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  2. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Why am I not surprised? Am I correct about the one-way nature of the THRU connector? OP - Looks like you're stuck with the 6i6 - BUT if you still need to connect to the Helix from the AXE for non-edit reasons, MIDI Solutions has MIDI mixers, and maybe cheaper versions on Amazon.
  3. anthdidj

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    how do I access the input pad? I can't find it in the helix or the manual?
  4. dnostrand

    Correct settings for using PowerCab

    From Frank Ritchotte at Line 6 - "Powercab is expecting a line level signal, so you must run your modeler's outputs at line level. "Turning up your modeler's output knob" doesn't mean it's necessarily running at line level; you'll likely need to visit the global settings to confirm Proper gain staging: Confirm your modeler's outputs are at line level, turn its main output knob all the way up, and play loud power chords. If Powercab's SIGNAL light flashes red, turn down your modeler's main output knob until it doesn't. If Powercab's SIGNAL light never turns red, you have additional headroom available."
  5. dnostrand

    Powercab considerations and thoughts

    Just a couple of thoughts / observations / suggestions based on your post: For your Helix patches, be careful about creating them using headphones, and then using them live.....the sound will likely be very different - Fletcher-Munson and all that. They will need to be changed for live use...probably an EQ with boosted mids - there are numerous posts on this topic here and in the Facebook group. I use my Powercab + (PC+) as both a studio monitor and a live gigging amp using the patches I have made in m Helix. I run from the Helix to PC+ vis the L6 Link digital connection. If I need to go to FOH as well, then I run an XLR from the output of the PC+ to the board at mic level signal. There is plenty of volume on stage if I need it, as I have volume leveled the Helix patches, and I use various speaker emulations on the PC+ that are leveled as well. The Line6 Powercab is much more than an FRFR speaker. While it has that capability, it can also emulate various speaker models, and run IRs of your choosing. The cab models in the Helix are models of cabs that are mic'ed with various configurations and microphones. The Powercab speaker emulations are just that, speaker emulations, and what you hear is not a cab mic'ed - until you use the XLR output - then you get to choose mics and distance, etc. The Powercab user manual does a good just of describing and explaining this. You can still use the cab blocks in your Helix, but you would then only use the Powercab in FRFR mode......I think this just gives people another option when creating amp and effect chains....or maybe you don't like the whole cab/mic modeling and just want to go with speaker emulation in the Powercab Hope that helps a little.....
  6. phil_m

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Axe Edit works by using MIDI Sysex messages. The Helix won't pass those messages through.
  7. arislaf

    HX Stomp SetList (Free)

    Many thanks for this one!!! Wish my patches were simple enough to get to the stomp. As soon as 2.8 will come out, I will prepare some from native to stomp!
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  9. pietwelve

    2Go Partition _ SD card bigger than 2Go _ JM4

    Thanks !
  10. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I haven’t used my Stomp as an interface, but there is info on USB signal routing on page 44 of the Stomp manual. It may be possible with a little creativity. Take a look there first.
  11. odersfelt

    VDI wireless?

    The one thing that stops me getting a Helix (but I will eventually succumb) is the thought of having to go wired for gigs again. I would be happy to stay with wireless output from my JTV-89F guitar jack to the Helix - I don't need to send the guitar sound through the VDI even if it sounds a bit better. I guess what is driving the expense of a VDI wireless solution is the need to handle the data from guitar to Helix - but I don't need that. What I really want is just for the Helix to send changes to the guitar to tell it which model to use and what tuning. 99% of the time the change would be between songs so a bit of latency over a solution like Wifi or Bluetooth would not be a problem - and it couldn't be much data. But it may be difficult to add on to the current VDI implementation - it would have to plug into VDI and Jack at the same time without blowing the circuits (see separate thread), send the jack sound off to the wireless pack, fool the VDI into thinking it was talking to the Helix if needed for any handshakes etc and receive change messages from the Helix over whatever wireless solution was implemented for doing that.
  12. GingerLefty

    Blind test of clean tones Helix Vs Kemper

    Another bit of fun. Test your ears and pick out the Helix.
  13. daveny5

    Original Pod

    Try Line6 Monkey or Gearbox available on the Line6 site.
  14. DunedinDragon

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Just to clarify, if you go into the effects return on the Marshall you would be bypassing the tone stack of the Marshall so your Marshall tone knobs wouldn't do anything . You'd be controlling the modeled amp on the Helix with it's tone knobs. I believe all codamedia is referring to is to make sure your mid tone knob and treble tone knobs are fairly close rather than have your mid tone knob turned down too much and get too much high frequency feedback.
  15. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    I'm assuming that the Helix is connected to the computer via USB directly (not thru the 6i6). The Helix MIDI OUT/THRU will send a signal from the MIDI IN (connected to the AXE OUT) out thru both the DIN and (if enabled) USB to the computer. It doesn't pass the signal back from the computer via USB to the OUT/THRU and back to the AXE. IOW - the Helix THRU is one-way only. You're going to need the 6i6 to use the editor. As always with MIDI, devices only communicate if set to the same channel (or OMNI). But that's not the problem here. EDIT: If you have other reasons to connect the AXE thru the Helix, and your editor is able to independently select IN Port and OUT Port, you could try using both the Helix and the 6i6 by connecting the 6i6 OUT to the AXE IN. Signal flow would then be: AXE OUT -> Helix IN -> Helix DIN OUT -> 6i6 IN (or Helix USB OUT to the computer) -> Editor IN Port -> Editor OUT Port -> USB to 6i6 DIN OUT -> AXE IN
  16. yelldog

    frfr speakers

    I have 2 headrush units. I have one behind me and louder to come as close to having an amp on stage as I can and I have one directly in front of my helix on the ground to simulate a typical live stage monitor. That way when I really need to hear something clearly I can stand in front of the monitor. When I'm moving around I have the louder one acting like an amp so I can hear it anywhere.
  17. kur7

    HX stomp USB noise

    Sorry I express myself uncorrectly. The noise is always there, it's just lower because it's lower the overall input signal. Yes in both cases the stomp is connected to the Duet. In the following screenshots there is the noise generated when I use the HX stomp as input (-66.4 db) and then the noise generated using the Duet as input (-51 db). There is a decrease of 15.6 db from the Duet to the HX but still the nosie is there in both cases! I added another screenshot avoiding the HX stomp and connecting my pedalboard (with the overdrive, reverb and booster on) straight to the Apogee. As you can see there is barely noise even with all the effects turned on (-72.3 db). Therefore I won't attribute the cause to my electrical implants.
  18. gunnzshow

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Thanks for this. I never really had to do much EQ with my previous pedal. I've got the treble turned up to 7, bass 4, gain 5 and volume at 4 on the Marshall. There is no mid knob. I only use the clean channel. Any idea how to avoid scooping the mids?
  19. psarkissian

    2Go Partition _ SD card bigger than 2Go _ JM4

    No. It's a very particular and specific set-up and format. 2GB and need to check the Knowledge Base notice set-up for FAT system formats.
  20. rd2rk

    HX stomp USB noise

    Like I said......
  21. phil_m

    HX stomp USB noise

    Earlier you said the noise was gone when using the Stomp as the interface... Was your Stomp still connected to the Duet wen you made the first recording?
  22. crypto90

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Yes, i've connected both cables, Helix midi out/thru -> AxeFX Midi IN; Axe FX Midi Out -> Helix Midi In.
  23. rd2rk

    Helix MIDI interface for AxeFX Standard via AxeEdit

    Don't have an AXE, but if it works like the FCB1010 with an editor, it requires two connections - IN and OUT. Going thru the Helix you're getting one-way only on the THRU function.
  24. gunnzshow

    New Helix LT user: Helix into combo amp questions

    Thanks! You are right that the Digitech 500 is a cheaper multi-effects and circa 2008. Significantly cheaper actually. But it does boast amp modelling, and it definitely makes a big difference when you bypass the amp and just use the Marshall. I currently have the Helix 1/4 output set to instrument. Line gives me a lot more volume, but I am a bit concerned about the noise. The manual says to use instrument, but I will experiment. Any tips for the EQ? With the Digitech, I never used EQ, just a noise gate.
  25. rd2rk

    Helix Native Problem

    I've attached screenshots. At this point, I'm out of ideas. On both of my laptops (i5,i7 Windows 10). it just works. Kilrahi's suggestion about Norton mirrors my own previously, but you said that you initially had it activated on this machine, so that shouldn't be the problem, but look into it anyway. My recommendation to shut down wireless didn't take into account your needing it for the XR16. The reason for shutting down wireless is that when recording with a DAW, you don't want anything interrupting the processor. It's a drag to have that "perfect take" wrecked by a sound glitch caused by the wireless looking for available networks! If you do serious recording, you may have to choose between that possibility and dividing the chores between multiple computers. If I think of anything else.....
  26. kur7

    HX stomp USB noise

    This is the difference in levels when I select the HX stomp as input and the Duet as input. In both cases, the noise is present.
  27. kur7

    HX stomp USB noise

    Yes that's the line level when the Duet is selected as input and output and also when the USB is connected from the HX stompt to my Mac.
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