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  2. stormstudios


    It got answered in another thread and in about 40 other threads. You've got to go to Security Preferences and allow Line 6 as a developer.
  3. For those interested... this comes up at about 1h40m into the video (yes, I was bored this morning).... (basic summary of what actually is said) He does not say he created the tone... the 2nd guitarist in Keith Urban's band had created a fractal patch to match his live rig which was a clean boost into a Marshall Super Bass. He says the tone sounded the same in the PA when isolated, but was lost when in the mix. He goes on to say something was missing, but has no details of how the patch was created, accepted the tone as provided, and no attempt was made at the "fractal level" to make it work. Looks like that Fractal got 15 - 30 minutes of time and was disregarded... if people think that's a fair judgement of a piece of gear then there is nothing left to say.
  4. stormstudios

    Issue with PODHD PROX software seeing device using USB C

    Good tip. Glad you got it working for the newer Mac owners. The problem is this exact solution has been proposed in many other threads and it seems many aren't reading the solution. I hope your thread (or one with the solution in it) sticks to the top and people start reading threads a little more. Glad you got it working. Rock on!
  5. soundmodeler

    Volume drop connecting Helix to PC Plus via L6 Link

    PaulWilliamson - totally agree with your assessment. My issues exactly!
  6. Today
  7. @xmacvicar I didn't want to quote your full opening post, but that is what I am referencing here... You keep saying it sounds great when recorded, but doesn't sound like a real amp when compared to a real amp. There is a vital distinction you are missing and/or have completely overlooked. When the HELIX is used with an FRFR (like your setup is) it isn't suppose to sound like a real amp... it is suppose to sound like a real amp through a microphone. The microphone chosen and the position it is placed has a huge impact on the tone. For a proper comparison, you need to mic up the amp and listen to it through the FRFR like you are listening to the Helix. That is the difference between "Amp in the room tone" and "recorded & FOH tones". Admittedly you say you are a "non gigging guitar player" and thank you for doing so - it puts things in better perspective as we try to help you. Any guitar player that gigs has a "what the hell is that" moment when they hear their tone through a PA for the first time. It is "that sound" the Helix is delivering.
  8. DunedinDragon

    Helix and other equipment

    As cruisinon2 says, sell the interface, the mixer, the USB hub, and the katana and buy a good pair of studio monitors. Hook the Helix up to the PC direct into one USB port and connect everything through the Helix through the different inputs or use the returns for things like the drums. Create different patches for each instrument. When you want to record an instrument, select the patch for it, enable the track in Cakewalk, and press record. That's pretty much exactly how I have my Helix set up in my studio.
  9. I learned a long time ago that musicians "can be" really closed minded... that L&M employee seems to be one of them. Our L&M stores here in Winnipeg has them as well :) (BTW: L&M head office would not be happy with that employee for his reaction and closed mind) Give three players a JCM800 One will make it sound like a wall of mud The next makes it sound like a mosquito The next makes it sound glorious The thoughts from the peers (musicians in the wings)... 1&2: The guys got great gear but his tone isn't very good (user is blamed) 3: Wow that Marshall sounds great (amp is praised) Give three players a Helix (or any modeler for that matter) One will make it sound like a wall of mud The next makes it sound like a mosquito The next makes it sound glorious The thoughts from the peers (musicians in the wings)... 1: Modelers always get lost in the mix (blame the gear) 2: Modelers always sound thin and brittle (blame the gear) 3: He seems to get a good sound out of that thing (spiteful praise of the user) Amps and modelers are just tools... Ultimately (based on knowledge and ability) it is the USER that makes it sound good or bad.
  10. arislaf

    Amp cross reference

    Bit outdated but still the best https://line6.com/support/topic/31789-helix-models-definitive-cheat-sheet-all-model-names-with-descriptions/
  11. cruisinon2

    Helix and other equipment

    Are you trying to monitor everything (drums, synths, etc) through the Katana? That's gonna sound like boiled crap... it's a guitar amp. You can't mix multitrack recordings with it. Even trying to play along with songs or backing tracks will sound awful. You need a pair of studio monitors and/or decent studio reference headphones. And you can ditch the mixer and interface... they aren't necessary at all. Helix is a fully functional interface all by itself. You've got way too many moving parts that you don't need, and you're missing the one thing that's genuinely necessary...a clean, flat response way to monitor everything.
  12. zolko60

    Helix Native on PC Sticks, Barebones, mini-PCs.

    The latency hardly depends on computer speed.
  13. noteqr

    Firehawk FX 2019 updates!!!!!

    Come on Line 6 at least 1 more update for SOMETHING!???
  14. jaamoe

    Ernie Ball

    I would agree.
  15. TLF2007

    Ernie Ball

    I have the VP Jr. ( 25K) Use it as an expression pedal for EXP 2 instead of using the toe switch. Works great. sweep resolution and feel is better than Helix built in foot pedal IMO.
  16. xmacvicar

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Ha. Ain't that the truth. Git my Helix. Spend 20 min in a patch. And 2 hours worried about big volume knob.
  17. xmacvicar

    Amp cross reference

  18. BigJayBrian

    Fremen's Helix presets

    Happy birthday ;) I purchased your big pack and synth pack. I have 4 days off work starting tomorrow, this will be a fun weekend ! I saw you speaking about your "double whoooper cab" IR and would love to try it, but i have no real use of the "big pack add on" he is part off. Is there any way to get this IR as a standalone?
  19. enjalt

    Amp cross reference

    https://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c973a5787c415a0987/application/pdf/Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D - French .pdf p26
  20. Dwf2008

    Amp cross reference

    Is there a cross reference somewhere that identifies the real names of the amplifiers that are modeled by the helix? For example, if I wanted a Fender Princeton, which one should I choose? thanks
  21. Dwf2008

    Helix and other equipment

    I’m still trying to figure out how to connect all my equipment. I have a pc running cakewalk, band in a box, itunes, etc. There is a usb midi interface attached to the pc via a four port hub. Also attached to the hub is the helix, and a focusrite Scarlett 2i2. The output of the helix is plugged into the guitar input of a katana 50 amp. The output of the Scarlett is plugged into an 8 channel mixer. The output of the mixer is plugged into the aux input of the amp. A Roland drum machine is also plugged into the mixer. Cakewalk will record and play the helix properly. The inputs of the Scarlett pass through to the mixer ok but no sound comes out of the amp. Recording from the Scarlett was working but not now after I added the helix. The Scarlett shows up as a device in the cakewalk preferences but it is grayed out and cannot be selected. So I was wondering, can the Scarlett’s outputs be connected to the helix so its inputs can be captured by the daw and also be passed thru to the amp without being processed? Or, bottom line, what is the best way to hook all this up? There is also a midi keyboard and emu synth in the mix but they seem to be working ok. Thanks
  22. rd2rk

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    My KIA dreams about being a Ferrari!
  23. cruisinon2

    VDI wireless?

    You'll get the same answer everywhere...Line 6 divulges next to nothing, and those "in the know" can't/ won't/ don't talk. But if I had to guess, I'd say the answer is no. The one and only time anyone official showed up in here trying to gauge interest in a wireless VDI unit, the quoted price of $1000 was mostly scoffed at... there were a handful who seemed willing to pay the price of the guitar itself (or even more if you own a Standard) for a wireless, but most found it rather amusing. Don't hold your breath.
  24. Hey Guys, I get a lot of question about IR's (impulse responses) and how to use them or how I use them. So today I hit on 3 key topics to help explain a bit about it. We touch briefly on what an IR is, where I prefer to get the ones I use and 1. Loading and Organizing 2. Mixing Mic's / Stacking of IR's and checking phase 3. IR overload (Having TOO MANY options) If you guys have any questions, drop a comment and I will do my best to answer them. Thanks so much for all the support. nickhillmakesmusic@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/nickhillmakesmusic
  25. Yesterday
  26. “Lost in the mix” is an EQ and/or panning and / or volume problem, not digital vs analogue. If that mix was coming out of a venue PA then by the time it’s gotten to that PA, whether or not the sound origin was digital or not is pretty much irrelevant if the desk is digital. If two sounds are exactly the same then they’re exactly the same. If amps cut through the mix and modellers can’t cut it, why does every guitar forum have endless “how can I get my <insert amp or pedal> to cut better...” type threads?
  27. soundog

    HX Stomp and MIDI - some insights

    I wish mine did sometimes.
  28. sapete34

    Issue with PODHD PROX software seeing device using USB C

    Hey there! So I finally figured out. The issue is with the drivers. When you download the driver the system will prompt to restart the Mac. When the Mac rebooted, nothing would happen. As soon as the Mac restarts you need to go to system preferences > Security and privacy setting and in the window pane you should see the option to click "Allow" for the drivers to be installed. If you check this screen at any other time you will not see the option. Once I was able to get the drivers to install, everything else started working fine. I hope this helps.
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