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  2. I would suggest that you read this - may be it could be the reason for the problem Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite cannot sign in. If this is causing you so much trouble, then the easiest thing to do is not try to run the update over the internet and do a local install, by downloading the stuff you need and using the Line 6 Updater Utility. First you will need the HX Edit v2.92 software, then the Helix LT v 2.92 Flash Memory Bundle. O.K. go to the "DOWNLOADS" menu at the top of this page and from "-ALL HARDWARE-" select Helix LT, then leave the "-ALL SOFTWARE-" as is, now select Mac OS X from under the "-ALL OS-" tab. from the next page you can select Helix/HX Firmware 2.92 Flash Memory, then below that you will need the HX Edit 2.92. Now scroll further down the page a grab Line 6 Updater version 1.9. Download all these bits to your Mac( they need to be installed in the Line 6 folder inside your Applications Folder). If as you say this a new Helix LT , unless you have made some presets that you wish to keep then they need to be backed up using HX Edit prior to updating the Firmware. If everything if fine then proceed to next step. Ensure that you have your LT connected to the Mac by USB cable and launch the Updater Utility and select "Offline Mode". Your LT and current firmware version should show in the window, click on the dark green coloured band and you should now have the option to select a local file - point it at the Flash Memory file you down loaded and let it get on with the update. Hope this helps/makes sense
  3. Ciao, Vai qui e scarica il foglio di calcolo Excel, che mostra tutte le aggiunte ai modelli negli aggiornamenti del firmware. Spero che questo ti aiuti.
  4. After 2 decades of Variax, and one decade of James Tyler and Standard Variax around the same motherboard, I hope that Line 6 soon comes with a brand new Variax motherboard and new guitar "platforms". This guitar modelling technology has endless possibilities within its "concept", and together with a "sustainer" it could easily become an instrument to play about ANY INSTRUMENT SOUND one could imagine (cello, organ, ... you name it). If you added a software like the "Antares Guitar Auto-Tune" to the package, Line 6 would have a series of instruments DECADES ahead of the rest of the industry. Imagine coupling such a new design to an extended version of the Helix, and any type of musical instrument could come out of your rig at the flip of a switch or the push of a button on the peadalboard, with the "feeling" and the "touch" that no other platform can produce ... other platforms like keyboards in most cases, which always sound somewhat "sterile", compared to guitars with all their vibrato and pick or finger technique possibilities. I played some synth guitars, but none of them really sounded good ... a new Variax motherboard could forever change the game and bring these synth or modelled sounds to life.
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  6. Problem solved. Went to My Account and deauthorised a couple of things I no longer have and was then able to authorise Helix Native. All seems rather silly and unnecessary.
  7. Thanks @DunedinDragon .... I did that, got the latest HX Edit and connected up the Helix, turned it on and started HX Edit. The Helix shows up in the edit app. The instructions say to click 'check for updates', so I do this. It says, 'sign in is required', so I sign in. It says 'cannot connect to server, make sure this computer is connected to the internet, which it is'. I try 'forgot username' and it takes me to a new browser window which says 'you are already signed in'. So ... ????
  8. I have bee using years Line 6 rack with my DAW with out any problems. Now suddenly (didnt even no any update) it only founds HX Stomp for a driver to my rack (I have never even own HX Stomp) I tried to install new Helix rack drivers but nothing happens, all I get it this HX Stomp and I cant revord anythinh. very weird and I dont have any solution to thi. Ane idea, anybody what happening?
  9. Yesterday I purchased Helix Native. Today I installed it for the first time. When I clicked on the button to authorise my computer, I was told that although I had a valid licence I had reached my maximum number of authorisations. Any thoughts?
  10. Hm, ok, didn't know this was about arrangements and such as well (I thought it was a plain sound issue). With two overplaying keyboarders, things are really getting tough. Anyway, in that case, I highly recommend to just listen to the keyboards and try to find your space. Basically, this can happen tonally, frequency-wise and rhythmically. In each of these areas, you have several options at your disposal. Keyboarders playing huge chords? Fine, go for way smaller chord structures. Triads work pretty well quite often, especially as you can play inversions all over the neck with ease. But maybe you'll even have to reduces yourself to double stops or single notes. Again, these can be played all over the neck, so in case the keyboards are covering the lower registers, go way up to, say, 10th position and above. Are you allowed to rock out using, say, powerchords a little? Fine too, because this is where you can really set yourself apart from keyboarders. Using a marshall-esque type of amp will help you to cut through. Are the keyboards covering the low and high end? Try to find your frequency spot in the midrange area. What's going on rhythmically? This always requires special attention. Apart from fat riffs and directed/organized spots (such as accents and stops) there's zero need to double a rhythm played by a keyboarder. Rather go for something complementary. In case they're playing quarternote based stuff, go for 8th notes inbetween. In case they're playing busy stuff, play less (and vice versa). In case they're playing long sustained chords, go for something more accented. Etc. Oh, and talk to the guys. "Are you going to play that line? Otherwise I could". Stuff like that. And fwiw, as has been said already, even if pretty much each and every P&W player wants to sell you their "washed delay/verb" patches 'n tricks, especially with two keyborders you might be better off using less effects. Keep those for the moments when you're exposed. In a full mix, they'll either get lost or help to create an undefined mess.
  11. This doesn't have anything to do with your error, but you need to read the update notes and follow the directions for updating precisely. You don't start by downloading the Helix updater. You start by downloading and running the appropriate version of HX Edit. That will download all the necessary components and walk you through the process. Otherwise all bets are off as to whether you'll have a successful upgrade.
  12. Honestly it's very hard to make recommendations without knowing what style of church music you're playing. Most of the more modern praise style songs are very formulaic and often are lead by a lead guitar intro theme and the guitar lays back with palm muting during most of the verses just adding some slight fills between vocal phrases, and then becomes heavier with more push during the chorus. Then the bridge will have it's own feel mostly made up of slower strummed techniques or arpeggios. If everyone is doing their jobs correctly and staying out of each others way EQ is seldom if ever an issue. If you're doing more classic gospel that's a whole different set of techniques and the same with more of the rock based christian music. My advice to anyone whether they're playing in a church band or a conventional band is to let the original recording be your guide. You really don't need to invent much and whatever you might invent is not likely to be better than what the original producer of the song came up with, so just follow his lead.
  13. I think you have to let the song determine things like that rather than pre-determining them. I have used some marshall amp models in praise songs, but more for songs that need a big push in dynamics in which case I'll have a cleaner boutique amp like the Archetype Clean through most of the song and then when the bigger buildup happens, normally in a chorus, I'll switch over to the Marshall. But Marshalls aren't really known for their sparkling cleans which is what you need through most of the song. Probably the best thing you can do for yourself is get rid of the single amp for all performances paradigm and open yourself up to "what does THIS song need" and make your decisions based on that. This is where the Helix REALLY shines.
  14. Hi I've tried all of them. 1-2 and 3-4. In reaper. In the pod the only choice you get is either guitar or channel 3-4 Theres only so many changes you can make and I've tried them all. In desperation I went back to my komplete audio Interface and plugged Pod go into that. It worked fine but that's not how it's supposed to work and it's a bit limiting.
  15. HI all, I've just got a Helix, so the first thing I want to do is update the firmware, so I downloaded the latest Updater, but when I try to run it, and enter my username and password, I get: "The operation couldn't be completed. (NSURLErrorDomain error -1202). I'm running Yosemite on Mac Pro
  16. OK. Thanks. Sounds like the best option if I want to utilize the full range of the Helix is to get an FRFR speaker. I have an opportunity to get an Headrush FRFR-112, in good shape for 230 USD/ 210 Euro. Good deal?
  17. I put one in at random last night on my go to sound and it was much better than the stock cab which I was more or less happy with! I'll import all the summary's and go from there. I think that's part of the problem (in a way with modelling as a whole.) You can spend hours changing sounds and go round in circles! So many files in the bundle..
  18. I'm guessing the Fender Retrofit 1 5/8" 12 radius?
  19. Does anyone know which Earvana nut I would use on a JTV-69?
  20. Probably best to start with the files in the Summary folder (and then the "L" files). I usually end up using either the SS, M+ or DK files. Have fun!
  21. I had the same problem: HX Edit always worked fine, but then I installed Helix Native, and whils scanning for new Plug-Ins in Reaper this message came up: Then I opend Virus-Protection / Windows-Security and turned off every protection. Then started Reaper again and scanning was no problem... Then you can turn on virus protection again. I just did that 5 minutes ago. Hope it everything will work fine tomorrow. Good Luck!
  22. You can import from HX Edit and highlight multiple IRs in your file system. If you prefer you can drag and drop them from your file system into consecutive slot(s) starting with the IR slot you select(hover over) in HX Edit's 'Impulses' tab.
  23. Go to the Live Sound/Relay forum and read about it to your heart's content... it'll take you a while to get through it all. Bring a sandwich...
  24. Other path I am taking, is to explore lead lines and accenting that are in the higher frequencies, just get out of the midrange when I can but it still needs to fit the song
  25. thank you one question how do you feel about possibly using the marshall amp models to get more midrange push ? Great feedback on EQ, I have been looking at the parametric EQ more lately and that does seem promising. You along with others that have responded are on to where my current thinking, to simplify things a bit and go less on mix in terms of reverb and delay. I have been downloading patches from various sites and some of them are great in my room but don't translate well in the mix, so yeah, going to simplify around compression, EQ, slight reverb and delay, and as you suggest boost and minimal OD.
  26. So this is EXACTLY the issue the two keyboard players both overplay WAY too much and it's like they don't listen to the video of the artist at all
  27. Thank you, yeah this is kind of where my head is now, I love the big guitar sound of some P&W bands but I am going to dial it back on the reverb and delays and just go for simplier approach
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