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  2. spikey

    Powercab Plus Midi revisited

    Im thinking that once 8.2 hits most things will be updated. I will be using HX edit and using the L6 Link port on Helix to control both PC +'s speaker cabs, mic, etc then. If PC Edit is also updated as well, Then I will redo some audio inputs and outs to allow my Kemper to also use the PC+!
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  4. ChrisWitoski

    tune while looping??

    damn,. maybe something they will address in a future update, thanks for the reply :)
  5. phil_m

    tune while looping??

    No, it’s not possible.
  6. arkieboy

    frfr speakers

    I try to use whatever rig I have as a side fill. Makes it real easy for the FoH guy to get a good sound. My regular guitar speakers are a pair of Marshall 1x12"s so I'll either balance one on another in a mini stack to get one to near chest height, or use a few beer crates with a black curtain over them to raise them both to the right height. If I'm FRFR on monitors, I try to get a monitor just for my guitar if possible, if not I'll use a PA wedge I take around with me directly out of one of the helix' alternate outputs so I can get 'more me'.
  7. ChrisWitoski

    tune while looping??

    does anyone know if its possible to keep a loop playing and use the tuner? this would help live gigs tremendously but i can't figure out how help! cw
  8. phil_m

    HX effects NO SIGNAL . Perfect Signal when unit is off

    Not sure really what the issue with 2.71 and some units... I’ve had 2.71 installed on my HX Effects for quite a long time now, and I’ve not had any issues.
  9. phil_m

    Does and Amp+Cab block exist for Ampeg?

    You can use a single amp/cab block for that combination, yes.
  10. dkleiner

    Scratchy Expression Pedal on the Helix.

    Taking the unit apart is the only option?
  11. I'm thinking of getting a Stomp but need to economize on block usage to fit what I need to do within the 6 block limit. Is there a single Ampeg bass block available that consists of Amp+Speaker cab like there are for some of the other amp types? From just looking at the block list without ever having used any of the Helix products it seems like I need to have one block assigned to SV Beast and a 2nd block assigned to the 8x10 cab. Thx
  12. rd2rk

    Tranfer Firehawk presets to Helix

  13. Kilrahi

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Steps 1 & 2 were for the DAW. Step three is in the HXS.
  14. mikeyg00

    The Mother of all Headphone Complaint Answers

    Bumping an old thread ... so I have qc15s, and on all my gear (axe fix, thr10, helix stomp, the volume is low and when I turn up even the slightest they distort. So if others are using them it's gotta be my patch levels? Seems strange that all 3 would be low. When I play through my atomic CLR, my levels are fine. Of course the CLR is rated for 500 watts I think
  15. janman01

    HX effects NO SIGNAL . Perfect Signal when unit is off

    Hi same thing. Update to 2.71 ==> no Sound ... I went crazy 'cause I thought it was my mistake.. Downgrade to 2.70 ==> works perfectly It looks like the 2.71 is not ok, therefore, why is it not just taken out from the download area or at least having a hint that Helix FX has issues with that 2.71 software version? By the way, just for support as I was also looking for "how to downgade": I just did that through Line6 Updater, download the software from the page (2.70), run Line6 Updater, chose the software and that's it ...very user friendly!!!
  16. Tury

    Firehawk FX 2019 updates!!!!!

    I would add to the “wish list”: - Fix the Bluetooth connectivity in iOS, it’s very annoying that FHFX looses the connection 8 seconds after the song has started. - Improve the tuner, please! It just need a little more to be really good: like turning the knob to get different tunings and/or MHz... - Give it chain freedom, why is it restricted? - Some of the “preset effects” have something wrong, if you try to use them they make the FHFX goes crazy (like incompatibility issues). - It has the USB connectivity already working, why don’t give us a Windows & OSX editor? You already have the Helix one, this could work in FHFX with it’s obvious limitations, right? Should not be rocket science. - You don’t have the money for development? Well, you have 2 options: you can charge us for the computer editor and extra amps/pedals/mics/ etc OR release the software as open source!!! I bet you there are LOTS of guys out there that could make a state of the art software (I’m sure nor Zoom or Roland will steal it). I have this pretty good hardware here with the FHFX and I am really sure it has enormous potential, let us have it or give or sell it to us! I, as a non professional player, am not interested in the Helix, it’s just too much, FX100 and FHFX opened a big market for Line 6, don’t let us down, please!!!
  17. Dave23

    HX Stomp as audio interface- setting?

    Thanks very much for the replies. I downloaded and installed the line6 driver for mac and playback is working perfectly. Thx for the info. the above settings for HXS? or DAW? (= 4 options/8 possible states... room for confusion....) 1st attempt did not work,but will dig deeper later... cheers, D
  18. Hi, I've got a Verbzilla pedal which misses all the four bolts in the back of the chassis. I've tried different sizes but no one fits in. Could someone tell me which kind of bolt/screw (shape, length, size, etc.) these pedals need? Thanks.
  19. amsdenj

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Any DAW plugin or Helix block has a sweet spot for its input. If you drive the block outside this sweet spot, it might function fine, but its effects might not be optimal for typical settings. If you drive the block too hard, it might introduce unintended distortion. This is particularly true of many Helix effect blocks like the Leslie blocks, that were designed for front of the amp use with guitar input levels, but are often used after the amp in Helix signal chains. We don’t know the input levels the blocks were designed for, so finding the sweet spot would take some experimenting. And of course under or over driving the block could produce exactly the sound you’re looking for, optimized or not. But I find keeping each block close to unity gain is a good safe starting point, and provides a simple way of normalizing patch volumes. It also provides more predictable results if you copy a block to other presets to reuse its settings - the expected input and output levels will be consistent. If you keep all blocks unity gain, and send the full XLR output to FOH, you’ll be sending a typical signal level that won’t result in any surprises at the mixing board. I use a DAW to set the block to unity gain by adjusting so the level is close to the same when the block is on or bypassed. But you can do this close enough by just listening. A fe dB isn’t going to make much difference. This will result in a pretty low level output from Helix. I keep my Powercab+ volume maxed out, and run Helix master (digital) output around 1-3 o-clock. This gives all the stage volume I need. I like the low output from Helix because this helps make sure there’s no potential for digital clipping at the A2D or D2A converters.
  20. zooey

    HIRB, a Helix IR Browser

    HIRB is now up on GitHub. Not a huge revelation, since it's just the HTML, JS, CSS, and img files you get when you browse to it, but at least it's there, and open for pull requests, issues, etc.. I don't promise to jump right on whatever you folks come up with, but still. Hope it's still useful too :)
  21. silverhead

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    You speak of comparing the XT, X3 and HD only in terms of the number and type of FX. You may also want to consider the quality of the modeling and resulting sounds. The POD HD series is clearly better in that regard than the XT and X3 which are both based on older modeling technology. I would choose the POD HD with fewer but better quality amps and FX over the XT/X3 with more but inferior models.
  22. I am trying to use my flextone duo effects loop but when I plug in the TRS cables into an effect through the effects loop, it goes from playing on both speakers to one speaker. Same with headphones if I have the headphones plugged in while using the effects loop. If I plug a TRS cable into the send and directly into the receive it works on both speakers. What am i doing wrong or is this by design?
  23. Yes, when playing through an external amp, the models seem to have the same "fidelity" as the magnetic pickups. However - when I listened using a pair of decent headphones (Shure SRH940) I immediately heard the difference. Some models were better than others - the single coils seemed to suffer the most for sound quality but the 12 string "anomalies" stood out more as well.
  24. codamedia

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    This is a great thread... thanks @DunedinDragon for your tests and insight into this.
  25. BillDutton

    HX Stomp...Why Does it Shut Off Randomly?

    Thanks for the follow up - looks like I'll be contacting Sweetwater and using their top shelf customer service.
  26. codamedia

    HELIX STOMP CONNECTION ISSUE (lack of digital I/O)

    Why won't it? Plug the 1/4" outputs to the inputs on the back of the Apollo.... if it clips, turn down the output of the stomp, or turn down the input on the Apollo until the clipping stops. There is no reason it won't sound great! If you are going to the computer with the Apollo... it IS the digital conversion. IMO: Don't complicate matters with a pointless digital device in the chain... just hook it up as I suggest above and let the Apollo do the conversion. You bought a device without a SPDIF out... that means you have to use the 1/4" outs. It's not a big deal, and it will sound just as good one you get the input levels set. The only real difference is that you can't take advantage of the SPDIF input on your Apollo. Keep in mind the STOMP is also an audio interface of it's own. If you want to record the guitar completely in the digital realm the only way is to go direct from the stomp to the computer via USB.
  27. joel_brown

    POD HD Desktop VS POD XT+add-on packs

    I have the PODHD Desktop. They're harder to find since they don't make them anymore. But if you do find one they're less expensive. The only feature the PODHD Desktop doesn't have is the ability to have FX sends and returns in it's chain. I've never needed it because it does everything I need with it's own effects.
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