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  2. peterhome

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    I haven't used the Danelectro Free Speech but I run a Rocktron Banshee talkbox with my Helix setup. But it's external to the whole thing. I plug into that from my wireless, and then input the input of the Helix. The sound when using the talkbox goes from the tube into the microphone. The bypassed sound (normal guitar sound) goes into the helix. I suppose you could plug the mic into the microphone input of the Helix and send to the PA that way. But you would have to have a separate input path / output path. I find it easier to just keep the talkbox out front in its own channel on the board, Helix on another channel.
  3. SaschaFranck

    Helix FRFR options

    I'm using an Alto TS310 for almost 2 years now. It's supposed to be pretty much identical with the Headrush. Had a direct shootout between it, the previous model (TS210), a Yamaha DBR10 and a Yamaha DXR10 (both of which seem to be well received as modeler monitors), an older RCF 12" (sorry, don't remember the model name, would have to look it up, but it was rather heavy) and a 12" Mackie Thump. The Mackie was plain horrible (boomy and shrill), the RCF was great but is out of production, the follow up models are significantly more expensive than the other contenders, too - and as said, it was noticeable heavier than all the others. Both Yamahas (which, at least to my ears, are pretty much identical when used for modeling duties) would do a better job as general purpose monitors as they come with a switchable EQ setting somewhat boosting the mids, which might be extremely welcomed on some stages - but apart from that, I liked the Alto better (added bonus of saving a few bucks, but that wasn't the important thing). Fwiw, I went for the 10" model because I actually like the form factor and didn't miss anything in terms of fullness compared to the 12" RCF. A few things to consider when it comes to using any more or less typical FRFR monitors (even if you're already using some): - You generally need to get used to the experience. It's different from playing an amp. The good old "amp in a room (or onstage) vs. mic'ed up amp" debate. But let's not get into that here, personally I do by now prefer it over playing through a real amp (or cab, for the matter). Which leads to... - I would place any typical FRFR monitor the way they're meant to be placed. Which would be in front of you. Quite a different thing from the way you usually place a guitar amp or those dedicated solutions such as the Powercab, the Mission Engineering ones and so on. Might be the most different thing from typical amplification. Tip: Try to place it a little further away than straight in front of your Helix. Not as relevant with coaxial designs but with non-coaxial 2-way designs you may experience certain phase issues here and there when standing too close to it. One of the reasons I will likely try out a coaxial thing one day (not sure I need it, though). - Never expect the same decent bump into your legs, booty or whatever you may get from a guitar cab, at least don't expect it from any of the lightweight models. There's just not enough physical substance to back that impact up. Even if those things may sound impressive on their own, once drums and bass kick in, all lower (or low mid) end will simply not push as much physically. Another thing to get used to. - Make absolutely sure to use the global EQ as a dedicated monitoring EQ. Send the signal without EQ to the FOH folks but keep the EQ adjustments to yourself. For me, the best way to set this up and dial it in quickly is to set the mid peak band to a rather broad band (right now mine is set to Q = 0.4 and 1.2kHz) and adjust the level of just that. This will likely sound nasty when adjusting sounds in your comfortable home/rehearsal/studio environment but it may do wonders live. Depending on your FRFR, you may want to chose a different frequency. Seriously, having a dedicated monitor EQ for me has been *the* best thing ever since I started using monitors and has as well been the reason why I always had a little mixer with me before going Helix. It's also a godsend for the FOH guys as you can make adjustments to your overall sound without destroying what they might've done for the house sound already. Having all that said, this summer I played a whole bunch of outdoor gigs with a pretty loud drummer (and partially bass player) and never missed a single thing. Never had to have my guitar on further house monitors, either. Both the bandmates and the FOH folks seem to love that solution, too, as there's no nasty, beaming speakers pointing at anyone else but me (and well, there's significantly less beam with FRFR monitors anyway). Fwiw, I still have 3 very good guitar cabs (1x12, 2x12, 4x12, all with great worn in speakers) and considered getting one of those Duncan poweramps or so - but that won't happen. For me, the days of using any such things are over once and forever (unless I have to use some rental stuff). But, as said, regardless of which FRFR solution you go for, they all take quite some getting used to. But you may know that already.
  4. channelk

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    I am a little lost as how to hook up a Danelectro Free speech talk box using the helix. At the moment I have the boxes ins and outs run through an FX loop - this may not be right - And most important - I want to use the mic input on the Helix to run to our mixer..... Any help with this would be most appreciated. I have searched this forum for answers before but none made sense to me. Thanks.
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  6. Nos402

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    This is so cool and interesting! I will definitely have to check these out in more details. I think I probably would have went with Vox AC-30TB or Plexi 100!
  7. rd2rk

    Helix FRFR options

    This is one of those subjects that's been done to death. Search for FRFR. MANY MANY suggestions! Do it over on TGP for even more.
  8. theflyingalamo

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    I prefer the Litigator and Cartographer for that sort of use. As for effects...a little dose of everything. Not sure exactly what I'd throw in there.
  9. SaschaFranck

    FR: "Global Blocks"

    Yeah well, really, pretty much anything would do. And even if I'd love whatever global amp/fx/anything feature, I'm playing devils advocate here: Quite obviously, there's "risks" getting along with anything globally valid. People will forget they used a few of those global blocks in a preset they really dig. Then they fool around in another preset using them as well - *blam*, big drama, complaints sent to Line6. There could be some warning messages either at the first edit of any such a patch or once you save them (would probably be better), but that would have to be switchable because it'd defenitely annoy me. Anyhow, I do as well think these global blocks should be limited in a way. First thing to limit would be the number of blocks. Could possibly be realized a little similar to IRs, so you'd have a list of whatever how much blocks could be assigned. If you wanted something to become a global block, you'd simply drag it into that list. Ideally, at least in HX Edit, you would as well be able to select such a block and tell the program to "show a list of all patches using this block", so you would know whether you can safely delete it in case you'd be running out of blocks (fwiw, this functionality would be really great for the IR list, too - you really never know which ones are in use). Such a listing funtionality would be great to have anyway, as you could as well abuse it as a favourite thingy. Instead of the menu thing, you'd just grab an item from the global list. Come to think of it, such a favourite list would be great without the global block functionality as well. In addition, there might be a special kind of patch list reserved for any patches containing global blocks. Whatever, there's tons of improvements that could be made in that aspect. And seriously, being mainly a live player, they would help me tremendously. I would possibly just use patches with 2 global amps, 2 global drives, 2 global EQs 1 global delay and 1 global verb - these are the things I'm using in every patch and it's the very same way I organized things with my analog amps and my last pedalboard. I would then vary those patches as in using just one of the amps and different kinds of all sorts of effects - but I could always return to my most basic patches (which, in my case, are a clean and an overdriven rhythm sound, a lead version of each plus options to add a little more drive to either of them).
  10. andymguitar

    Helix FRFR options

    I'm currently using a Behringer eurolive b110d with my LT. It's fine, but I'm pretty sure there are better options! Any recommendations for alternatives? I can't afford a powercab at present unfortunately, does anyone use headrush monitors (or other.) on here?
  11. ron-e-g

    Can't upload images

    Never mind. got it straightened out.
  12. Kilrahi

    Firehawk FX new model?

    Nope nothing . . . If I HAD to guess, and again, it's just a guess, but I don't think it's going to work in the way you're envisioning it. For example, the Pod HD500x was once their premier modeler. Now it's their budget modeler. The Firehawk FX was less a new device and more a reworking of all previous models including the Pod 500x. So the budget modeler you're paying with now was, once upon a time, part of their premier modeler tech. That technology transitioned into the budget modeler once the next evolution had been released. If they're smart, I think this is how they'll do it in the future. Someday . . . and I think it's a ways out, but someday there will be a top of the line successor to the Helix. At that point, rather than invent a new budget modeler with new budget model designs, they will instead have the old Helix transition into the budget model. Maybe they'll even do a new piece of hardware, similar to what was done with the Firehawk, that offers the older HX line in a new way. That approach is what makes sense, and is a better use of their capital.
  13. chasingMango

    G10 with battery bank

    I'm using a few G10's on a stage on which the base stations / receivers are currently connected to a power source that shuts off when all the other AV is shut down. My solution is to purchase a battery bank and plug that into the stage, then the G10 base stations into that, so that the battery bank charges and passes power to the base stations when everything is turned on, and then when everything is shut off and the transmitters are placed back in the base stations, they will still charge via the battery bank. Trying to gauge what size battery bank I need, in mAh. Anyone know about how much power a single G10 transmitter stores, in mAh?
  14. amsdenj

    FR: "Global Blocks"

    Another, perhaps more flexible approach would be to allow patches to “link” to other patches and inherit their configuration with the ability to override settings. Any changes to the linked to (or target) patch that are not overridden in the linking (or source) patch could be automatically inherited by all the linking patches. This makes whole patches reusable, not just blocks. And it would be very easy to implement as it is a common software pattern.
  15. mooseyard

    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    Making changes to what? The Sonic Port doesn’t have updatable firmware (that I know of), and there’s no Line6 driver on iOS; it just uses the regular USB/Lightning audio driver. So there’s really nothing Line6 could do about this. i still blame them, but for (apparently) not bothering to report the problem, or warn users, until the day iOS 13 shipped.
  16. psarkissian

    What JTV model is this?

    Body, neck, jack plate, battery and battery box is a JTV-69. No program board or UI electronics. Pick-guard assembly, electronics and pick-up are not stock. Very customized. Very early serial number, definitely the Korean version. No service record. If it needs servicing it will have to go to a custom shop, we would not service that. If the new owner wants to make it factory and legit again, they can contact Line 6 Support, and after evaluation,... maybe I can bring it back to factory again. It would be a semi custom out of warranty job to make it factory again. I've done those before.
  17. Sorry if this link is uncool but I'm dying to know more about this on a historic level - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Line-6-James-Tyler-Variax-RH-Made-In-Korea-Sunburst-Electric-Guitar/293163625069?hash=item4441e9ea6d:g:jWoAAOSw99ddQeIB Never mind the sucker who reads and believes "works perfectly" (referring to the mag pickup I suppose?) However the logic bay appears to be nil....
  18. cruisinon2

    Restoring Original Helix HX Factory Presets

    That's all there is, there ain't no more. The rest are user set lists. Fill em up...
  19. jsanzt

    Firehawk FX new model?

    Any rumours or news about a FHFX upgrade to a newer model? Getting a little frustrated by the lack of updates and support from Line 6, so I’m hoping there may be a new model coming out between the pricier Helix and this one??
  20. I know it stopped working shortly after I posted the first post. I downgraded all of our ipads before they stopped signing the software, bought a bunch more form BB and ebay to get the older os but it is a bandaid and I need a real solution. I am going to try wiring the cables to use a cck, I have a bunch of the lightning and 30 pin sonic cables. Any ideas would be welcome.
  21. themetallikid

    FR: "Global Blocks"

    Why couldn't they approach like Boss did with the GT series. You can call up a stock amp, tweak till your hearts content, then keep it saved as that stock amp OR save it to a user slot (attached to the amp block). Say they gave us 5 user slots. So I create a new preset, I drop in an amp block and I can see all the available amp types based upon dsp. Where the mono/stereo/legacy dropdown is, there'd be another category that says 'User' and when selected show the 5 slots. It would display the amp types saved in each slot....and they would be grayed out or active to be used based on DSP just like the regular menu. I choose the amp type/sound I have saved and away we go to tweekers heaven. I often use the same Legacy Dimension Chorus, and its always the same setting changes......switch 1 on (default off), switch 4 off (default on), adjust mix to around 30-35% (default 100%). It'd be nice to just save that effect as 'Clean Chorus' and call it up. I don't see how that would cause any issues with loading a preset or anything, I could see how making user slots available for each block type could take up precious memory used for additional updates (new effects/amps)....
  22. Al81

    HX Effects Advice

    Hi All, new to forum and investigating the potential purchase of the HX effects. So.... I'm currently running a pedal board that's not huge in size and obviously I have run out of room for all my needs/wants!!. I don't want to get a bigger board so considering the HX effects to help reduce things down, hopefully replacing 90% of my pedals. Ideal current set up on my board if I had the room. Front of tube amp Tuner Wah Octaver Fuzz OD 1 OD 2 Preamp FX loop Flanger Phaser Tremolo Random crazy fx 1 Random crazy fx 2 Delay 1 Delay2 Reverb I'm happy to bin off all my modulation pedals and just use the HX for all my modulation. Easy peasy If I wanted to keep some of my favourite pedals but also use some other FX on the HX I can see this being an issue. Example 1. I'm using my stand alone OD and the HX Wah(with expression pedal) but prefer wah before OD. Is there any option where your guitar signal goes into the HX signal chain? Example 2: A stand alone modulation pedal (that HX can't do) that I want running into FX loop but HX is already doing so. I've tried to do some research but can't find the answer. There seems to be so many options with the HX. The HX does look really good but I am a bit apprehensive going full digital right off the bat and building patches for everything :) Also any feedback on what the preamps and Octavers are like on the HX would be appreciated. Are the octavers polyphonic? I do love my echoplex preamp and Octaver (T-rex quint) I'd have a hard time moving T-rex off my board.
  23. sl01fr


    It works on Mac OS Mojave ! I was very frustrated to cannot use Gearbox on Mac. I don't understand why line6 doesn't make it work. Thank you so much !
  24. daveny5

    Floor Pod Plus pass through?

    There is no bypass switch that I can see. You could either just turn off all of the effects or get an A/B box.
  25. So the really infuriating part is you CANNOT roll back to iOS 12.4.2 once you’re on 13.2. You can roll back from iOS 13 beta to 12 but not from the official 13. So if you haven’t updated DON’T because there is no going back now. I just spent an hour and a half with support and they confirmed that once you update it’s over. I guess if someone was clever and used some kind pf jailbreak procedure you could go back but there is no officially supported method. Also frustrating is they still sell these darn things! Crazy. I don’t believe Line6 can’t fix it. It’s their fault for not making changes to support the OS like every other manufacturer. Totall bull$hit to lay blame on Apple...but it makes future purchasing decisions simpler. I’ll never consider another Line6 product again.
  26. Hi All Just got myself a second hand Helix HX which I have firmware updated to 2.82. Everything works fine except there are only factory presets on the first 3 banks I have tried holding down footswitches 5&6 but it restores nothing to any of the other banks but before the firmware update the unit was firmware 2.8 but still had all the original factory presets missing. So just asking if any of you have come across this and found a way to restore all the original factory presets ? btw im loving this unit the sounds are awesome !.
  27. Nope. Doesn’t work. On iPhone anyhow. You absolutely cannot roll back from 13 to 12. You can roll back from 13 beta to 12 but once you install 13’s official release there is no going back even by using the .ipsw image file method you described.
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