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    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    It won’t brick the amp. And by holding a few switches while powering on you can reset your amp. So there’s no risk. It will either work or it won’t. It probably won’t even detect your amp if using an incompatible cable.
  3. PierM

    Helix Bug Reports

    Same here and it’s terrible. I have 2 pedals, and that’s a constant flashing of percentage, event when it’s all completely static.
  4. Hi, I bought an HX Effects yesterday, absolutely loving the tones and functions. Now I am looking to delve into using MIDI to change the channel on my Blackstar Series One 45; to change from 'Warm Clean' with an Orange LED to 'Super Crunch' with a Red LED, changing between these two on a footswitch press. Any advice please? This is the first time I've ever used MIDI and I'm not fully sure what to do. Thank you all.
  5. jhsmusic

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    Ignore me, just did another complete uninstall and reinstall and then a reboot of the Helix and it finally connected and updated. Phew!

    Helix/DT amp integration on the way!

    I bought mine and a guitar center. Most music shops should have the M audio branded midi USB interface. Or order one off Amazon or eBay. https://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio/USB-Uno-1X1-MIDI-Interface-1274115051974.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWMWXGP&source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvdXpBRCoARIsAMJSKqJ3MGPaHBuJP4AWYdxMHGMYAVUZ3kjrguHtZjZqYYmF4L6I8gEc_uYaAhF-EALw_wcB
  7. brue58ski

    Hx stomp more blocks

    I did bear witness to a post from DI that went something to the effect of "the HX Stomp only has 6 blocks...for now" so it sounds like it's at least being thought of. I remember it being in one of those long posts on The Gear Page so I'm not going to look for it.
  8. jhsmusic

    2.8 update stuck in 'boot failure, entered update mode'

    My Helix is stuck in Boot Failed. Entering update mode and neither HX Edit or Updater can see the Helix. I'm on Windows 10. Tried rebooting, uninstalling (reboot) reinstalling drivers (reboot) and noting. Any suggestions?
  9. drb1982

    Best Power Amp for Helix

    When you use the effects return of your tube heads, how do you set your patches? Are you using just the preamp models?
  10. phil_m

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    The DT has MIDI in and MIDI out jacks... The cable on the Uno are labeled as to which one go to which jack. Just hook everything up and run Line 6 Monkey, and it will do everything for you.
  11. I'd seen several posts about how inserting Helix Native in a DAW could cause a crash. I was just about to post what seemed to be the problem before 1.80 came out - if you dragged it into a mono track, you'd get the crash; but not if you dragged it into a stereo track. However, I've been able to drag 1.80 into mono tracks without issue, so if that was indeed the problem, it has been fixed. I also verified that my multiband preset pack works perfectly in 1.80.
  12. talonmm

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    I did some research on this, found and ordered the M-Audiosport Uno. That cable has one usb end to pllug into a computer and then two midi ends. if the amp has one midi jack, will this cable work by itself? or do I need something else? This would explain why over the years with the helix, the midi commands never seemed to do anything!
  13. andyyano

    Hx stomp more blocks

    Hello, I used the websites search function and used the keywords hx stomp blocks. And i actually did not find any with support. The highest votes for any asking for more blocks is 145 votes. But that person asked for 12 effects blocks. So the wording isnt exactly what i want. I wont run 12 effects. i would have expected thousands of votes
  14. codamedia

    Hx stomp more blocks

    I'm an LT user.... but I've always found the 6 block limit on the Stomp to be an odd number.. and very limiting. Even though I don't own a Stomp.... I will upvote your idea.
  15. mrmichaelgibson

    Helix Bug Reports

    FYI - I deleted then reinstalled HX Edit, same issue. However, I did a full factory reset on the Helix (holding buttons 9 & 10 and starting) and that fixed it :)
  16. brue58ski

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    What happened was I just looked for all the software instead of something specific and the thing that came up at the top of the list was a Line 6 monkey update ver 1.77. I just assumed it was included because it was part of an update at that time that took care of issues with the Shuriken. However, after looking further. I found the most recent firmware update was, as stated earlier, 2.0 which was 2012. Sorry for the confusion. I'll edit my previous post.
  17. spaceatl

    POD HD 500X keeps crashing.

    Sometimes crashes that occur after a few hours can be caused by power management settings on USB Controller. You can get at it from the Device Manager and settings can be in the Advanced Power Management Settings. Basically, you want to make sure the Power Management is not idling the Controller. Or at least eliminate it as a suspect. Other things to check: BIOS version and Chipset drivers for the motherboard are current...
  18. CiaranNI

    HX Stomp Effects loop between Pre and Power Amp?

    Thanks for the replies. Kilrahi - yes exactly, I run external pedals in the effects loop in all of those scenarios. I *guess* that the best way to mimic it would be to use a separate amp and cab model in the hx, and put the send/return loop in between them? I don't know how that would sound - not sure if it would matter that all the power amp modelling would be after my delay, reverb etc. Or maybe I should just ditch the loop and have all my physical pedals up front...
  19. Kilrahi

    Hx stomp more blocks

    Voted. I don't think yours is the first ideascale to suggest this, so you might want to hunt for similar ideas and vote for those. At the same time though, while I haven't taken a scientific poll, this seems to clearly be the most requested feature for the Stomp, so I am confident that Line 6 is at least considering it. Whether or not our collective desires will override their reasons they didn't originally go down that route, it's hard to say.
  20. phil_m

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    The M-Audio MIDISport Uno is a good option. The problem with inexpensive USB to MIDI adapters is that they almost always depend on the built-in Windows MIDI drivers, and those drivers don't handle the type of Sysex streaming required for these sort of updates very well.
  21. andyyano

    Hx stomp more blocks

    I notice everyone always says to put these ideas on ideascale. But i also notice a lot of good ideas do not get votes. So please help vote up my idea. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-no-6-block-limit/960074-23508?submitted=1 So if HX Stomp is 1/2 the full Helix. Literally a single chip version of the dual chip helix. We should theoretically be able to use half the amounts of blocks a full helix could use. To my knowledge helix can make a preset (dsp limited) to roughly 32 block chain. So 16 blocks would be off a single chip. So we shouldnt be limited to 6. Let us put blocks until we run out of dsp. I do not run stereo, so i would like to use more blocks (mono) until i run out of dsp. At least give us 8 blocks. My current 6 block limiting chain is (all mono) 1) minotaur 2) teemah 3) amp 4) ir 5) digital delay 6) legacy hall reverb My dream chain would be (all mono) (dsp limiting) 1) Kinky comp 2) minotaur 3) teemah 4) amp 5) ir 6) digital delay 7) legacy hall reverb 8) effects loop block (for volume pedal) 9) looper So dont know if i would run out of dsp if i loaded that on a single chip but again i would adjust it until i run out of dsp. The looper wouldn't be essential since i have a boss rc-30 Would love at least 5 snapshots also so one for each fs plus my external fs4 and fs5 but that will be put in another idea submission.
  22. adinelb

    Firmware 2.8 and DT Amps

    That's it, guys! The 2.0 Firmware update on the DT25 (or on any DT amp series) will solve all of your problems (Changing the Topology, Tube config., Power Amp, Reverb and going straight to the Power section of the amp via L6 Link) I just update the firmware and it works great. Problem solved! P.S. When you're going to update the amp, don't forget this: the Midi In is going to the Midi out section, and the Midi out is going in the Midi in. USB Midi Interface Used: E-MU Systems - Midi 1x1
  23. spaceatl

    Preset suddenly gone POD HD 500

    Curious, it is not technically possible to delete a preset location. Do you mean that the preset location was initialized to a "New Tone" patch...basically a blank patch. A couple of thoughts... Are you 100% certain that you did not accidentally change set lists? Are you running with a PC connected with Edit running?
  24. Thanks! Looks like the Seymour Duncan bridge might be rated at 16.09k. I'm not great with electronics when it comes to resistors. Can I still get this pickup and just have it professionally installed? Thanks!
  25. Today
  26. rd2rk


    I was wondering about this too. It makes sense in Native, but where, besides the hardware itself, would HX Edit be saving to?
  27. giggles666

    Bug with Joystick After 2.80 Update

    Hey, thanks, everyone. I will try some of the suggestions with Global Settings. Yeah, it's a big pain to make presets without HX edit so hopefully, even if it's a repair it's worth it. I am so addicted to this thing lol. Sorry, it's a Helix LT and is about 1.5 years old.
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