the 'only' way that would work, but a fairly proper one...
  17. cbrillow

    Custom tone api

    Hard to predict how much interest this is going to attract, but I applaud your effort and your willingness to share with the community! It's also hard to predict how long we'll be able to use our Amplifi devices, especially those requiring some type of connectivity, like the tone cloud. As long as the hardware holds out, we should be able to at least use them as amplifiers. I like Line 6, but they seem to have a habit of running off to chase new shiny objects, and forget about yesterday's toys. Some products seem to enjoy longer support, while others whither on the vine. IMO, Amplifi hasn't seen much love, and is in a long, slow fuggedaboutit decline. One thing that makes me think that is there is an entirely different product with the same name -- AmpliFI, which is a home wifi component -- that's being sold and I don't see Line 6 out there protecting the name in any way. You'd think they'd be demanding a name change, but they don't seem to notice or care...
  18. cbrillow

    How to connect Amplifi 75 to PA system?

    The answer to both questions is: kinda, sorta... Amplifi is not intended to be a PA, but does have pseudo 'full frequency' range, when compared to a conventional guitar amp. The reason for this is that it has additional speakers to reproduce audio streamed via Bluetooth, as well as guitar tones reproduced by the main speaker. A microphone connector and mic preamp are not provided -- only guitar and aux/line level inputs are available. It would be possible to use a mini-mixer with a mic preamp and tone controls to feed Amplifi's aux/line input. This would approximate the scenario you're interested in. The guitar and aux volume levels are independently adjustable.
  19. Hi, What recording software works well with the Firehawk FX and Windows 10 PC? I'm looking for a simple one, to create some backing tracks. Rgds, Andre
  20. dree

    firehawk and riffworks

    Hi, Was anyone able to use his Firehawk succesfully with RiffWorks, on a Windows 10 PC? Rgds, Andre
  21. jonandtice

    Single vs Dual amp path channel volume matching

    ^ This is correct I was curious myself about the split/merge effect on signal level as well. I wanted to make sure my gain staging wasn't being affected. I recently did some tests by placing a 3 Note Generator at the beginning of the path to get a constant signal level which I then measured with Audacity's signal meters on the computer (connected via 1/4" stereo outs through an audio interface). I also used send blocks on each path (1A and 1B) to measure the signal level in the path. This is from memory and I will come back and edit later when I confirm: Split A/B doesn't affect signal level. For example, in path A, "Even Split" and "A100" produce the same signal level in Path A. Likewise "Even Split" and "B100" produce the same signal level in Path B. A setting of A50 means 100% signal to Path A and 50% signal to Path B. A setting of B75 means 100% signal to Path B and 25% signal to path A. Send Blocks (and 1/4" Mono Out) add +3dB to the signal level. I guess because that is what happens when you sum stereo to mono? I had to do -3dB on the send blocks so that my results made sense. The merge block adds from -3dB to 0dB to the signal level. That's -3dB for A100/B100 and 0dB for "Even Split". So in your case, you are correct. Do -3dB of gain in the merge block for each path.
  22. gauthieralex

    How to connect Amplifi 75 to PA system?

    on the other hand, can one use the amplifi as a PA system? can I plug a vocal mic to the amplifi directly?
  23. rzumwalt

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    Thanks. Strymon had a very simple librarian program when I bought the BigSky several years ago now. This looks like it kicks the old program in the butte.
  24. multivir

    Footswitch assignments lost

    ...found it! I didn't loose the foot switch assignments. I just had set the device to snapshots without noticing. Hence the led rings were just white and didn't change anything in my patch, as I don't use different snapshots. Since the screen showed the fx blocks section, I couldn't see the snapshots changing (in the background). Once I realised that, the solution was simple - press the page button until you get to the stomp mode again. Duh.
  25. bshaw92

    Helix Mode/Stomp return screen

    Looking to see if I have stuff setup correctly. I am using stomp mode (10) items. When I hit mode it brings up the presets to choose. I choose a preset and it stays in the preset mode until I hit mode again. Is there a setting that when you choose your preset it will automatically go back to stomp mode? I couldn't see one in the utilities settings.
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