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  2. Cloud_Runner

    Digital input level

    So I've started using the digital input on my Helix rack, but can't seem to find anywhere where I can adjust the input level. Does anyone here know if it's possible to adjust the input level on the digital input? Thanks.
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  4. schuha_at

    Helix Native Problem

    Thanks for trying to help. I'm using Helix Native Vers 2.71 which I downloaded on March 16 of this year. As far as I know, the latest version. The same version runs without problems on my notebook. To disconnect the computer from the net and restart it, do not solve the problem. BTW: I use Norton Internet security and clean the PC every week additional with another program . Hopefully there are no demonic digital posessions :-)
  5. The patch "Acoustic APX" on the Spider V 60 uses an amp model called L6 Piezo 2. Is that amp model or the APX patch available to download onto an HD500X?
  6. eschworld

    Use multiple G10 transmitters?

    I use multiple G10s. For Helix I use one base unit plus the wireless bud to go from guitar to helix, and one base unit and bud to go from 1/4" out to my P/A speaker. That usually works fine but sometimes if I don't turn them on in the right order (it seems), I get a weird feedback sound instead of the guitar signal. THis is rare and once I reset everything it works again. To your point, I have not tried charging a transmitter while simultaneously using the base unit and other bud for the guitar wireless. Intriguing and I have the capability to test this for you. I will try it tomorrow! I have no idea whether it will work but I will post again to let you know.
  7. eschworld

    Best custom presets for Helix LT...?

    I got the fremen big pack and although there are some patches I deleted and wouldn't use just because of my playing style, they were all quite fantastic. I kept about half of them and they are my main patches now, after I added wah and/or pitch shift and other stuff to taste. Great work fremen!!
  8. s7nstringsofhell

    Tuner not working

    I have owned my helix about 2 months and the tuner flat out doest work. I have swapped the cable and used 3 different guitars. Switch pick ups, moved volume and tone knobs. anyone have an issue or know a fix ? Or will i already be dealing with warranty?
  9. I am using the G10 system. Is it possible to have 1 x transmitter in use in my guitar whilst I have another transmitter on chage at the same time in the base unit?
  10. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    There's no doubt that could be true. However both the drummer and one of the singers in the band asked me if I'd changed something this weekend when we played. They couldn't exactly verbalize it to say what they heard differently, but they noticed something...so it's not just me.
  11. DunedinDragon

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Yep...but as I said before, I really haven't needed that much more range in my on stage volume levels in any of the situations I've been in, so I feel pretty comfortable with it. Since my output to the board has always been at full volume from the Helix due to the fact that I've disengaged the Helix volume from the XLR outputs, that hasn't changed at all.
  12. Im pretty sure its just to use with the amp and has no ability to be used as an audio interface
  13. Chuckusa

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    Thanks man. I will do all that. Hey does the POD HD Desktop take a 9vdc 3A Polarity = center negative outer positive plug tip ac adapter?
  14. silverhead

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    Yes, use Line 6 Monkey to update your device firmware if necessary. First you will need to download and install the Line 6 driver. After updating, download and install the HD Edit program to make back up copies of your setlists and presets, and also to edit presets on your computer as an alternative to using the device itself.
  15. cruisinon2

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    At some point the mind starts to see what it wants to see. If you're thoroughly determined to search for evidence of Bigfoot at your local mall, and you keep at it long enough, eventually you'll find some. I tried making these adjustments just for giggles, both at a comfy volume through studio monitors, and silly loud through an L2T, and couldn't tell a bit of difference either way, with dynamics or anything else. Maybe it's me....
  16. xmacvicar

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Interesting. In light of any changes in touch dynamics, if you say it's the same output I can see that meaning just less range of the large volume at the end of the day? Ie. If on stage and need more volume you will have less range at 3pm for increasing than what it was prior at 12?
  17. davisdc50, I just happened to pull out my HD147 and HD500 this weekend! (I've snagged a lot of gear since that post...) YES! Absolutely, I am tweaking patches for this set-up. The way I run it requires ZERO set-up on the HD147. I run the guitar into the HD500's "Guitar In" and (believe it or not) a stereo 1/4" to two mono 1/4" (a Y-cable) out of the HD500's "Headphone Out" to the HD147's effects loop stereo L/R "RETURN" only. You have to use a dummy plug in the front of the HD147 (or just one end of a guitar cable) or you won't hear anything. Now EVERYTHING runs through the HD500. I think the HD147 Master Volume is the only thing that will respond. Hooking it up this way bypasses the HD147's pre-amp and goes straight to the power amp section, so be CAREFUL with the volume (both on HD147 and HD500) or you will have a "Back to the Future" moment. Ha! Naturally, you won't have access to any of the HD147's modeled amps or effects when hooking it up this way, but you have waaay more in the HD500 anyway. Be sure to turn off the cab sims in the HD500 rigs or it'll sound wonky. It doesn't seem as bad on the clean settings, but really muffles the sound on the dirt settings. I usually start of with the noise gate in the first block of the HD500 and then pick a modeled amp (the versions with "pre" at the end of the name sound a little better to me) and then add the stereo effects afterwards. Sounds fantastic and only takes a few minutes to get a smoking tone. The absolute best-guide-in-the-world for making heavy/metal tones on the HD500 is available from a power-user named "MeAmBobbo". Look for his free guide on the Internet and consider throwing him a couple of dollars if you like it. You can use the HD147 this way for any of the current rackmount or floorboard-based modeling rigs too. Heck, it even works with the "bean" series PODs. I occasionally run my Desktop HD POD through the HD147 as well. The Line 6 stuff is extremely versatile in how you can use it. Many of the stock presets sound amazing if you simply turn off the cab sims and tweak the EQ to your liking. When you go shopping for a used HD500(X), check to see if the model pack upgrade has been done - it's a $100 package from Line 6. If you have the unit powered up in front of you, press and hold the "View" button until the menu screen pops up. Go to page 12/12, all the way to the right, with the circle button and it will tell you if model packs have been installed. I loaded mine up and it says: "Standard Model Set", "HD Metal Pack", "HD Vintage Pack" and "HD Bass Pack." If it doesn't have the upgrades, Line 6 puts them on sale every now and then. Hope this helped! Have fun and good luck! Happy hunting!! TravDaddy
  18. TributeBorn

    Line 6 150 2X12 question

    Can't figure out how to delete this post.
  19. Hankon6

    Internet /amp connection for backing tracks

    I gathered a few bits of iput from you all .....here and there...and IT IS DONE!!!!!! After purchasing a few needless items , I realized that the speakers that were attached to my PC (5.1 Surround) has a 3.5mm jack in the main control speaker. I used my male to male 3.5 cable to hook up to the speaker and the AUx in the amp and ......VOILA!!!! Total success . And after a few cartwheels accross the room , another item to check off my music journey TO DO list!!!!!! Thanks all for the inputs.......especially the 3.5mm! All that extra effort that went nowhere untol I used the easiest method available. Now all the speakers can shut off when the jack is plugged in. This is ideal for what I was using this method for. I plug my headphones into the amp and insert the 3.5mm cable into the speaker and pure silent mode. I will be able to hear and play with the sound tracks and guitar without waking the wife up!
  20. rd2rk

    Helix Native Problem

    I don't know - I just TRIED to get an error from Native by disabling BOTH ethernet AND wireless cards AND removing the cable. Fast Start is disabled too. I shut down and restarted, opened the Reaper project with Native and everything is groovy (dope for you youngsters). There's something else going on here...... Have you got the latest version of Native (I do). Only thing I could think of (besides demonic digital possession).
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  22. Verne-Bunsen

    Comparing PowerCab+ to my Atomic CLR cab

    That has not been my experience. I’ve run them tilted back since I got them and have not noted any harshness of lack of low end. For whatever it is worth I have mostly been using them with 3Sigma IRs loaded in Helix.
  23. blekenbleu


    While VAX700 was correct about DC polarity being critical, he was incorrect about HD500, which (2.5mm) center pin requires negative 9VDC..
  24. tucumarcelo

    Pod HD500X Restarting Issue

    Hey I know it's been a while but I'm having the same issue. Have you figured it out? Thanks
  25. Chuckusa

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    I will keep that in mind. Line 6's Monkey is it called? Should bring my device up to par as far as firmware updates am I right? I am going to try and order a used POD HD Desktop next week. I actually owned a POD XT for a short time last year. I only briefly got to mess with the firmware update software.
  26. silverhead

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    There have been many updates and improvements to the POD HD since its initial release. You can anticipate a great sound but you will find you need to invest more time in learning how to create those sounds. The XT/X3 can sound good with minimal effort. The HD can sound much better but needs more work to get there.
  27. Mincer

    HX effects NO SIGNAL . Perfect Signal when unit is off

    While I feel sorry for others that have it, I am happy to know it isn't just me. Perhaps this will be fixed in 2.8.
  28. Thank you mate. After 9 years it is the first time i up tune the guitar, and found the problem. Thank you again, awaiting your news.
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