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  3. datacommando

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    Hi, I can understand your concern about updating your Helix, but there is a whole thread on this forum dedicated to working through the issues that you have mentioned. As you haven’t said that you had checked any of the suggestions/solutions from those posts, I will point you to them. Work your way through all the posts and try all the various things that seem to have fixed things for other users. You will see from the amount of comments that you are not alone, but most of these problems are misunderstanding how to install or “operator error”. These situations are usually not fatal and can be resolved with a little patience. Please read through this and see if it helps. Good luck.
  4. gatgod77

    Helix Bug Reports

    I've got a rythm patch,I have my expression pedal set to Wah with auto engage/Disengage active, I have my external footswitch 5 to toggle on and off reverb/Delay and a volume boost,I use this for solo's Separately this set up works fine but if I activate Footswitch 5 for a solo and try to bring in my Wah wah which is supposed to auto engage it doesn't work, any work around so it will?  Is this a bug? cheers
  5. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    i tried my laptop, Line 6 Updater does see it. however HX Edit reads "connection Interrupted" Running one app at a time. My current Helix software is 2.10. dont know why is doing this. im afraid to update my helix
  6. gatgod77

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I've got a rythm patch,I have my expression pedal set to Wah with auto engage/Disengage active, I have my external footswitch 5 to toggle on and off reverb/Delay and a volume boost,I use this for solo's Separately this set up works fine but if I activate Footswitch 5 for a solo and try to bring in my Wah wah which is supposed to auto engage it doesn't work, any work around so it will?  Cheers
  7. Verne-Bunsen

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    If you are referring to mine, it is a PedalTrain Terra42. It’s a very good fit for Helix. It is a bit of a pain to travel with on account of its size and weight, it’s kind of a beast with all those goodies on it. However it is extremely sturdy and the Helix and pedals are affixed with 3M Dual Lock which is pretty much like welding them in place, nothing moves. There is a PedalPower2 mounted underneath, and the PedalPower, Helix and BlueSky are plugged into a power-strip mounted on the board, so there is only one electrical connection to make. So in that regard it does travel well. I don’t have the hard case, but if I had to move it often I would invest in that. Here is a better (and more recent) picture:
  8. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    I tried thanks, updater doesn't see it, im going to try my laptop
  9. rockinb

    Mission EP1-L6 assign

    How do I assign my Mission EP1-L6 pedal to be my volume pedal ? Plugged into EXP2.
  10. I've read much of the Spider V Subforum, searched all L6 forums and looked at some other online resources, and I still don't understand how to just organize and save the settings I want per instrument in the Spider Remote (SR) app for my next gig. (It's not helpful BTW that all y'all @ Line 6 chose to focus your rudimentary Pilot Guide instructions on using the front panel controls and that darn ROTARY KNOB while pushing owners/users towards the clearly more user-friendly, easier to see Spider Remote app - and then NOT providing clear instructions for the app.) I'm able to run the SR app on my laptop with Windows 10, and not on my Android phone, so for now am just gigging with the laptop. Here's my situation. I have the Spider V 120w amp. I gig solo and in a duo usually bringing 3 instruments to the venue; typically this is an electric semi-hollow, a modded Gretsch G5620, for songs in standard and drop tunings, a parlor with a soundhole humbucker for open tuning songs & lotsa slide, and a 5-string banjo also with a humbucker. I run these through a Bumper 4-way instrument selector then on to the Spider V 120. For each instrument, I want a "set and forget" profile established in the SR app. I may toggle an effect off or on, but I just want the profile per instrument all set to pull up and run with. So, for example, I played a gig on Saturday where I had this profile for the Gretsch: Amp: Line 6 Super Clean (had to mess with the EQ but this sounded pretty good for my purposes) Cab: Line 6 1X12 Mic: Straight in 57 Stomp: Screamer (with preferred settings and on/off) Mod: Opto Trem (with pref setttings and on/off) Comp (pref settings; leave on) Reverb: Standard Spring (pref settings; leave on) I can create this now from scratch each time, but what are the steps for taking this profile for the Gretsch, saving it and parking it somewhere in the SR app for easy retrieval at the gig? And then for the parlor with the humbucker, same question. I have a profile I like but how do I keep it? And easily retrieve it? And the same for the banjo....
  11. Other than the entire line of aftermarket Helix accessories from Gear by CEBA and the Helix & Helix LT face protectors with knob guards by Black Raven Design, what other aftermarket accessories are out there to either protect or pimp one's Helix? Gear by CEBA's offering is pretty comprehensive, though they seem to have stopped at the exact place that Black raven comes in - the two don't compete, each with a unique offering relative to the other. But irrespective, I'm sure there's more that just these two selling protective and "pimpin'" Helix gear. What have you all seen in terms of 3rd party accessories? What else is out there? Black Raven Design cover with knob guards Gear by Ceba, Helix family product page
  12. DannyMcO

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    What kind of pedalboard is that? And does it travel well?
  13. If Facebook is my only other option, I'll remain happily in the dark.
  14. rockinb

    expression pedal assign

    Thanx for the preset/snapshot clarification , but my main need is ... how do I assign my Mission pedal to be my volume pedal ?
  15. This is a common thing we all run into when trying to match the non pre sounds to the pre amp sounds. It takes a bit of tweaking. When changing from non pre to pre amp you always have to match the drive, bass, mid, treble, presents, volume etc. because they change to a default setting or at least they never seem to match from one to the other. This is annoying. Yes, the tube in the preamp would not be used if you don't choose pre model. The back end, power amp side, does use the tubes. I find it easiest to use the Pod HD Edit software as it makes it easier to see the change in values. There are also some deeper editing you can do like sag etc but I haven't played to much with that. What you might also consider is if you like the way the Pod sounds without preamp, you might want to look at a Full Range, Flat Responce, FRFR, amp instead of a DT. Just a thought. In the end remember if sounds good it is good. Some here just don't bother changing to the pre as what sound they are getting works for them so they don't tweak anything that much. Jd
  16. Over a decade this forum exists, and people actually thought Line 6 developers were checking our ideas here hahahahahaha Come on people get real. Facebook just started a page now with over 3,000 members. And gueas what, people are getting answers straightaway from product managers. I mean, I truly appreciate the expertise and pacience of master Parkissian. But facebook is so more 2019, ideas are way more exposible and ......is just a better plataform.
  17. jaysen99, I haven't played around with a Duoverb HD, but from reading up on the specs (100-watt stereo power amp) - I'd say, "yeah, should work the same way." I don't know if you'll need a dummy plug in the front of the amp. I used to run it into my old Flextone II head without a dummy plug and it worked great. Funny part was that the Flextone II head had a single input for the stereo loop RETURN. But, it was a stereo jack, so I used the same y-cable and simply reversed it. The two mono ends went to the output of the HD500 and the TRS (stereo plug) end went into the loop RETURN on the Flextone II head. I have also run a similar set-up with my X3 bean with fantastic results. Remember to turn off the cab sims!
  18. Yesterday
  19. spikey

    NMDRD! (Strymon BigSky content...)

    You will love Nixie! I call it up when using Helix so when I change patches I see Nixie change so I know all is working correctly. Of course, you will need a box that takes the Nixie (midi out from ur midi interface) and Helix Midi out, combines them and sends it out to the Bluesky, and then just return midi from BS to your midi interface. In this way you can control the Blue Sky from Helix (control center) or from Nixie.
  20. Yes, the NDF does the job well, it's not visually perfect like the Line6 cap, but it doesn't matter, as long as it protects the pins, that's what I needed. Thanks again to all those who kindly suggested good ideas in this thread.
  21. DunedinDragon

    expression pedal assign

    Snapshots by definition aren't global. They are always part of a preset, so whatever you define as part of a preset will be available for use by the snapshots on that preset. You could potentially define a "template" preset then just copy that to whatever new preset you might need to create. You could have that preset defined with default snapshots.
  22. rockinb

    expression pedal assign

    I have a Mission EP1-L6 pedal connected connected to EXP2 and want it to be my volume pedal leaving the onboard pedal for Wah and possibly other things ... for use mostly with snapshots . How do I make this assignment and can it be done globally for all of my snapshots ?
  23. So downloaded the trial to test it out Looking for a quick fix while my amp goes in for repair. Like the helix platform, had a rack, now use the HX Effects with my amp so thought native would work a treat. Downloaded the trail to try it out. Created a bunch of patches and all was good with the world. Was originally thinking Neural but have played around with the Plini plugin Native was stacking up well. Open a logic project tonight which had worked fine before (as described above) and it simply would not open. Eventually got it to open by turning all the plugins off re saved it and then it opened but the Native inserts that had worked perfectly well before would simply crash Logic the minute I tried to open or move the plugins. Now I have a pretty ancient Mac and I'd happily concede that that was probably the issue had it not been for the fact that it had originally worked perfectly but now no good. So any ideas why this should suddenly happen? I'm not going to be blowing proper money on this if it's just not going to function. Thanks in advance Matt
  24. Thanks for the update. I hope you eventually get the Line 6 cap - it does the job perfectly with no protrusion. But it sounds like you have a good solution now with the dummyPLUG NDF so maybe no real need for the Line 6 cap.
  25. jpdennis

    Odd preset after updated to 2.71 on HX Effects

    I do not have your unit. However, as a test you would first do a backup of any of your custom presets then preform a factory reset. If this odd preset comes back the next step is to either wait for a response from someone who can verify it is a bad preset or not. Or call customer support. Even a question like this should be a quick reply from CS.
  26. Hi. I've just reinstalled podfarm 2 after a lengthy break. I have a toneport di but I only want to use it as a dongle. I should be able to use the 1814 for podfarm standalone right? I did purchase a podfarm 2 license. Thanks.
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