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  2. bogdancapitanoiu

    externally Control the volume of Powercab

    Hi, As I find very difficult to control the volume (home usage) of Powercab 112Plus specially when placed at an angle using the back slide legs , what kinda of options I have? e.g. using a volume pedal (or expression pedal with midi) e.g. using the HX stomp (volume knob) with my foot without obviously affect the volume of the USB interface? e.g. using old blood noise express volume etc. only asking cause i don't know how volume pedals work (why would I add a boost maybe dirty my signal/sound) and yes I don't like the back control panel despite liking the clean front design.
  3. johnonguitar

    Make Helix Native run on IPadOS

    Just do it. Dont argue with me. I dont care if its not possible either. Dont want to hear it. Do it Do it Do it DO IT its out September 30th Thanks Line 6, luv ya
  4. johnonguitar

    So, how reliable has the native been for you?

    it crashes MainStage for me on occasion
  5. phil_m

    How about an AmpFarm Pedal?

    Amp Farm is the same modeling as the original POD and POD 2.0. The old Floor POD and Floor POD Plus products were pedal-based products that used that generation of modeling. The modeling in Amp Farm is literally 20 years old. It's pretty much obsolete in the sense that they aren't developing new products with it. They released Amp Farm 3.0 simply so users who have sessions using earlier versions of Amp Farm can still access them in their 64-bit systems now.
  6. Today
  7. Dear all, I've recently buy a Line6 Spider V 240 MkII together with the Line6 FBV Express MKII. I've installed the FBV control software and connected to the Spider V via USB cable. I've a couple of questions: 1) Any function that I assign to the FBV using that software isn't maintained. When I unplug the USB cable, the FBV can only switch 4 preset in the same bank. How can I solve this issue? 2) I've read in this forum that FBV Express MKII doesn't handle loop function. It's true? Maybe the FBV 3 would've been a better option...
  8. Is there a video or can someone explain how to upload/store the sounds on the guitar? Can you modify sounds that are already stored in the instrument? TIA!!
  9. Check your Windows audio settings, they may be at 100%, put them down to 50%.
  10. phil_m

    HX Stomp, switch off before unplugging power?

    Yeah... I think my iPad autocorrect did something weird there. I fixed it. Just leave it on.
  11. Boba7

    HX Stomp, switch off before unplugging power?

    Thanks a lot for the ultrafast answer! So switch turned off actually means HX Stomp turned on right? :)
  12. phil_m

    HX Stomp, switch off before unplugging power?

    It doesn’t matter. I would just leave the switch turned on all the time when mounted on a pedalboard.
  13. codamedia

    Having issues updating stock 2.51 firmware to 2.81

    The update to 2.8 has very detailed instructions, and most of what you mention above is not part of those instructions. Backup your Helix with the "matching version of HX Edit". If the system is running 2.51, then HX Edit should be 2.51 Download and install the latest version of HX Edit (2.81... or 2.81.1 if it's an LT) During the Install of HX Edit, when it comes to the part where you can selection options, leave everything selected That step alone will update everything you require... drivers, updater, HX Edit... EVERYTHING. No need to download anything elese Run the current updater and follow the instructions closely. Do not Open HX Edit during the update procedure Don't panic when the Helix tells you something failed and it's entered update mode... just follow the instructions on the computer installer. The above is a stripped down version of the instructions.... I do recommend you read the full instructions, not just what I have written. https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helixhx-281-release-notes-r920/
  14. jakubdabros

    USB audio leaks to amp out.

    Did anyone else notice audio leaks from PC to 1/4' output, even when USB sends are set to XLR only? I am trying to send some samples and clicktracks to my band's analog mixer, but I keep hearing those samples (quiet, but still noticeable) in my guitar cab. Any ideas how to get rid off that leaks?
  15. Hi guys It seems I can't find the answer to my question, so... I just got a Cioks DC7, that powers my HX Stomp perfectly (so cool!) but I'm wondering: should I switch off the Stomp before switching off my Cioks everytime, or doesn't it make a difference? I've been doing that, but I could see myself after gigs, forgetting to switch it off, then unplugging the Cioks. Would that be a problem? Thanks a lot!
  16. Beamboom

    Moog MF Drive (lopass) filter effect?

    Hi all! As a new Helix owner I am in the process of trying to set up a board that to an as great extent as possible can reflect my set of physical pedals. At least in the same ballpark. I realize some of the more exotic ones, like the Digitech Dirty Robot, is just plain unrealistic to recreate. But I've stumbled across one that I thought would be pretty straightforward: The Moog MF Drive. In essence it's just a lopass filter controllable via an expression pedal (and a drive on top but never mind that part, that's well covered). I have searched everywhere after a filter where the cutoff frequency is controlled with the expression pedal, but for one I've not really fond any plain lopass filters, and under "filters" I find only automated ones. A wah sounds very different even though the principle is similar. The lopass filter goes much deeper than a regular wah and sounds different. Is there a trick/setting to make the automated filters manually controlled instead? Or are there other ways to create an effect of a traditional classic plain filter that is found on all synths (for example)?
  17. larslengberg

    Relay G10 USB input poor design

    Hi all! Thanks for the excellent info here - mod pictures, milliamp measurements et.c..! Thought I might just add my mod picture too. I found a really tiny (like 10.000 times smaller that jmod757's beast! :D ) switch regulator board, that still does 1.5 A. Only have a Swedish link for it: https://www.electrokit.com/produkt/switchregulator-step-down-0-8v-17v/ The board was small and light enough to "float in the air", being connected by some old resistor pins directly to the DC jack. (I was worried that tape/glue might come loose inside the box after some time..) I can't say the mod was very difficult - but if you have never soldered in your life, I would probably stay away from it. Regards, Lars Lengberg
  18. moondancer

    M13 connection

    First of all: What kinda amp you use? Amps with a clean and full range sound can be used. I would try to set up all my sound in a guitar output level. So the input of the amp doesn't distort the signal. If you use an real guitar amp with gain, overdrive and distortion, you will have to face the problem that you reverb, echo, chorus, filters sounds will be processed by distortion. I think that sounds ugly .
  19. hello all, i`m a very green new to electronics use in my sound but proud owner of aline6 spider jam amp, ive dabbled with effect peds, a bit of looping, and had amps with usual controls, this is a different ball game, ive had some great tone effects messing with it and i am sure the possibilities are endless with great results, can i ask a few basics? does it make much difference if i use my MIC to XLR or GUITAR inputs? am i correct thinking i can set up 4 pre-set users ( sorry if i am not using the lingo? but i will try to make it clear) what i mean or would like by having 4 different goto pre-sets, one for each 1, Trumpet (no-mute) 2, Trumpet muted, 3, Flugelhorn (no-mute) 4, Flugelhorn muted, so i can recall at a click or two. ideally set in stone with the ability to add to, alter, adjust and change quickly in practice or performance? and jump back to the un-affected original pre-set, Because of how green i am and the alternate way i will be using my spider jam, i will build my questions and your help with the setup in segments and order from start to finish (please advise me if its better and easier setting up in a different order ?) then it could be of help to other users, thanks in advance for your help and input.
  20. frac82

    112 mk2 stereo output power

    thanks. other question: can effects, factory onboard & added infusion, operate in stereo nor are just mono?
  21. Vancouverthunder

    Playing Youtube on MacBook through Helix

    Thank You both its working fine now. Its going to be a late night haha
  22. BigChas52... just wanted you to know 4 yrs later you are still helping people. i had the same problem... stumbled onto this thread and your advice solved my problem. kudos
  23. thanks I was trying to use it as a foot pedal instead of a controller..but I got it now
  24. Has anyone done this? I realize they are out of the range of recommended resistance, but I imagine this is more about tone than it working or not (hopefully?). I have found a few threads about wiring in new single coils, but not a humbucker where there was a single coil. There is a blue and black wire on the bridge pickup in the Variax (I assume that black is 'hot'). I've wired up the black wire in the HR to the black in the Variax. And I've wired up the green in the HR (with the bare as well) to the blue wire. I've also soldered the white and blue in the HR together. String it back up with 2 strings, no sound at all. Tried the opposite (green/bare to black, and black to blue) and same results. What am I doing wrong? :( Any help greatly appreciated!
  25. Jono1622


    Hey guys, Thanks for your advise, I found it would not find the software until i did a reboot on my Mac. Funny though since i have updated everything my helix floor and HX edit i have freezing issues, and computer to floor issues. This does not happen all the time but a pain when it does. Room for improvement with the software i Think, but all in all i love it! best money spent in ages... Cheers
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