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  2. I just can't figure out how to use Pod Farm with my Steinberg UR12 to use it with streaming/recording software like OBS or Nvidia shadowplay... that's what i'm trying to troubleshoot/get help from the line 6 customer service right now. I don't really use DAWs, i don't make music, atleast not right now. But i do game alot. and I want to use this when i'm communicating with my team while playing Overwatch too.
  3. i mean i'm looking at videos on youtube of other people using it with the UX2 audio interface and they have "special" settings available to them that I don't get with my Steinberg UR12 audio interface. I think those settings might be what i need. it's the mixer settings, you can see what i'm talking about here... see how it says "INPUT" and etc for this guy when he goes to his mixer in Pod Farm? I don't get that with my audio interface:
  4. ezaz

    Variax VDI on Pod go

    Hi Why doesn't Line 6 support his own Variax users not anymore with the new products. Please create another version of pod go or HX stomp with a Variax input and if possible (of course it is) an SP/dif as well. Please support the users of your own brand....
  5. The UX2 is just an audio interface, like your Stenberg. Both will do exactly the same thing with PodFarm. If you have the full version of PF (that allows use as a plug-in), then you also have the stand-alone version already.
  6. I believe you can re-insert the card after HX Edit loads as a workaround, if that helps. No one here is going to be able tell when or if it’s something that will be fixed.
  7. Yes, you can either select the full amp block, which contains both the preamp and power amp modeling, or just the preamp block (which is only the preamp). There would be no reason to run a preamp block into an amp block.
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  9. OINK! I use the band pass filter for a nasty-sounding synth sound.
  10. Unfortunately that did not work. For now I have found a work around by pressing each preset button twice and that seems to reset each preset to how it has been saved.
  11. I ordered m3x3 and they are not matching (either the screw path is destroyed, or the screws are too large).
  12. Hi Andy Whilst not the 'fix' you're looking for - an option is to create a template you use to create your patches with those snapshot names already in it. That might sound a bit weird, but over time I've found I prefer a standard order to my snapshots to make stage work easier, and that they are generally the same name. Where I rename one it will be for a very specific purpose. I also have a preferred layout for my paths (position of classes of effects and amps and cabs and my I/O) which is also included in the template with compnents acting as place holders. This simplified my worklow significantly and makes patch creation very fast. YMMV.
  13. Type the name changes in HX Edit instead of doing it on the unit itself one letter at a time... you could rename multiple snapshots in less time than it took you to type that post.
  14. Hi Andy, This Is the wrong place to post any type of features request - this is a “User Group” - it’s unlikely that anybody from Line 6 will ever see it in here. This link is where you need to go to have any hope of it been seen by someone from Line 6, who maybe able to make it happen: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index Before posting any new ideas, please do a search to see if it's already been listed by anyone else. Multiple requests for the same thing will thin out the votes. Also, post any or all your ideas one at a time. Many users don’t vote for combined suggestions. You should use this thread (link below) to let other users know what your suggestions are, with links to IdeaScale, so they can vote on it if they wish. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  15. Yea, piezo pickups will work ok with Helix. If you have a plain piezo with no built in preamp in your guitar (passive) the Helix guitar-in will auto detect your pickup and set the impedance to 1Mohm. You can also set it manually to 1Mohm, but that's not necessary. If you have an onboard preamp, it'll will work fine with the input impedance even lower than 1Mohm. Either way you'll be ok.
  16. I personally wish I could disable the preset/stomp button, since I'm always in snapshots and my stomps are always blank. The tap tempo/tuner button I do use. The tuner is actually great, if you don't use the OCD fine tuner that is enabled by default -- it's awful and jumpy. I now rely on the onboard coarse tuner and it gives me great results for tuning up during a gig.
  17. LT is perfect. Maybe slightly less rugged than the Floor, and the EXP pedal is flimsier. But overall, it's a solid machine. I have recorded and played gigs with the LT no problem.
  18. As most people name snapshots after parts of the song - Intro, Verse, Chorus, Solo, Middle 8, Outro - is there any chance that in a future software release these could be listed when you rename a snapshot as first options before the usual letters/numbers to save you having to write them in letter by letter all the time?
  19. It seems I can only select a preamp OR an amp. Is it not possible to select a preamp INTO an amp?
  20. However, using bare feet as per your profile pic erases any naming applied :0
  21. And the world of Helix users are all better off for it..... NOW THAT is what would be correctly identified as "rude".
  22. It really comes down to how involved do you get in your recording? I have a Helix floor dedicated to my studio and a separate Helix floor for live performance. I could have gone with just a Helix LT for the studio but the biggest factor for me was the floor unit had more connections including a Mic input. This allowed me to use the Helix as the core input and audio input for my recording efforts and greatly simplified my work flow. My studio Helix floor is always plugged into my PC with the DAW and my studio monitors are directly connected to the Helix. I also have my electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, electronic keyboard, mic and headphones all simultaneously plugged into that Helix unit so I have a very easy and quick recording workflow. I have a dedicated preset for each instrument so recording is a simple process of arming the track in the DAW, selecting the appropriate preset for what I'll be recording, and press record. Because the floor has a separate volume control for my headphones it's very easy to monitor and manage the level of playback of the previously recorded tracks while recording a new track. The ability to do that was what ultimately convinced me to go with the floor rather than the LT.
  23. All my old presets have the wait time set to 0 as default so have you restored from a backup and allowed the Helix to rebuild presets after the update? This procedure is when presets get updated and new parameters added and would explain what you're seeing. Craig
  24. That's too bad. Is there any reason you'd think it's still better for me to keep the verbzilla as opposed to going for a strymon big sky with expression pedal input for the shimmer effect other than price? My current pedalboard rig consists of: Boss CS-2 , TS 808, Eventide Timefactor, Line 6 Verbzilla, Line6 Mission control Pedal Guitar: USA Fender Strat Special Amp: Vox AC4C1BL P.S. Does the Strymon Big Sky Shimmer effect work with Line 6's Mission Control Pedal? Or would I have to replace the expression pedal too if I went that route? As opposed to the Big Sky do you know of any cheaper and better options to replace the Verbzilla Pedal, to still get me the dynamically controlled shimmer effect I need through expression pedal input. Cheers! Adrian D'Souza
  25. Hi, is there any timeline on when this will be fixed? I can't launch hxedit or hx native with an sd card and I need the sd card for samples on it, so removing it isn't really an option.
  26. Sorry to bother- I cannot for the life of me find a definitive, updated answer- can the wording in the Scribble Strip be edited from a computer via the latest HX Edit? Or must one use the knobs on the hardware? thanks.
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