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  2. Thanks for reply. I use my Seymour Duncan 805 OD pedal in fx loop 2. Guitar-OD(fxloop2)-Noisegate-FXLoop1(amp)-delay-echo-->4x12 cab (v30)
  3. Kilrahi

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I tend to be more laid back about all the views. Line 6 has, on occasion, advertised updates. They're competing against Fractal who has TONS of updates. Based on this, If a consumer says, "Look, they don't update enough for me in this modern world of updates, I'm getting off this train." I get that. It's not really my view but I get that. Me? I bought the Stomp without even thinking one moment about updates. Then when I found out a 2.8 was coming I was like, "Frick! I forgot that WAS a thing!" I try not to think about it, because I'm WAY excited. Still, when all is said and done, if there were never more updates I'm pretty sure I'd still consider it one of the coolest devices ever made. There really is a balance though. People can get way too rude and demanding for what should be a courteous business transaction. Now, I haven't seen that in this thread, but I have seen it. A nice contrast is the Firehawk and Firehawk 1500 forums. To my knowledge (and I have searched) Line 6 NEVER promised any type of updates on those devices besides bug fixes. They've never even indicated they could get new amps and effects. Yet, despite that, numerous consumers act like Line 6 has committed the worst atrocity possible by not adding new ones. Just head over there and you'll see post after post condemning them for that, when for all we know, IT'S FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE TO ADD NEW ONES. TO me, that's too far the other way. They should do bug fixes, yes and some bugs do still exist that should be fixed, but that's all I think they could reasonably owe those of us who purchased those. Anyway, I'm still excited for 2.8. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I'll still be okay if Christmas ends up coming in July.
  4. rd2rk

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Since I don't remember them promising a never ending stream of new amps and effects, I went to their site and looked over the OFFICIAL marketing stuff. I don't see it. I'm not saying that no one from L6 ever said there would be new amps and effects, but I'm pretty sure that MOST CUSTOMERS didn't go over to TGP and read everything posted there in the run-up to the release. There were LOTS of pages, and I'm sure not going back 4 years to re-read them for the sake of argument, but if it's not in the OFFICIAL MARKETING MATERIALS it ain't real. Fact is, I bought mine because I had FAITH that new amps and effects would happen, and I would've been very disappointed if that didn't happen. But the perception that they OWE us, and they'd better get their butts in gear to keep us happy is, IMHO, misguided entitlement mentality and, unfortunately, all too common. Yes I do understand product development. I also did it for a living. The costs of future product development that are or aren't rolled into the current cost of a product don't mean scratch to end users. You can't take a company to court over whether you got your money's worth from product development you thought was supposed to happen after your purchase, so let's not pretend that it's part of the deal! Since they've already delivered LOTS of new amps and effects, even implied commitments have been met, and any new amps or effects are ADDED VALUE at this point. Say "Thank you!".
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  6. BlueD

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Maybe you did. Most customers picked the Helix because one of the value propositions that Line6 advertised is that the unit would get better over time. Again, you and I paid for the updates already (if you think you haven't then you don't understand product development, I do it for a living...), If you don't care about that it's fine but let's not pretend it's not part of the deal.
  7. robertgoddard

    Tranfer Firehawk presets to Helix

    Save your Firehawk presets to your account. You can refer to your app to dial in sounds similar to what you had on the Firehawk. Just switched 2 months ago and it was worth it 1000%
  8. rd2rk

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Perhaps we're misunderstanding you. You seem to think that L6 OWES us upgrades. L6 OWES us bug-fix updates. Nothing more. You paid for what was included in the most current update when you bought your unit. Every amp, every effect, every improvement (beyond bug-fixes) since then was VALUE ADDED. You get to say THANK YOU, not "It's about time!"
  9. codamedia

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    I view it differently. I paid for my Helix... with the features it had... at the time that I bought it. Every update after that is a bonus...
  10. BlueD

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    This is a bad take. You already paid for it.
  11. rsoloman

    Shuriken firmware issues - Solved.

    I have had my Shuriken since they were initially released (i pre-orered mine). I have NEVER connected it to a computer for updating. Using my iMac and the Line 6 USB dongle, I'm attempting to update the firmware on the Shuriken as well as a JTV-59. The green light is on for the USB side of the dongle, red light blinks on the variax cable side. I've tried different cables. I have 2 (1 brand new) Line 6 Neutrix Variax cable and I've tried different networking cables (which work with the Helix Rack controller fine). I've made sure both batteries have a fresh charge and 4 dots light up green on the battery box indicator. I'm running latest versions of all software (line6 Monkey and Workbench HD matter here). Please advise. This is frustrating. Dump all this money into gear... MAKE VARIAX UPDATABLE VIA HELIX!!!!! It's almost 2020 people. Dongles suck. Yes, I've searched for an answer to this in your database. EDIT: I solved the problem. When using the DONGLE, the 1/4" cable plugged into the variax guitar caused me problems. I use high-end cables and tried 3 different cables before unwrapping a new 1/4" cable I have and trying it. It failed on me 2x (with guitar hanging on a stand untouched during update) - but the 3rd time was a charm on the Shuriken. The JTV-59 updated 1st time, no problems. With Helix being 3 years old now, I don't understand why this isn't executable using the Helix while connected to a computer. For something we do once in a blue moon... I guess it's not a priority. Thanks for reading.
  12. gunnzshow

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. So one thing that seems to have helped is changing instrument to line for the 1/4. I get a significant volume boost, meaning I don't need to crank the amp so I get far fewer of those piercing highs. I did plug the cable from the Helix 1/4 out directly into the effects return. What I found though is that everything sounds very thin like that. Any suggestions for that? I did manage to get some nice feedback though.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Meiannatee

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Didn't you hear? It's coming in spring in Australia. Still 5 months away.
  15. blekenbleu

    VDI wireless?

    VDI is basically power + AES/EBU + MIDI: VDI interface diagram; It sounds like you only need wireless MIDI: Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless AES/EBU has also been done, but connecting a battery-powered DAC to JTV DVI for wireless analog guitar sound may be more expedient.
  16. arislaf

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Setlist not working at all, on bot native and helix floor :( Guess have to wait untill 2.8 As for my patches have plenty, especially for metal!!! Wait until we receive 2.8 and I will fix you up!! BTW, did you try the legacy heavy distortion before the dual rectifier? Or the legacy blue treble comb before a metal amp? Small tips to keep us up until 2.8!! Ps, if you want you can check up with native trial these: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4r7gucctc4ydkye/AACzuVidRrsSbORyqG72fpwSa?dl=0
  17. Megadeth1313

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Thanks Brother..... Me too.... come on 2.8 How are the setlist working out for you Arislaf ???? Do you have any cool patches for me Like ….. Surf rock.... Blues..... and my fav. METAL \mm/ :)
  18. DunedinDragon

    Blind test of clean tones Helix Vs Kemper

    Wow...another Helix versus Kemper video to add to my 21,398,512 other ones!!!!
  19. lungho

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    Go to global settings. It is the first option on the bottom left on the Ins/Outs page.
  20. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Why am I not surprised? Am I correct about the one-way nature of the THRU connector? OP - Looks like you're stuck with the 6i6 - BUT if you still need to connect to the Helix from the AXE for non-edit reasons, MIDI Solutions has MIDI mixers, and maybe cheaper versions on Amazon.
  21. anthdidj

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    how do I access the input pad? I can't find it in the helix or the manual?
  22. dnostrand

    Correct settings for using PowerCab

    From Frank Ritchotte at Line 6 - "Powercab is expecting a line level signal, so you must run your modeler's outputs at line level. "Turning up your modeler's output knob" doesn't mean it's necessarily running at line level; you'll likely need to visit the global settings to confirm Proper gain staging: Confirm your modeler's outputs are at line level, turn its main output knob all the way up, and play loud power chords. If Powercab's SIGNAL light flashes red, turn down your modeler's main output knob until it doesn't. If Powercab's SIGNAL light never turns red, you have additional headroom available."
  23. dnostrand

    Powercab considerations and thoughts

    Just a couple of thoughts / observations / suggestions based on your post: For your Helix patches, be careful about creating them using headphones, and then using them live.....the sound will likely be very different - Fletcher-Munson and all that. They will need to be changed for live use...probably an EQ with boosted mids - there are numerous posts on this topic here and in the Facebook group. I use my Powercab + (PC+) as both a studio monitor and a live gigging amp using the patches I have made in m Helix. I run from the Helix to PC+ vis the L6 Link digital connection. If I need to go to FOH as well, then I run an XLR from the output of the PC+ to the board at mic level signal. There is plenty of volume on stage if I need it, as I have volume leveled the Helix patches, and I use various speaker emulations on the PC+ that are leveled as well. The Line6 Powercab is much more than an FRFR speaker. While it has that capability, it can also emulate various speaker models, and run IRs of your choosing. The cab models in the Helix are models of cabs that are mic'ed with various configurations and microphones. The Powercab speaker emulations are just that, speaker emulations, and what you hear is not a cab mic'ed - until you use the XLR output - then you get to choose mics and distance, etc. The Powercab user manual does a good just of describing and explaining this. You can still use the cab blocks in your Helix, but you would then only use the Powercab in FRFR mode......I think this just gives people another option when creating amp and effect chains....or maybe you don't like the whole cab/mic modeling and just want to go with speaker emulation in the Powercab Hope that helps a little.....
  24. phil_m

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Axe Edit works by using MIDI Sysex messages. The Helix won't pass those messages through.
  25. arislaf

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Many thanks for this one!!! Wish my patches were simple enough to get to the stomp. As soon as 2.8 will come out, I will prepare some from native to stomp!
  26. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I haven’t used my Stomp as an interface, but there is info on USB signal routing on page 44 of the Stomp manual. It may be possible with a little creativity. Take a look there first.
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