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  2. JimGordon

    Help! I messed up my Helix!

    Maybe one of your cords was shorting out and it started working again due to you shifting the position? I feel I've had pretty crap luck with guitar cables, and one thing I've noticed is that if a cord has an issue, if it's not the kind of problem where it buzzes horribly and loudly, it's usually a situation where the signal futzes out and becomes extra weak.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I realized that the POD HD had the assignments in that manual instead of the FBV3. It was right there in front of my eyes, but wasnt expecting it to be there. lol Thanks again!.
  4. JimGordon

    Helix into Valve Amp

    Using an amp/cab block into a real amp is not a non-starter per se; I can safely say that in spite of some increased noise, if the amp is clean enough, you can get a pretty good sound. However, you'll need to completely adjust the patches to dial it in for whatever amp you are using for output. The factory presets are obviously engineered for DI use....
  5. tecboy

    POD HD500 straight into a Mixer

    This is exactly what we want to accomplish. Would you mind explaining the "In ear" Scenario. My partner and I do a small act, my pod hd pro x out xlr to 2 channels panned on the mixer. My partner uses his gt100 basically the same way. Im trying to grasp the way I should run the "In ear's". I have 2 seperate that we want to start using. Are these 2 units simply split from a seperate output on the mixer. I am assuming we will hear the exact same thing from whatever output I am using. Im even curious as I speak about it, am i using the headphone out split to the 2 "in ears"? Or is there a better way t run it? Thanks in advance. Tec
  6. rvroberts

    Helix Native and OSX / Logic

    I use MainStage. I thought mainstage came with Logic? I'm sure that's where I got it. It's very useful because you have other tools like EQ to replace the Helix global EQ which you are going to need to get a good sound through your speakers. And you could use a midi pedal board through MainStage
  7. JimGordon

    Tone Sovereign - wow

    I think the Tone Sovereign might be the most versatile of the distortion/overdrive pedal models. 2 stackable gain stages, each with 3 modes, 2 tone controls for each, a voltage control, and a fairly natural type of drive that can still instill its own character into whatever amp model is used. I've found myself using this one A LOT more than I expected. Oh, and not having a 2 year wait time to buy one is pretty nifty, too.
  8. SaschaFranck

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    What kinda cab are you playing your amp through right now?
  9. amsdenj

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    I have used a Roland AC90 with Helix for rehearsals and jams. It sounds reasonable and is pretty convenient. But Its too small to use for most gigs, at least those that have a drummer.
  10. ledvedder5150

    Guys who have gone from all tube amp to all digital. Opinions?

    Ok, so I really need someone to help me pull the trigger. I've played tube amps my entire life. Do I get the Helix to replace my HX Effects and continue using it in 4cm with my 5150 head? Do I get a standalone power amp to use the Helix with my existing cab? Do I just go all out and get the Helix and some sort of FRFR like a Headrush 112? I sometimes play out at places that don't have FOH.
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  12. devgop

    Is variax dead?

    By the way the serial number of the JTV59 I just got is W190101_ _ On other threads they say that this indicates it was made on 1 Jan 2019. Is this correct? The shop told me that this was just made in Sept.
  13. Correct. Just the Modern, that was my mistake. And yes, SS frets for sure. I love them as well. And yes, I will for sure get the neck with no holes. My only real question/purpose for this post was to find out of the hole in the Line 6 body will be in line with the side adjustment (Gotoh Box) or will I be able to drill without hitting it. From the answer above it looks like there is room. Thanks.
  14. Hi expert users, I am successfully using the UX8 to record multiple channels simultaneously as intended. I am using Powertracks pro 2019 multitrack software. My issue is getting some sort of level monitoring for the input signal strength within the software. Powertracks has a VU meter that seems to work for tracks one or 2 cant seem to set it to other tracks. IIn the ASIO drivers set up for UX8 which is accessed within the PT software the UX8 has a spot where you can set hardware to monitor channnels in pairs i.e. 1/2 3/4/ etc however it only works on the 1/2/ setting, any other settings the meters dont see any signal even though i know it is there as Im recording it. Anyone have experience with this?
  15. Kilrahi - not quite sure I got it to work yet. Sounds a bit thin (maybe because I try on low vol.). I made path A with Uni-vibe and delay and path B with drive and delay. Some delay from path A is heard on path B even with path B's delay turned off. Otherwise it seems to work so the dirt morphs in and Uni-vibe is out. Has to try on higher volumes to determine if it is good or bad.
  16. Meiannatee - yes, but I would like one path (clean with effects) to volume down to zero while the other path (dirty with effects) volumes up by pressing the expression pedal.
  17. codamedia

    Tap tempo and LED is not synchronised

    This took some getting used to after using an X3 and HD500 for many years prior to the Helix. The Helix doesn't tie the light to the same clock so it will not stay in sync. Certainly not a deal breaker for me, but it does seem like such a silly oversight.
  18. RiggerOne - do you remember the name of it?
  19. devgop

    Is variax dead?

    The new JTV59 Ebony fret-board.
  20. RobLewis

    Problem with pedal and sound output: POD X3 Live

    I bought the foam tube from Full Compass and installed it. No change. For some reason the unit thinks that the foot pedal is always in the heel position. I just saw another unit on eBay being sold for parts. It seems to have the same problem with the foot pedal. Maybe a weak spot in the design?
  21. phil_m

    Helix tuner in regards to delay and reverb trails

    Activating the tuner stops all audio processing. I think the issue is that running the tuner itself uses some DSP, so they probably just can't make it so the audio keeps on processing because the additional DSP load from the tuner would put some presets that are close to the DSP over the edge. I guess they could possible make it so that only Path 2 keeps processing (assuming the tuner is using the Path 1 processor). But that would mean the Path 1 and Path 2 would have different DSP capacities.
  22. silverhead

    Helix tuner in regards to delay and reverb trails

    Actually I believe the tuner is placed at the very beginning of the signal chain, for best accuracy, and can't be changed. I don't believe the manual specifies this but it makes most sense. Why try to tune at the end of the signal chain and have to contend with various FX like Stomp, filter, and mod? Best to deal with the raw input signal. I believe the problem you are having is with the tuner's Output setting - specifically Mute. This setting prevents the signal from leaving the tuner block, whether it is at the beginning or end of the chain.
  23. phil_m

    Tap tempo and LED is not synchronised

    Are you running the latest firmware? This came up a long time ago, but I'm pretty sure it was dealt with in a firmware update. Even after that , though, the tap tempo LED and the actual tempo are not running off the same clock, so they may drift a bit over time.
  24. 886343

    Tap tempo and LED is not synchronised

    I am having the exact same issue! I posted this the other day - https://line6.com/support/topic/52057-hx-fx-tap-tempo-flashing-light/
  25. hurghanico

    POD HD and my amp...

    I'm not going to suggest any specific brand of audio interfaces and monitors/speakers.. There are so many that could be chosen. All can I say is that nowdays an external and minimal audio interface could cost about 100 bucks new, but you can easily find used ones for much less, just first check carefully that its drivers are still updated to work with your PC current OS. There are basically 2 main paths which could be followed, which one depending on: 1 - if you want to record your performances by micing the tube amp 2 - if you want just to jam along the jam tracks without recording Case 1 (recording) is more complex because you need to mic (yes, you need also a mic) the real tube amp, and the miced signal should go into an external interface (you need one) and then recorded in a recording software (DAW). Case 2 (just jamming along, no recording) is much simpler, since the jam tracks playback could be simply managed by your PC with its integrated sound card connected to some decent speakers/monitors, better their quality/power and better the results of course. And your guitar connected to the POD in turn connected to the RETURN of the tube amp. All that said it's worth mentioning that when recording, a miced tube amp hardly will sound better than any of the available full models, which have been captured in a professional way and are ready to use especially for recording. The beautiful amp in the room full feeling never gets tranferred in a recording. Whatever you do live, when you listen to a recording what you'll hear is always a miced sound (real or modeled) which even if resembles the original one (if you used the real amp) is still different in its own way. Funny example: if I record a message in an answering machine anyone who knows me well can immediately recognize that it is me, but my voice still sounds quite different live (fortunately in this case, I would say).. How many times your voice have been recorded, and then listening back you had the reaction: but that's really me? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  26. phil_m

    Effect On Off Switches Reversing

    You can't have two footswitches controlling the same parameter... You can have a parameter assigned to a footswitch and then have that parameter's values change per snapshot, but you've always only been able to have controller per parameter.
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