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  2. silverhead

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Yes - that's right. I have several presets where I switch from electric to acoustic tones (including the guitar type using a Variax) using just an expression pedal, without even using snapshots. Toe position is a Marshall amp and Les Paul tone while heel position is no amp with a Gibson acoustic. Works great for the Joe Walsh tune Life's Been Good To Me. It's probably easier to do this with snapshots but I copied and edited my preset based on a tone developed by Line 6 user Peter Hamm. I believe the tone of his that I started with was this one, available on Customtone: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/209351/
  3. rbedsaul1

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Thanks for the replies. I understand the concept better, and I'm finding it to be quite a limitation. For live performance, there are some tunes where I need to go back and forth between a gained-up tone and an acoustic sound. Which I've already created in other presets. I've learned that I can't switch between presets because of the Helix 'dead spot' (the split second of no sound). And, I cannot combine Snapshots within different presents to create the combination of tones I need. So, the solution is to recombine all of what I want into a single new preset, and then use the Snapshots within that preset for the 'turning off' and 'turning on' of what are presently 2 different presets (but without the dead spot) to get what I need. Does that sound right?
  4. Zebedee68

    G75 Noise - PSU?

    I've just purchased a G75 Relay, and although the connection is fine on a clear channel (no dropouts, I had been concerned after all I'd read), I am having terrible noise problems. The unit shipped with a USB PSU (Got to hate that.. Micro USB connectors in a live environment??) and initially I had difficulty getting it to power up - it would display a red LED and flickered the screen once. A bit of cable wiggling and it started up and continued to work fine. That first night I had no noise issues but each time I was jamming with it, on startup I would have to wiggle the USB power cable. I then purchased a 9v PSU (1A, low-noise allegedly) and that cured the startup issue. Comes on immediately every time. However, in practice I noticed a lot of noise on my rig. I thought it might be the rehearsal room but when I gigged at the weekend I had to go back to the cable as the unit was making so much noise. So, I guess my question is, which is better - USB or 9v power? And are these units particularly susceptible to a noisy psu? It sounds like a mains hum to me. I don't think it can be digital interference. Plugging the bass (Ibanez SR2605) directly into the cable going out of the transmitter removes all the noise. So it's not a cable problem. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  5. RonSom1976


    Hi, I use SetlistMaker-App and iRig Midi When I call the song at tablet the POD switches in the same second I got a lot of different presets ...
  6. psarkissian

    DT25 firmware 1.0 reset instructions

    1) 8000000A error is a MIDI time out error. 2) Amp should be in "standby" mode when updating thru Monkey via MIDI. 3) Uno is a good device to use. 4) Disconnect any USB hub and go direct MIDI-to-USB to the computer. 5) Check the Downloads page of the Line 6 site for computer OS and Firmware version compatibility.
  7. Today
  8. telengard

    XLR output *real* quiet

    Hi, thanks for the info. Where exactly can you set that? I don't see it in the Pilot's guide. That guide just says it's a line out. "Connect to an analog mixer's input. This output is Line Level with a maximum of +13dBu."
  9. phil_m

    How to change buffer size

    If you're trying to use the Helix in a direct monitoring scenario, you probably won't like the results. Line 6 doesn't make low-latency drivers for the Helix line.
  10. phil_m

    run hx in 4CM while post fx path is in killdry mode?

    There is no kill dry mode. You can set the Mix parameter of an individual effect to 100, and that will be 100% wet, but that will only work if you're using that one effect. If you put a reverb, for instance, after a delay for which you have the Mix set to 100, the reverb would only be affecting the repeats.
  11. rd2rk

    How to change buffer size

    In PREFERENCES - AUDIO click HARDWARE SETUP. There's a Slider titled ASIO BUFFER and the range is EXTRA SMALL to EXTRA LARGE. It's stupid, but it is what it is. EXTRA SMALL is 64.
  12. Thark


    Funny. I use a Mac as well and have had zero problems with either my Helix floor or LT. My impression here is that most problems seem to occur on PCs. BTW, the next OSX version will be 64-bit ONLY. Any 32-bit apps will no longer function.
  13. pianoguyy


    Yeah, there's that. But also - Why do we specifically need tube amps? Use the what sounds good. I mean, unless backlined, I have never used a tube amp. I've always used solid state. And I don't think anyone is can tell me my tone is bad.
  14. Don't forget to reboot your computer afterwards.
  15. silverhead

    Helix Stomp vs Headrush Gigboard

    I suggest you download and read the manuals for each product to get a better sense of how they would meet your needs and preferences. The HX Stomp manual is here: https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4010c935bb66a4c0c44f/application/pdf/HX Stomp Manual - English .pdf Page 10 gives a good overview of how to use the footswitches (no bending down) to navigate among presets.
  16. hurghanico


    All the stock models are of tube amps. Here is the list of which real amps correspond to the models names: https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c087052430f5d6523b/application/pdf/POD HD Series Model Gallery - English ( Rev E ).pdf For a crunchy hard rock tone you can't go wrong with some of the marshall models. For each amp model automatically matched cab experiment with the various mic options available to see which one suits best your needs _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  17. Moon_Raven

    How to change buffer size

    Hello, I am using Line6 Helix as an audio interface for my computer. I am trying to change the buffer size from my DAW(Ableton live), but when I open the ASIO Helix driver, I see no such options. Is it possible to change buffer size from the default 128 samples?
  18. Try reinstalling the HX Stomp drivers.
  19. My DAWs (Reaper and Cakewalk) wont recognize HX stomp as an interface after big windows update about 3 days ago. I've already updated to v2.81 when it came out. I am doing recording next week and in need of a quick fix! I have to use the digital USB ins and outs in order to record DI signals as my interface only has 1 input.
  20. prorenzo

    Helix Bug Reports

    DAW does not recognize my HX stomp as an audio interface after the big windows update recently (about 3 days ago) Please fix quickly! I need to be doing recording with it soon!
  21. tforest

    Helix Stomp vs Headrush Gigboard

    I am a Line 6 user and have enjoyed my HD500 board for many years. I realize though I only use about 10% of its capability and I'd like to downsize to something smaller. Im also a Variax owner, but I am considering selling it and moving back to a traditional classic electric. Here is my typical set up on the HD500 in a live setting (church). I primarily focus on 2 banks with 4 tones (acoustic, clean electric, electric with more drive and effects, and then a solo). I also occasionally use another bank with all acoustic effects, and then one with all electric effects. I love how my HD500 allows me to easily use the foot switches to bounce between the different banks. I would love to get a Stomp, however Im unclear how I can obtain a similar set up where I can change between banks without bending down in a live setting. Im also toying with a Gigboard. I like it that it has 4 foot switches. The touch screen menu driven interface seems to be more intuitive then the Stomp. Im not sure how it allows you to move between banks either though. Your help is appreciated. Thanks
  22. USERLINE62K19


    Hello friends, I m a new user of Line6 POD HD500X so i can't understand which of these are tube amps . Kindly suggest me some good combo of tube amps and cabinets for a CRUNCHY HARD ROCK tone. Thanks
  23. Mine did this running on USB power - only flickered the screen quickly but it went off and the orange light stayed on. I found if I wiggled the USB power cable around, it would eventually power up. It's not done it since switching to a proper 9v psu...
  24. cbrillow

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Nice job -- thanks for your contribution!
  25. 4G RAM is going to be the limiting factor when recording. He should shut down all the 'running in the background' software. Be aware that some VSTs (if you use anything other than PodFarm) use up a lot of RAM, things like reverbs and virtual instruments.
  26. PeterMuylaert

    Factory presets V 120

    I was wondering, is there a way to download the full presets for the spider amps (V 120 in this case) Looking for the original presets that came with the amp but I lost after the 2.0 update. Thank you. Peter
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