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  3. frankdeath

    Line 6 With Linux?

    Can you elaborate on how to configure jack to work with the HX stomp? I don't understand how it can work if it doesn't work with ALSA...
  4. amsdenj

    How to get just a boost before an amp model?

    Try using Derailed Ingrid. Trainwreck is similar to Bassman but with more gain. Its a great amp for HX Stomp since you can get great distortion tones by just attaching a few parameters to a footswitch (amp drive, bass, presence, cab high/low cut, etc.) without having to use any distortion blocks.
  5. amsdenj

    Helix floor into Logic Pro monitoring

    You could also use Audio/MIDI Setup to create an aggregate device.
  6. gregm1948

    USB port issue

    I just got a use Helix and everything was going fine til I tried to hook up to the iMac via USB. The USB cable does not fit snugly into the port on the machine. In fact, it dangles downwards. I tried 3 other cables so that's not the issue. It is so loose that it won't connect with the computer at all. I've tried holding it in place with no success. I do have a ticket into Line 6 but I hope maybe someone here has experience with this and has a solution!
  7. shindigvev

    pedal volume

    i just purchased a spider iv 150 and fbv express mk2. I've noticed when the pedal is in the zero or lowest volume position most channels have no volume but there are some channels where there is sound and the pedal has no control over it in what ever position it is in. my question is how do i edit this problem. thanx vinny
  8. silverhead

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    You're right - there's really no point in doing that unless you want two presets with the same snapshots in a different order. It was just an example of something that could be done - useful or not.That's why I said "If you actually want the target preset to exactly match the source preset...." . I think I was trying to drive home the point that it makes no useful sense to copy/paste snapshots between presets. Perhaps a bad example.
  9. raispak

    Helix floor into Logic Pro monitoring

    Check sample rates - should be the same on all devices and Logic project settings.
  10. gary9605

    very green spider jam Trumpeter help, advice, ideas?

    I think ( least I hope) this is what you are trying to do. Check out this user guide and take a look at page 10 "Setting Guitar Tones Presets" https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d8a7c507ef921e9d44/application/pdf/Spider Jam Pilot's Guide - English ( Rev I ).pdf
  11. codamedia


    Page 41 of the HX Stomp manual... "Global Settings > Preferences > Tempo Pitch" The options are "authentic" or "transparent"... you want transparent if you don't want any surprises when changing the tap tempo, or changing the tempo via snapshots.
  12. jakubdabros

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    Thank you very much for all of your suggestions. I will check every single setting once again. If the problem won't resolve I'll try to make photos of my configuration
  13. CurtisUlin69

    Updated to 2.81, having issues powering up

    So I got a new HX Stomp last night, powered it up and plugged into my laptop (new MacBook Pro) and updated from 2.65 to 2.81 following all the instructions from line 6. The factory preset names disappeared, but the presets themselves stayed, and it’s been having problems freezing up and is having difficulty powering up all the way from being turned off. I have done the factory reset (holding switches 2 & 3 while powering up) and sometimes that helps but now I can’t even get it to do the factory reset. Seems to be powering on when I hold the “page right” (>) button while powering up. Anybody else having these issues?
  14. rd2rk

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Well, yes, like I said, you can copy/paste a snapshot WITHIN that preset, but not from one preset to another, which is what OP wanted to do. I could be lacking in imagination, but unless all you want is identical presets with the snapshots in a different order, what would be the point of copying the preset then copy/pasting a snapshot within it, apart from a different snapshot order from the original? Not being snarky, just wondering, maybe learn something new.....
  15. Hi ! MASSIVE ISSUES finally addressed here. bought M20d used from very reputable dealers. Past warranty but line 6 has been willing for me to send it to them. However boxing and shipping is not appealing if won’t solve issue in long run. Main output LEFT volume SHOWS signal on mixer. BUT no volume comes out virtually brand new Stage Source Line 6 speakers. Have tested both speakers . They are NOT the problem. Left volume does not come out even though display shows signal. these posts with solutions are old. Can anyone please comment on whether this is still an issue? also, volume on inputs using various Shure 58 mics is way less than it should be even when a crank gain and volume. Mics are not the problem. https://line6.com/support/profile/1877774-wersonnst/ wesonnst are you still there? Anyone?
  16. silverhead

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Not sure what didn’t work. If you copied/pasted the preset first then copied/pasted a snapshot within the newly pasted preset (which is what I suggested), that should work. But if you copied the snapshot from the original preset then it still won’t paste into the newly copied preset even though they are identical. Helix doesn’t bother comparing the two presets- it just refuses the paste.
  17. rd2rk

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Actually, I thought that sounded logical so I tried it. Didn't work.
  18. phil_m

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    Oh, yeah, that's correct. I forgot about that setting.
  19. silverhead

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    You can't copy/paste snapshots between presets. Each snapshot exists within a single preset defined by its blocks, signal paths, and routing. Consider the target/destination preset of your attempt to paste a snapshot. In your case, compare preset 1D to 4B. 4B is almost certainly different from 1D in terms of blocks. Hence the source snapshot doesn't 'fit' the target and can't be pasted into it. If you actually want the target preset to exactly match the source preset, then copy/paste the source preset (not snapshot) 1D to 4B first and then copy/paste the snapshot within 4B.
  20. rd2rk

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Only works WITHIN a preset, and you'll want to make sure that your snapshots are custom named, because Snapshot 1 will paste as Snapshot 1, then you'll have 2 Snapshot 1s!
  21. rbedsaul1

    How to Copy / Paste a Snapshot?

    Using my PC, I'm trying to copy a Snapshot from 1 Bank of user presets into another. For example... I want to copying Preset 01D Snapshot 4 and paste it into Preset 04B Snapshot 1. I'm using the Snapshot > Copy Snapshot menu. Then I open the paste location, but the option to Paste Snapshot is grayed out.
  22. rd2rk

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    I'm pretty sure there's a misunderstanding here. I checked the Docs for both Helix Floor and LT, and near as I can tell, the Global setting for "USB 1/2 Destination" works the same way on both. As described in my previous post, USB 1/2 can be sent to EITHER 1/4" OR XLR OR MULTI. This should allow directing his click track to XLR only, as I did with my backing track.
  23. rd2rk

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    This is what I did. I loaded a backing track (audio is audio) to a track in Reaper and set that track to Master Out (USB 1/2). The track and Master Outs in Reaper at 0.0db (unity). Helix - Global Settings - Ins/Outs "USB 1/2 Destination" is set to XLR. Helix (Floor) Master Out (BIG KNOB) set to 1/4" (Unity Gain to XLR), 1/4" Out connected to my tube amp (Egnator - Master at 2/3) FX Return. XLR connected to powered speaker (FRFR112 - the board in your configuration). With the FRFR112 Volume OFF there's no sound from EITHER the Egnator or FRFR112. As I turn up the Volume on the FRFR112 I hear the track from Reaper on the FRFR112, nothing on the Eganator. My Helix preset's Output Block is set to !/4" Out, and when I play I hear the guitar from the Egnator ONLY - NOT the FRFR112. Thus my conclusion that there's no leakage between the XLR and 1/4" Outs.
  24. soundog

    Make Helix Native run on IPadOS

    You've shattered his dreams — he may never be the same. But he had to face the truth sometime....
  25. I just had same issue, factory reset and lost unsaved presets
  26. WFSinger

    G10 Doesn't Sync

    Greetings, I am new to forums and I could use some help. I have used my G10 without issue for a few years now. I don't play out, just in my home studio. I recently disconnected all my equiptment to build an amp wall. After a couple of weeks, I plugged my G10 back in and inserted the transmitter so it could charge. The receiver lit white and the transmitter blinked green. The next day the transmitter was solid green. I tried to use it and immediately began experiencing problems. when I plugged into my guitar I could play literally one note and then nothing. The transmitter would blink red and the receiver would pulse white indicating no signal from the transmitter. I read a number of forum entries about firmware updates, so I updated the unit with 1.04 I believe and tried again with the same result. I can take the transmitter from the receiver, plug it into my guitar get my one note and then again, nothing. I read about batteries not charging so even though all indications were that my battery was charging, I purchased a new transmitter. I plugged it into my receiver, let it fully charge and updated the firmware. Imagine my dismay when I plugged it into my guitar with the same result! I also tried numerous guitars, all of which used to work with the G10, no luck. Is there anyone out there who can help me
  27. frankencat

    External tempo sync causing glitches in delays

    IS this setting available on HX Stomp?
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