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  3. The reviews on the Sweetwater site for the HeadRush were revealing...I learned a lot there.
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll try going the snapshot route. I had my first band rehearsal with the stomp yesterday, and while the sound was amazing (though some tweaking is still needed), I did notice the pause when switching presets between stuff like verse and chorus patches.
  5. My Helix is allowing a signal through my tuner all of the sudden where it wasn't before hand. Nothing was changes settings wise. I tried restarting the unit and the problem persists. Any thoughts on what is happening here?
  6. phil_m

    Expression pedal bug

    I believe this bug was one of the ones they covered when they released the 2.82 firmware. I've not really read any other reports of it with the 2.82 update, and given the nature of it, I imagine it would be everywhere now - especially since 2.82 has been out for almost six months now. Did you do perform a factory reset after updating?
  7. Surely the test you did excludes the computer and the driver installed. Also try swapping the L and R cables to make sure none of them are defective, and if you use jack adapters remember that they too can stop working well. I also recommend to do a Global Reset, or to reset even more deeply do a firmware reinstallation/reflashing followed by a Global Reset. (But remember to save your POD patches to your computer first.) Pod HD Series Reset Procedures (FYI, a global reset should always be done after every firmware update to avoid strange unexpected device behaviors, such as what happened suddenly to yours, so if the last time you installed the firmware you didn't, this could be the reason for your problem ). If the problem persists even after the reset, then all that remains is to take the POD to an authorized technician to repair it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  8. Being an HX Stomp user, another issue you may run into is that changing Presets can cause the audio to drop out completely in the middle of your performance. The only way to get sound back is to turn the Stomp on and then off again. It is a known issue on these forums, although I have yet to see a fix. Most Stomp users, including myself, that have had the problem seem to report it happens while changing Presets. So using Snapshots might be the more reliable approach at the moment. (and, make sure you still have sound after switching Presets in between songs)
  9. I thought I had this solved by creating a new setlist instead of adding my presets to the default preset setlist. Hadn't had a sound drop in months, until today during rehearsal. Again it happened immediately after switching a preset during a song. I opened a support ticket with Line 6. I see various other threads describing a similar problem, so hopefully they have a fix for it by now. Until then, I am going to transition to using SNAPSHOTS ONLY for scene changes within a single song. Not sure if that is a viable workaround, but I don't think I've ever had the problem when switching snapshots. Sucks because there are a few songs in our set where I like a completely different amp model for clean vs. high gain, which means using preset banks rather than just snapshots. Would love to know if anybody else above has received a response or fix from Line 6 on this. If there is no solution, I will unfortunately have to give up the Stomp for something else. I think I will put a deposit on Neural DSP quad cortex just in case. EDIT: Just read in another thread that you can have more than one Amp block in a straight (i.e. un-split) Preset signal path, which I did not realize before. Therefore, it is still possible to have two different amps in a Preset and use snapshots to switch between them. However, it uses a lot of DSP, so you may find your choices for the second Amp(+Cab) are limited. And, of course, with only 6 blocks available on the stomp, you'll need to be creative/economical with effects. Still, IF this bug only occurs when switching Presets, this might be the best workaround for reliable live use.
  10. Hey everyone - i just updated to 2.8.2 tonight and noticed this bug is still there. I was hoping it would be fixed by now. Is there any other workaround so far or is this a bug for everyone. This is really a big one for me. Especially for wah effects i want across all my snapshots. Thanks!
  11. If you are obsessed with renaming HX Stomp Snapshots so they actually mean something .... or ... you're determined to outwit whoever decided this wasn't important for HX Stomp users, but for Helix Floor users - "yes, we'll let you rename snapshots" ... or .... After a "bit" of trial & error (.hlx file scheme is a bit wonky!), I've deciphered how to do this ... it's easy (ish) To help you out, I've attached an "rtf" format file as an example. To check out the rtf file you'll need a text editor that supports this common format. It's rtf format so I could HIGHLIGHT AND BOLD IN RED where the snapshot names are, along with the preset name that will be displayed in HX Edit on the Stomp. Also attached is the .hlx file with renamed snapshots if you want to import it into HX Edit for reference. You will have to export each preset you want to rename the snapshots for You will have to use a basic text editor to edit each .hlx file There are restrictions on how many characters in a snapshot and preset name, the attached sample file contains the max number of characters that will be displayed in HX Edit or on the Stomp Order of snapshots in the .hlx file DOES NOT match order of snapshots as seen in HX Edit i.e. "Snapshot 2" in HX Edit is not second snapshot you'll come across in the .hlx file How To: Open the .hlx file in your text editor Find/replace the snapshot names and/or the preset name, using the attached files as a guide Save file, keeping .hlx extension Import .hlx file into HX Edit Done! Cheers! Ken 2CH 2Guitars Template.hlx 2CH 2Guitars Template colors.rtf
  12. Thank you guys for your help. Something that helped a little was lowering the volume on my studio monitors and raising the volume on the stomp. I will be getting my hands on a new sss type guitar.
  13. Think of it as three levels of control: presets for individual songs, snapshots for specific sections within a song and stomp footswitches for controlling effects in a song section. Presets have the advantage that they can have completely different signal paths, blocks and parameters, as well as a set of snapshots. They have the disadvantage of having to maintain a lot of them, a brief pause in sound while the preset loads (so switch them between songs) and no ability to have reverb or delay tails across presets. Snapshots have the advantage of being able to instantly change up to 64 parameters in a patch with a single footswitch, no pause in sound and reverb and delay tails are preserved. Snapshots have the disadvantage of not being able to combine things from two different snapshots live (you can't have two snapshots on at the same time), and you can't change the signal path or blocks. Stomp footswitches have the advantage that you can as many as 8 things (bypass, parameter min/max values) on a single footswitch and any combination of up to 10 switches - controlling the stacking of effects - within a single patch or snapshot. This gives a tremendous amount of flexibility and combinations of tones on 10 switches, just like a traditional pedalboard. Use presets if you like to create a different sound for each song. Use snapshots if you like to control your tones in different sections of a song. Use stomp footswitches if you have your own sound, and want complete control of the combination of effects you want on at any time, for any song, or any section of a song. I pretty much use one preset for a whole gig. I have a few presets that are song specific because they require something odd that wouldn't be in by typical setup. I use snapshots in my goto preset for changing variax open tunings. And I use a combination of Helix and HX Effects together to give me the footswitches I need to control the effects I use most of the time. The beauty of Helix is that all these different operational setups are easily supported, allowing each of us to optimize our setup for our individual needs.
  14. I am trying to get my line 6 monkey to install the driver updates, but they aren't working. they download but the launch window for installing them always fails to pop up and then it sends me to their website for a launcher, but I cant find it. (sorry if this makes little sense, im not used to this kind of stuff for my gear) what can I do to get my drivers up to date for my gear??
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hi, Ive recently dug my Pod XT our from the cupboard as I’m making a concerted effort at getting back into guitar playing. Im running it through my KRK monitors and it sounds great, but when I’m playing late at night I’m trying it through my headphones. I’ve tried some Bose headphones, Senheisser and some Shure IEM’s...the XT sounds way compressed, honkey and crappy. Like absolutely terrible. Does anyone have any experience with this and/ or a solution please? I wasn’t sure if the X3 or HD500 are any better. Please help!!
  17. I'm having a frustrating issue with the helix command center sending program changes to my Voicelive. For each patch on the helix I have a different preset loaded on the VoiceLive. I don't want this to change between snapshots. The duplicate PC send is OFF. However, when I switch between snapshot 1 and any other snapshot (not between the others - eg. snapshot 2 to 3 doesn't do this) it still resends the program change telling the voicelive which preset to be on. I wouldn't mind this normally however the voicelive cuts the guitar for a split second while itresets the preset. Not something I want in a live setting as I switch snapshots frequently during songs. If anyone has had this happen I'd like to know if there's a solution. I had this issue on 2.8 and its still present in 2.82. Would rather not downgrade further and lose the Revv amp which I use a lot. Thanks!
  18. I purchased an ux1 the other day and I've still not been able to get my mic to connect. I previously had a behringer um2 and it worked perfectly fine with my at2035 and still does. I've already checked my input on the mixer and yes it's set to mic 1. I've looked all over and haven't found an answer so please help.
  19. emagli - Thanks for sharing, very helpful! I love my V:25! That’s why the conundrum over a change. I stopped playing out recently, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have two rigs, but then again.... JLondon - Thanks! I’ve been looking at the Powercab and it would be a contender vs a powered speaker for sure. Please post back with your findings after you A/B them. THAT would be extremely helpful!
  20. Helix uses TS cable Not TRS cable............ at 10K ohms........
  21. I have tested the POD without connecting to the PC and it does the same, the left speaker practically does not sound. I have also tried another PC and the same, so it is the POD that fails right?
  22. @rd2rk, I'm with you on this.....
  23. is your katana the MKII version or the older one the new one has power amp in jack direct to power amp.....
  24. Wiring: Guitar>Helix Input>Effects>FX Loop L Block>Helix Send L (TIP)>Amp Input>Amp FX Loop Send>Helix Return L/MONO>Effects>Helix Left/Mono Out>Amp FX Loop Return Attached is a sample preset. FS2 switches between the Katana Preamp (LED lit), and the Stomp JTM45 Amp+Cab. You can experiment with A+C, Amp only, and Preamp. Different amp models will give different sounds. I chose A+C because when I had a Katana, I found that this sounded best. YMMV. kaybee64.hlx
  25. Just got the stomp and have tried running it into the boss Katana 100 212 direct and 4cm tones are worse than the amp put out stand alone i must be missing something anyone have an idea what might be causing this i am new to this so please be kind all the patches i have tried sound really poor amp is set on acoustic or clean with all eq and prescence at 12o clock
  26. Hi all --- A friend demoed PC/PC+ for me, and I'm thinking of switching, but I have one question that I can't find answered anywhere. (I've spend many hours looking...really!) I've been using a Helix with the 4-cable method with my old amp to get an effects loop, but I can't find any documentation or even a brief mention on how to do this with a Powercab. I know that Powercab (or at least PC+) has numerous inputs, but do any of them allow the Helix to send the additional data for an effects loop? I'm a newb to digital, so please be gentle and state anything obvious. Thank you so much! ML
  27. Now, I know this has been covered many times before, but I'm still not entirely enamoured with some of the sounds on my Variax standard! I can live with the 6 string acoustics, but the 12 strings just don't really cut it for me.. On a full strum it's ok, but when I pick individual notes it just sounds like a keyboard imitating a guitar to me. The same is true to a lesser degree with the 6 strings. I've turned the E, A and D string down on workbench and adjusted the tuning as the higher strings being slightly out of tune was even worse IMHO.. Soundclip attached, is this similar to what other users hear? 12 string.m4a
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