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  2. The only thing you can safely try is a complete reset. If you can connect the guitar to workbench, try to re-load the latest firmware once again. if there is a software glitch, that "may" help.
  3. codamedia

    hx effects

    You don't NEED 4 cable method. The option is there if you want to use it just as it has always been with any type of setup. I have to be honest... in the thousands of pedal boards I've seen over the years, very - very rarely has anyone ever done a 4cm with them. Yet for some reason everything thinks they "need to" with these devices. I'm not saying you shouldn't do 4cm, I'm simply saying don't get hung up over it.
  4. morhalf

    hx effects

    thx. so i need the 4 cable method when i use distortion and want use reverb and delay with it? and connecting my multi with only 2 cables can effect my sound?
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  6. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Good morning everyone. I am new to IR's and downloaded the G12 Celestion pack last night. Everything seems fairly straight forward. However I am running stereo out of the HX stomp. So here is my question.... When I place the IR block at the end of my block chain what do I need to do to specify stereo out of the IR? Or do I need to run 2 IR blocks in parallel and pan then right and left?
  7. SaschaFranck

    "Direct Link" to Helix hardware

    Hi, Not sure whether this is the best place to post as it relates to both Helix Native and the hardware units. Anyway, during the last days I was having a true blast recording guitars using the Helix (Floor) as an interface. And I was even more enjoying that the patches are largely compatible. As a result I was just recording the DI guitar output and slapping Native onto that track (note: I can't play directly through Native as the latency is not too fun to deal with, I'm using Native under Logic at 64 samples buffersize). Now, the thing getting in the way was, whenever I changed something on the patch (through HX Edit or the Floor), I would have to resave the patch, export it to the computer and import it into Native to really get the same results. So I thought about whether it wouldn't be possible to come up with a "direct link" mode. Assuming the IRs loaded into Floor/Native are identical, this should theoretically be possible. As a result, whenever you tweak something on your hardware, the changes would be reflected in the plugin. Obviously, this would as well work vice versa (and possibly make HX Edit redundant in at least some cases - less window switching and what not). For me, that'd be just fantastic. There's a few things that would have to be sorted (obviously, only one plugin instance at a time could be "live linked", the IR issue would have to be adressed and you might want to be able to easily record controller/automation movements as well, etc.), but as the two are now sharing the same code base, shouldn't that be possible?
  8. loydall

    Valve vs solid state power amp for Helix

    Just resurrecting this thread rather than starting a new one.. I was looking at the Power Stage 170 and also the Pedal Baby 100. A local shop had the Pedal Baby in stock so gave it a try (they have a helix set up in the shop as well) and ended up buying it. Also got an Orange 2x12 cab. So - my setup is pretty simple - helix into pedal baby into 2x12 (I also run a boss SD-1 before the helix just because...). How does it sound? To my ears it sounds incredible.. I'm seriously impressed - every patch I went through sounded incredibly alive - almost like the helix was finally allowed to shine.. Previously I ran the helix through a Headrush FRFR and then an all-valve combo which both sounded ok but this is on another level. The guitar/amp relationship seems so much more responsive and, surprisingly, even compared to the valve combo this set up feels the most organic/natural. I spent an hour so last night going through my patches amazed at how good each of them suddenly sounded. Anyway - there's a mini review of sorts - really impressed. Pic of setup below.
  9. borgis

    Momentary switch issues

    So the tech guy confirms some odd behaviour of the momentary switching. We shall see what we see
  10. fremen

    Helix Bug Reports

    Firmware : 2.82 (Helix Floor) I'm unable to write any preset on memory 8A, 8B or 8C on user bank 3. I can rename them, but as soon as I try to overwrite them/modify them and save them, the screen goes dark. This is either with the editor or directly on the machine. Loading a setlist on that bank doesn't work either
  11. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Hello! I have a little problem. I hear a faint digital distortion even in some clear tones. I'm using it with a Gibson Les Paul. I trust that only the input or output level is not properly set. I tried to change the input impedance but the situation did not change. Could someone help me? Has anyone had a similar comment?
  12. rd2rk

    ReAmping with SPDIF

    Disclaimers: I do not own either NI Komplete Audio 6 or Studio One. I own Scarlett 18i20 and Reaper. You'll need to translate to your device. I looked for the manual for it, but apparently it's a state secret. The easiest way to re-amp with Helix is to spend $99 on Native, that's how I do it. I decided to try to do it the way you're doing it because I know it can be done and wanted to see if I could get it to work. I'm crazy that way, and if the results of my struggle with this help you out, cool. Notes on the Scarlett 18i20: The Scarlett has 10 hardware inputs. Inputs 9/10 are the S/PDIF. It has 12 hardware outputs. 11/12 are the S/PDIF. The 18i20 uses the same mixer SW as the 6i6, and I imagine the I/O Channel #s would be relative. 8 HW Inputs makes S/PDIF Channels 7/8; 6HW Outputs makes S/PDIF Channels 5/6. The 6i6 is similar to your device, but YMMV. First Steps - Helix Recording Preset Two paths, one effected, one clean, both Inputs set to Guitar, both Outputs set to Digital, one Output panned hard left (S/PDIF 1), one panned hard right (S/PDIF 2). Alternately, you could have a big preset with 1A into 1B, then split off 2B with Guitar Input and your second Digital Output. Re-amping Preset Input S/PDIF, Output Digital DAW - Reaper Track 1 Effected - Input S/PDIF 1, Output Master. Track 2 Clean (DI) - Input S/PDIF 2, Output S/PDIF (Outputs 11/12) and Master Track 3 Re-amp - Input S/PDIF 1/2, Output Master Master Output 1/2 Mixer/Audio Interface - Scarlett 18i20 Here's where the complications ensue. In order to get this to work, I have my Monitor outputs set to Software Playback 1/2. That's the Master Out in Reaper. ***S/PDIF Outputs 1/2 set to Software Playback 11/12.*** ***MUTE this Channel during initial recording to prevent digital feedback (NASTY!). UN-MUTE to enable re-amping. I think that's it! BUT....it's getting late, time to sleep. Hopefully, I won't re-read this over coffee tomorrow and go "OH NO! If he does that all the magic smoke will escape and he'll be very angry!" Seriously though, keep your monitor /headphone volume low until you've got the bugs worked out. I wasn't joking about that digital feedback being NASTY!
  13. guitarboy_02451

    HX Edit Won't Open

    To the OP, likely as others have said it's probably your release of OSX. I feel your pain, I have a 2007 intel iMac, running Lion 10.7.5. This is the LAST version of OSX that can run on my hardware. I tried to load HX Edit and it installed, but when executing the app, it said my release was too old. For those that say "upgrade OSX", easier said than done. Like I said, I cannot unless I upgrade my MAC unless the hw gets upgraded. Which then would make me have to upgrade ProTools, which then would make my Avid 003 a paper weight as it uses the old Fire Wire connection, which would also make my old Waves Bundle and all the other old plug-in software inoperable. I work in technology as an engineer and fully understand hardware/software life cycles. You see, it's a domino effect. So as others have said, if you're using your stomp to connect to a DAW on your old mac, it will work... Even my ProTools 10 recognized the HX Stomp via USB. Sad part is I can't hear it because the driver doesn't play with ProTools Audio Aggregate. So old fashion way, L/R TRS out of Stomp into my 003, and use a Windows 10 Laptop for HX Edit.
  14. rd2rk

    Helix Rack, Engl e530 preamp, and Control

    From the Helix manual Command Center section: IMPORTANT! Connect EXT AMP 1/2 only to amplifiers that utilize "short-to-sleeve" footswitch inputs. Connecting to any other sort of input could cause permanent damage to both your amp and Helix! If you're not sure if your amp has short-to-sleeve inputs, contact the manufacturer. IMPORTANT! The Helix device's ability to control external amp channel and/or reverb switching has been tested with many popular amps and heads. Unfortunately this does not guarantee compatibility with all products. Note that, depending on the circuitry of the channel switching jack in the guitar amp used, the EXT Amp function may not operate as expected. NOTE: When an Ext Amp command is assigned to Instant 1-6, the connection determined by Knob 2 (Select) is made when the preset is loaded. When an Ext Amp command is assigned to a footswitch, the footswitch's current state (dim or lit) determines whether or not the External Amp connection is made when the preset is loaded; when dim, no connection is made; when lit, the connection determined by Knob 2 (Select) is made. Subsequent presses of the footswitch toggle the connection on (LED lit
  15. I've got an Engl E530 and would love to control it via my helix foot controller. It doesn't have dedicated midi but does have 1/4in footswitch inputs. Is it possible to control the lead and clean channels via the helix control??
  16. If I have my POD HD500 connected my Mac via USB, whenever I unplug it, my keyboard and mouse stop working completely. I need to restart my computer to use them again. This seems to have started with Mojave, bu I can't remember for certain. Has anyone else had similar issue or know of a fix? Thanks.
  17. Ibanez19

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    Correct, I do not believe I am accidentally entering Snapshot mode. Even if I did, once in Snapshot mode, the Helix does not allow a return to the original Stomp/Snap mode. I have tried pressing FS1+FS7 simultaneously after the bug occurs, and that allows me to switch between other modes... unfortunately, doing so never returns to the original (and desired) Stomp/Snap mode.
  18. rd2rk

    Digitakt MIDI triggering loop start/stop on Line6 Helix?

    After a quick look at the Digitakt manual, the simple answer as far as I can tell is: you can't. The Helix Looper can be controlled via MIDI using CC (Continuous Controller) messages (page 57 of the manual). While it appears that the Digitakt can be CONTROLLED using CC messages, it can only be programmed (as far as I can tell) to SEND MIDI NOTE messages. If you're planning on using a computer in your act then there's software that can turn NOTE messages into CC messages: https://www.bome.com/products/miditranslator Is one. I believe that they also make a programmable HW device that allows you to eliminate the computer for performance. If you decide to look into these, keep in mind that there's a price to be paid in latency, though I don't know how significant it is, or whether it would matter for your purposes.
  19. Hey y'all, just wondering if anyone has experienced the following issue. Trying to install HX edit after downloading from the software download portal but Apple will not verify? Any tips on this one much appreciated. Cheers, Lou Any
  20. Pstrat

    Helix Bug Reports

    Sometimes when I use the heir apparent it has a pop sort of when i engage with a footswitch. Sorry if this has been posted latest firmware
  21. rd2rk

    Helix strobe tuner accuracy in cents

    3) Yngwie
  22. rd2rk

    Helix to control Logic X (Backing Tracks) via Midi

    Since I abhor anything MAC, I've been waiting for the MAC kids to jump in here. That said, MIDI is MIDI. If the Helix is communicating with LOGIC (you can send a command to control SOMETHING), then if you can be step-by-step VERY specific about what MIDI commands need to be sent and when, I can probably help.
  23. It may also depend on what settings you have for the Guitar In-Z input impedance. Impedance values from low to high (22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 136k, 230k, 1M, or 3.5M) on POD 500x. Not sure what the impedance is default for the VDI input, as the Guitar In-Z setting affects the GUITAR IN input only. Jd
  24. Hey fellow musicians! Well, the question is kinda simple. Can I/how do I make the Digitakt trigger the Line6 Helix’s looper to start and stop via MIDI? If it is possible please explain it to me in details as I am pretty new to the MIDI world and really have a hard time understanding all the CC messages and so on… Note: I already have my Digitakt sending MIDI cloc, so that the Line6 Helix’s tempo is in sync - I just need it to make a loop that fits(starts and ends) perfectly in grid. Thanks in advance!! <3
  25. Yesterday
  26. SaschaFranck

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    Well, as rd2rk said, that limits the amount of available parameters for that workaround to 0 (EXP3 will be used from tomorrow on). Fwiw, I know CCs aren't sending a continous data stream - but all it'd take to adress the problem would be to have an option to simply exclude parameters from snapshots. Just as it is with switches and just as it is when controlling any parameter onboard.
  27. rd2rk

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    I like to think of the Helix MIDI implementation as an ongoing project. Unfortunately, since the only MIDI nerds who seem to be interestedare you, me and some dude in Podunk, Idaho, L6 is not likely to be putting a lot of resources into it. If you put it on Ideascale, post a link here. I'll vote for it! Don't know about the Podunk dude, I think he has a metered Internet connection.....
  28. rd2rk

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    That works! Unfortunately, it's a very limited workaround, as it limits the number of MIDI Controllers you can use to the number of unused Expression Pedals available. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.... Thanks phil!
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