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  3. joel_brown

    HD500 to PA, HD500 to amp help plz - settings check

    I hope you understand that your HD500 tones will sound different when going straight into the FoH than when you're using it with your Blackstar. Guitar amps color the tone quite a bit.
  4. struki84

    KB37 not working with OSX Mojave

    I'm running Mojave 10.14.5, KB37 device is not detected, and nothing appears under security & privacy to allow.
  5. Bboy19

    Let's put the real name to the presets

    Hi, great! Glad someone can use IT. If you figure other band presets please post so I can update the list.
  6. MrSirIce

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    As promising as the LT looks it doesn't fit my criteria because of it's size. I was looking to have it taking up a small space on my pedalboard and running it after a AB switch at the end of my pedal chain. The sounds and flexibility honestly don't matter much in this scenario. It would only have to suffice as a quick fix in a worst case scenario. Hopefully this will be implemented but, without much experience with Line6, I have the gut feeling it won't.
  7. zolko60

    HX FX using headphones - How?

    2TS jacks to TRS socket adapter.
  8. zolko60

    Hosa CDL-313 S/PDIF-AES Interface

    Yes there will be people who claim that you can't directly connect an SPDIF output to an AES input. But most modern gear will accept SPDIF and AES interchangebly. Don't dismiss it until you have tried it.
  9. scotthundley


    I am having dropouts with my G10 from about 3 feet away from the receiver. The venues are small, no one else in my band has a G10 but the bass player uses another wireless system, xvive u2 and we use wireless in ear monitors.
  10. DunedinDragon

    Helix Lt with vintage fender twin reverb

    It's kind of hard to draw any conclusions about the Gemini speakers as the company doesn't provide much technical information. The fact that it doesn't provide anything as far as contouring selections as well as the fact that in lieu of that provides an equalizer for adjusting tone response suggests it's not of the more modern DSP designs used by most Helix users. I'm personally leary of them simply due to the fact that they're primary market is, and historically has been, for DJ's and not live musicians. That doesn't necessarily mean you couldn't get a reasonable representation of the Helix's capabilities through them. Especially if you were to compare it to going through the Twin with no amp or cabinets in your signal chain. It would suggest it's not likely to be the flat response type speakers you mostly hear about on forums such as this for modeling use. That being said I tend to agree with rd2rk that maybe modeling may not be your cup of tea. What you have to recognize is that the Helix (and other modelers) paradigm is that of a guitar playing through a live PA with a mic'd cabinet. That's a different sound than what you may be used to if you've spent most of your time playing through a traditional amp on stage. It IS the sound you would get from your traditional on stage amp once it's mic'd and sent through a PA. But that may not be the sound you're used to. If you do mic your traditional amp and send it through the PA, it is the sound your audience is used to. But some musicians have a hard time getting past that situation and don't feel comfortable with that sound. For them, the best option is to use the Helix in a 4CM configuration using an amp with an effects loop using a signal chain that can send the amp and cab signal to the FOH and only the Helix amp model through the effects loop of the amp and it's cabinet. Quite frankly I'm a bit surprised given your statement of how much you had investigated the Helix that this would be something you hadn't uncovered in your research.
  11. Hi, My experience with my Line 6 UX2 has been a nightmare. It worked for 6 months on my Windows, until it died. Than, it took me an entire year, of wrestling with my MAC, to even figure out how to install, Pod Farm. I finally, got everything installed, last week. I had authorized the MAC on my Windows before it died. And so, following protocol I have to log into my license manager, from the MAC for it to 'go through', and authorize.....and.....thats where Im at. And before I share the exact issue, let me state clearly, Yes, I have an internet connection. Yes, Im logged into my line 6 account online. Yes I have updated everything. No pop up blocker turned on. No anti virus running. No Firewall. And yes the Device is authorized on my MAC. Drivers are not an issue at this point, but if you can help me with this, I imagine, the drivers will be the next issue lol. So, My Line 6 License manager will not allow me to login. I get the message "Login Failed. (Code 80002006) Unable to resolve hostname into an address. Tried logging to the Monkey. That also will not login. Any help, would be greatly appreciated.
  12. rd2rk

    Helix Lt with vintage fender twin reverb

    Maybe. Maybe not. I use a $300 Headrush FRFR112, sounds great TO ME. I also have an Alto TS210 that sounds fine (the FRFR112 is better for Bass than the TS210). But the Geminis should be just fine. Per my post above, if you've done all you say, could be you just don't like the Helix. It happens.
  13. rd2rk

    HX FX using headphones - How?

    Line Outs to a small mixer or headphone amp should do it. Home stereo AUX in should also work.
  14. dotpc

    Helix Lt with vintage fender twin reverb

    Turn on the input pad!
  15. Scottm1215768

    Helix Lt with vintage fender twin reverb

    Guys thx for all the replies I do sincerely appreciate all negative or positive. To clarify the signal chain I created uses no amp cab simulation from the helix. That would make no sense as I’m utilizing an amp / cab. When I attempted running through the PA speakers they are quite new 1500 watts each powered Gemini speaker cabinets with internal crossovers. We run full band through these speakers. In that scenario I did try numerous speaker / cab combinations etc. Would a high dollar FRFR sound that much different than these Gemini’s?
  16. soundog

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    The MIDI command stuff takes very little ROM space so no expense. They've stated they didn't want to make the manual longer and more intimidating, so left the Command Center stuff out. But I say bring it on.
  17. litesnsirens

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    I tested the method out with my previously stated acoustic sim to electric crunch each on their own path with the volume blocks at the beginning of each path both assigned to the same footswitch. Works like a charm. Thanks again.
  18. Hi I am truly sorry for yet another settings help but I run 3 different setups between my amp, HD500 and pedalboard so I'm making a chart to keep myself lined up. I also bring all the gear in case I have issues, I have a backup plan. Setup 1- I use my HD500 alone thru the FoH and use the modelers if the stage is small or need a fast setup Setup 2- I use my HD500 in 4CM with my blackstar stage mkii (most used setup currently) Setup 3- I use my blackstar with my regular pedal board So I would love a guru to just check over my settings because although everything seems fine, it might not be right. What would my FX loop level be set to on my amp in all 3 setups, I have the +4 or -10 choice for loop level on the amp. Now for HD500 settings regarding #1 and #2. Line or AMP on the top? Guitar IN on normal opposed to PAD on top I assume? Line or STOMP on the backside? MASTER volume knob on the HD goes to full 100% wet? within the page setups......COMBO and Line/studio selection I also read having the mixer levels in the software up slightly to +3 works good so that's what I have for each patch. Welp I do thank you all for the read and any comments. Always concerned for tone zap like the old boss units, so trying to be diligent here. Love the versatility!
  19. cruisinon2

    Connecting HX FX to my PC (sound) - How?

    I think you're gonna be a little disappointed with the results from the setup you've described. Your basic tone comes from your amp, or amp modeler. The HX FX has no amp modeling...so without your real amp somewhere in the vicinity, all you'll get by plugging the HX into your PC is your raw guitar signal, plus whatever effect(s) you've chosen. It'll sound nothing like what you'd hear playing the same patch through your amp, and won't be terribly useful for dialing in sounds. Now you could use a software based amp modeler plug-in to get an amp tone to work with... but those PC speakers aren't gonna help your cause much either. In terms of sound quality, most PC speakers typically fall somewhere between an old transistor radio, and two tin cans on a string...;) It's really not the best way to go. A small pair of near-field studio monitors will be an infinite improvement, and won't break the bank.
  20. robertgoddard

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    Yeah, that reason is how they made it cost less. My suggestion would be to use the LT, as it can send and receive Ableton MIDI messages. The new update is also going to allow you to use regular keyboard buttons, so if you already know the mapping via keyboard, you can use that instead of MIDI NOTE/CC/PC messages.
  21. donoise

    Helix to recreate unique pedals.

    This is one of the reasons I got my HX Stomp and it is pretty good at it! I'm hoping it will get better and better with each update. I've been able to make a couple of patches based on Thermae but they only work on the Somp right now. I made (and am still making) patches based on other unique effects. Here is a video with my Thermae patch:
  22. Jagman13

    Anybody have a Helix Native license for sale?

  23. MrSirIce

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    Ah damn. This was so close to being the perfect two in one solution for me. Thanks for the info
  24. Yesterday
  25. soundog

    HX Stomp as a very simple midi controller

    Yes, for some crazy reason Line 6 left the MIDI send CC features out of the Stomp. I hope they put it back in at some point. Its the reason I sent the unit back, but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat if they added the MIDI stuff because I love the footprint compared to my bigger HX Effects. As @rd2rk mentions, the Stomp does send program change MIDI info, if that's all you need.
  26. cruisinon2

    VDI wireless?

    Bottom line is this: They may have pieces... but it's all or nothing. Carrying audio is the easy part. If it can't send model/tuning changes to the guitar, then it's worthless. And the fact that it ain't gonna be cheap anytime soon is the biggest hurdle.
  27. cruisinon2

    HX FX using headphones - How?

    We're gonna need more info to help you... what else are you using the HX with? There must be an actual amp or amp modeler somewhere in the equation. The HX by itself isn't good for much unless you're interested in just a raw guitar signal with FX... your basic amp tone has to come from somewhere.
  28. rice33

    Hearing two tunings

    Hi, I am completely new to the variax and maybe I am missing something simple. I am running the Variax through a G10 Relay into an Amplfi. All line 6 no outside imposter gear! The problem i have is that when I select an alternative tuning I hear both the magnetic pickups and the alternative tuning through the amp. I thought by turning on the variax it automatically disabled the magnetic pickups? Any help appreciated. Also if I've missed something completely obvious light mockery is also welcomed! Thanks
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