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  2. Verne-Bunsen

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Supreme Executive Power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
  3. This is perhaps a bit embarrassing but it just happened to me! In my defence it’s the first outing for the M20d in ages , so 3 days before the gig I had tested all XLR and all 1/4” inputs and all outputs using a condenser mic with phantom switched on and checking levels on a meter. I got constant good levels. Then on stage both lead vocal mics and one drum mic - all dynamics - had very low levels. So low that swapping mics and cables, and setting trim to maximum gain, and setting the channels to maximum gain and reducing everything else down and boosting the mains volume to only just got us through the gig. The drum mic was a SM 57 and recorded nothing. Most of the dynamics have required 12 of boost on the clips before they are even close to the levels of direct or condenser channels. Going to have to take my own advice here
  4. hurghanico

    Pod hd500x channel changing

    Directly on the HD500X press and hold the VIEW button to go into the system settings and change the Footswitch Mode (FS) from "5-10" to "ABCD".. (More details are given into the downloadable advanced guide). Doing so the FS 5-8 will select directly (just one FS press) one of the four patches within the current bank, but they will not more able to switch on/off the FXs eventually assigned to them. However to select a patch within a different bank than the current one you will have to use also the Bank FS. Eventually by connecting the MIDI OUT of the POD to the MIDI IN of the same POD it's possible to program one (or more) FS into some specific patches to send a PROGRAM CHANGE (setlist+bank+preset) with a single press of the programmed FS. If you like this last method you could follow the detailed instructions written by Digital Igloo (L6 product manager) and reported in the following post in my forum website: MEGA PLAYLISTS another one very useful is: SWITCHING SETLISTS ON THE FLY _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  5. PiFromBRC

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    So it's *definitely* out next Wednesday? Coooool! HEY EVERYBODY! 2.8 IS OUT TOMORROW! (this is kind of how presidents get elected these days. Clearly tongue and cheek, but you know somebody is going to run with it)
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  7. amsdenj

    powercab 112 vs guitar amps for wet/dry wet

    Powerecab+ will be way more flexible, especially if you need different speaker/IR options and acoustic patches.
  8. kraftybob

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    I'm new to the Helix and came across this thread as I'm trying to get some volume consistency across my presets/snapshots as they vary widely from one to the other. Quite a lively discussion. Fortunately, I've only just begun creating and downloading presets so I want to learn good habits before I go too far. Putting aside meters, listening with your ears, etc. for a moment, and while I'm mostly a home player, I understand that "leveling" at home is only a starting point and adjustments need to be made from there for the various scenarios I may be in. From what I've read channel volume and Output Block adjustment seem to be the main adjustment points - got it! My question is, is there a best practice regarding where to set the main large volume knob when leveling volume? I've read people keeping it at 10:00, 2:00, all the way up, etc. but I don't know the Helix well enough yet to understand the implications of having it set at 10:00 vs all the way up (not enough headroom, introduce digital noise, etc.) My setup is 4CM into a Marshall DSL40C. Some patches use only effects and the Marshall clean and OD channels, and others bypass the Send/Return block so the signal goes straight into the FX Return. Please note that I have no intention of moving to a FRFR speaker so I'm looking for advice taking into consideration my current setup.
  9. MIKEY9966

    Dt edit

    Hi i want to turn off the amp and cab in the dt 25, i cant find a editor the will work, have midi cable interface but i should be able to use helix, where is the edit or how can i turn them off ty.
  10. Smj7

    lots of bottom end issue

    If you just play a song from your library in your phone through your speakers is it still bottom heavy? Next try stereo out of your phone through your helix’s auxiliary inputs... same issue? If yes to any of them, then you know where the problem lies.... not with your guitars or patches. if all those check out.... You might have to go item by item after that if you still have the same issue.. you can try: different speakers/headphones different guitar different patch cable If still the same, Start rebuilding your your own patches item by item. Start with no blocks. Still bottom heavy? Add an amp/cab block. Keep all eqs flat. No shelf filter eqs. Try condenser mics first to cut down on bass.... NO ir’s... NO PRESET patches.... just simple amp/cab/mic all from the helix. Keep the bass on the amp low at first and add to taste. Let us know what happened after your testing. Sean Meredith-Jones www.seanmeredithjones.com
  11. I'm using UA with the latest version of S-Gear. The manual states that the plugin formats are AU, AAX, and VST3 for Mac, and VST2.4, AAX for Windows. The manual implies that all those versions of the plug-ins and the standalone version support program changes. Hmmmm .... no VST3 for Windows, so maybe PC support is a factor? Dunno.
  12. Second post here on the forums, I played my first gig with just the HX stomp, wow! Well, I did have my API Tranzformer EQ /comp and my trusty Shure GLX-D16 wireless. I am a sound engineer for a living: touring, local, corporate, etc. Mixed a lot of shows with Line 6 gear that sounded less than great, PODs and other things that I'm not sure of the name... probably more to do with user error than anything I guess, but I have to say that all my past experiences with Line 6 products have been bad! I guess now I see what all the fuss was about! They had to drag me kicking and screaming into the digital world in terms of sound, and now guitar! I wanted to buy a Kemper, mixed a lot of shows with those over the years, and they always sounded great, I just didn't want to spend that much. I work at a church on Sundays and the guitar player came in using the HX stomp, so I had a chance to place it in the mix. That's usually where I have issues, a good amp will just sit right, after he dialed in the HX it sounded great! I didn't have any experience with the Helix line so I assumed Line 6 / yikes. My band is playing more covers now and mixing in our original material, so I needed something to switch up quickly - all the normal shenanigans that happen in a cover band I guess. I would normally play either my Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini, Morgan Abbey C, or Tone King Gremlin depending on how I was feeling. I was able to create patches that sound great with very convincing recreations of my various amp setups, and of course, beyond - the flexibility is just insane! Well done Line 6!
  13. No, the HX Effects doesn't have a jack for a toe switch. You can use the expression pedals as a bypass controller (know as auto-engage), though. So you are still able to activate things like wahs without having to assign them to a footswitch.
  14. Is there a Mission (or any) pedal out now that has a toe switch that works with the HX Effects? Does the HX Effects even allow for a toe-switch expression pedal?
  15. s7nstringsofhell

    lots of bottom end issue

    The patches i used are pre built ones i purchased. different makers for each i doubt the all come with the same issue. :(
  16. s7nstringsofhell

    lots of bottom end issue

    XLR direct to monitors
  17. reginaldStjohn

    Help with noise (RFI?)

    Are you using the USB connection to a computer? If you are this can create another ground path. If you are using a USB connection un-plug it and see if the noise changes.
  18. gunpointmetal

    Bad/Dirty Power & Digital Gear?

    Is there any reason to think bad/dirty power would cause feedback issues with digital gear? There are two venues that I end up playing (usually not by choice, but when you only do originals, you gotta take a show sometimes) where I have constant feedback/squeal issues that I never have anywhere else. We've played basements to garages to 1200 cap venues and there are only two places where this issues occurs. It's like my gates aren't set tight enough all of the sudden on presets/patches that I never experience issues with in any other environment. The only consistency between the two places is that the buildings are old, we're on the floor, and power is sourced from two outlets on the same wall. Anyone have a similar issue, or know a reason for it, or what the options are to stop it?
  19. datacommando

    Helix connecting to studio monitors

    Hi, again, That’s interesting because the first time that I ever created an “Aggregate Device” was right after installing ProTools on my Mac. It was part of the Avid install routine that suggested it. Never used the Windows version so I don’t know if that is an option with that one.
  20. cruisinon2

    FRFR vs FX Return

    Yes, that's what you'd do... but again, it won't help you answer the underlying question. You'll still have a power source driving a traditional guitar speaker, just like you do now. The only difference is that a power amp and cabinet are physically separate units... if your combo had separate speaker outs, you could drive an external cabinet that way too...Either way would yield similar results, and require the same patch creation approach. And practically speaking, it's the same as running into the FX return of the amp you've already got.
  21. drb1982

    FRFR vs FX Return

    That sounds like a promising idea. So you just buy the power amp and hook it up to actual cab, and then run the helix preamps?
  22. jshimkoski

    FRFR vs FX Return

    One option that I haven’t seen anyone else mention is to just buy a power amp, such as a Crown XLS 2502 (you might not need all of this power amp’s power though... you could find something cheaper), and run that into a guitar cab (just check the wattage and omns for the cab). Basically, this would allow you to setup as if you are going through an FX loop (using the pre amps) but you are no longer tied to a guitar amp. Another perk of this, is it gives you control to use whatever cab you choose, whether it be a guitar cab, a bass cab, an FRFR, or a fEARful (the bass guitar version of FRFR).
  23. Smj7

    lots of bottom end issue

    Are you sending directly to your monitors or headphones.... or is there a mixer in between... maybe with some eq on it? Sean Meredith-Jones www.seanmeredithjones.com
  24. craiganderton

    Helix LT or Floor, can they be used to control helix native??

    The blurb on the Helix Native landing page used to say "Helix Native is compatible with a broad range of digital audio workstations, providing powerful 64-bit performance on AAX, AU, VST2, and VST3 platforms." However, I went there and now it says "Helix Native is compatible with a broad range of digital audio workstations, providing powerful 64-bit performance on AAX, AU, and VST3 platforms." I dug a little deeper, and found that it doesn't do VST2 on Mac, only on Windows.
  25. sdahe

    HX Stomp into an Amp

    Well I have only try the OCD, SL Drive and the Tumnus. I really like the SL Drive and Im still getting to know the Tumnus since I haven't play much with it. I just want to know if it will sound good to use the boosters from the HXS.. or it's better to use an analog booster. I don't mind about the HXS blocks.. Im not using many of them
  26. cruisinon2

    FRFR vs FX Return

    No. You're focusing on pricetags, but money isn't gonna solve this problem. There's nothing inherently "wrong" with the Headrush speaker just because it didn't cost you a kidney. I recall number of guys posting that they are perfectly happy with their's. You could go out and buy the most expensive FRFR speaker you can find, and you're still gonna have work to do for the simple reason that you're not used to it. There are no instant fixes, and certainly none that involve spending money. You're having problems for two reasons: 1) You're dealing with two fundamentally different kinds of gear that require VASTLY different approaches to setting up your tones, one of which you have little to no experience with... that alone makes some problems inevitable. 2) You're not sure which way you want to go yet. You already have everything you need to decide what's gonna work for you... you own both an amp and an FRFR. You need to spend a significant amount of time with both methods, especially the one you're not used to, before you decide anything.. but especially before running out and spending more money on something that ultimately may not help you, no matter how much it costs. I didn't gig with my Helix for a solid 2 months after I got it, until I was good and comfortable with how it works...and I was already well acquainted with modeling, FRFR, and running straight to FOH at the time. Some players will never warm up to FRFR no matter what they do... and that's OK, too.
  27. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp into an Amp

    To me the questions are like saying, "Which analog overdrive pedal sounds good with a tube amp?" They ALL sound good with a tube amp. It depends on your combination of amp and tube and what sound you're going for. The only reason I would buy an analog booster for your setup is to save blocks on the HX Stomp. If you need to save a block, by a pedal. I use three of them (I didn't buy them though, I already owned them) so that I can do crazier amp modelling in the Stomp since it chews up a ton of DSP.
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