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  2. kraftybob

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    Got my Helix LT a few months ago and when I first tried recording I had issues with live sound vs recorded. But that was my not understand the differences between amp speakers and FRFR. I'm good with this now. However, I'm still having an issue with my tone in that it sounds muffled when I record. I started with a new preset and followed a guy on YouTube, step by step, in a very simple 2204 patch and his sounded clear and crisp and mine sounds muffled. When I play it through my amp it sounds great. There's definitely something going on with either the way I have this setup or with the Helix itself. Here's my signal chain for the 2204 preset: PRS Custom 22 10' Cable into Helix USB from Helix to Mac Preset is only the stock Brit 2204 amp + cab model Running Garage Band (I tested Audacity too and had the same muffled result) Helix Settings Input Pad: Off Outputs are set to Instrument Send/Returns set to Instrument Input Block: Multi Output Block: Multi Tomorrow I'm going to try recording to my laptop but I need to set it up first. I'm stumped because I see all these guys on YouTube making these awesome sounding presets and mine sounds like I have a blanket covering my speakers. I've had this long enough and heard enough other Helix's that I know this is not normal. Here's a brief recording... Brit 2204.mp3 Thoughts?
  3. Hey boonsnic85 - I read one of your threads that everything sounds muffled with your Helix.  I have the LT and am having the same problem.  I'm new to recording (not guitar) and figured it was something I was doing.  Then tonight I did what you did, watched a YouTube video and followed along step by step and there's sounds so much more open and crisp compared to mine.


    I'm running USB from my Helix to my Mac and using GarageBand to record.  I tried Audacity too and am getting the same results.  You mentioned that you thought you had a bad unit and were going to exchange it.  Did you end up doing that and did that solve your problem?  Thanks!

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  5. bobwysol, if your still looking, I have a mint condition Line 6 L2t that I would sell. I am a play at home musician and don't need the power of the L2t. If you are interested, my email is: victorloher@gmail.com
  6. specracer986

    Want to love the powercab and keep it but....

    Are you sending a hot enough signal into the PC to keep the LED light green / orange? That's the first mistake we all seem to make. The PC needs to have a strong signal or it won't sound right.
  7. Oh I see!! I will try double track again. Thank you for your advise.
  8. spikey

    Talk box using Helix Mic

    Ouch! Hope u get better soon!
  9. spikey

    hx effects

    Actually you use exactly "2" more cables doing the 4cm. Thats it. And as far as having less options, yes it requires using a total "1" aux send and return (out of 4 total), and using the 1/4" output. You still have the XLR outs for your output. The reason to do this is because the front end wah & drives are where they need to be, and the delays and verbs are where they need to be in the chain (after the amp). Being unconventional works too, but for the majority the 4cm is the norm.
  10. RolloTomasi

    Unplugging POD HD500 from Mac kills peripherals

    These are Bluetooth devices, so there's no way to reconnect them, unfortunately. This did not happen in the past, so it's very odd that this started with macOS 10.14.
  11. mjc009

    IR clarification

    Man, this no rules thing is starting to mess with me...
  12. lungho

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    For me, it's the Derailed Ingrid paired with a 3 Sigma Soldano 4x12 IR. Paired with any other IR and I suddenly don't like the amp model. Drive is somewhere below half. I use either the Scream 808 or the Minotaur to give it a bit more gain when needed. I'll also use Simple Pitch to act as a doubler, to somewhat mimic what an Eventide can do....think late 80's VH sound. If I back off the volume, it cleans up nicely.
  13. rd2rk

    IR clarification

    No rules! But, not a usual thing to do. I have a preset that doesn't use an amp, but uses an IR. Why? Because I like it!
  14. mjc009

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    I'd go Placater Dirty. Absolutely love that amp.
  15. line-6-user

    Helix Native Standalone?

    I mainly use it at home with Reaper but I have also used with 2 instances of Native as inserts for guitar and bass players DI in and live recording of 16 inputs from an XR18. Reaper has been solid DAW so far! A few weeks back, Native saved the evening at practice, when I forgot to load the Helix Floor in the car. :D
  16. pejkkj

    Steve Harris Bass Tone

    I have both the HX Effects and HX Stomp. Anybody have a good block setup for Steve Harris bass tone?
  17. mjc009

    IR clarification

    Still learning myself but yes, an IR block replaces a cab block. Correct, you wouldn't replace and amp block with an IR block. I suppose you could use both a cab and IR block in your chain.
  18. godfather_77

    IR clarification

    I'm slowly learning about he HX stomp and have come across IRs. Is it correct to say that IR block can be used to replace a Cab block in the block chain? Is it also correct that you don't typically replace an Amp block with an IR?
  19. Hi There, I have a PODXT that I resurrected to use with my computer and MKII floorboard but am unable to load the latest software update shown for it when I run Line 6 Monkey. I have a 4.0 version and the newest is 4.2. The new drivers are being downloaded but I can't get the installer program to work. I get directed to a link to Line 6 that's supposed to let me be able to install the drivers but then I get a message that there are no new updates available. I'm having issues with Gear Box communicating with my PODXT as well. When I try to save a new tone to it I get an "asynchronous time out" message. Anyone here run into this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks.
  20. Yesterday
  21. It's already explained well by @SaschaFranck directly above... I'm just here to add that I always use the 1024 block... it sounds perfectly fine to these ears :)
  22. Hi All, I recently purchased a Line 6 G10-T transmitter only to pair with my Yamaha THRII 30 wireless amp. The Yamaha amp is fully compatible with the Line 6 transmitter. I plugged the transmitter into the amp and it charges fine, blinking green, then went a solid steady green which according to the manual is fully charged. I then connected the transmitter to my Fender Strat and it worked fin, but after 10 seconds it immediately starts flashing/blinking red, which according to the manual states that less than 30 mins of charge remains, it still works fine, but just blinks. When I connect back to my amp, it shows solid green, so for some reason when its connected to the guitar, it seems to think its low on battery. Any ideas on what might be causing this? I note there is a firmware upgrade, but you only seem to be able to do this if you have the dock, which you can connect to the PC. I have the transmitter only so I am not sure how I can even upgrade the firmware. Any help would be appreciated. I have already logged a support case with Line 6, but I figured someone here may know the answer Thanks
  23. ChristianBoddum

    2.82 Update

    So - I did some testing. And my cable was causing the issue, so much that it completely cut out today, not good. The cable is a new 25 ft. Line6 cable. I tested using the cable that came with the workbench interface, all fine. using it via the jack, no problem. This is annoying. If that means having to buy a new cable every 2-3 months. I have treated this cable with care, since it is not that robust to my estimation. I'm not sure I can fix the cable myself. Soldering jack cables is no problem, but this, I don't want to mess with. I WANT to use the full capacity for gigs, but it must be more reliable than this. Do you know a higher quality brand of cables that has proven itself reliable? If so please reply ;-)
  24. It's the number of samples an IR may have as its maximum. Longer IRs are able to contain more of whatever room reflections. 1024 samples at 48kHz (internal sample rate of the Helix) represent around 20ms in length, so 2048 represent 40ms. Personally, I vastly prefer shorter IRs for live playing as certain early reflections they may contain would be kinda implying you'd be in a weird room. I also think that many of those longer IRs feel less direct under my picking hand. Sometimes I even trim them in length (in fact, I always do as I do my own IRs, but that's another story). Whatever, non of them are stereo, the Helix only supports mono IRs. Oh, and the 2048 versions will consume more DSP power - another reason for not using them.
  25. phil_m

    Helix Bug Reports

    Have you opened up a support ticket about this?
  26. lrschmid

    Helix Bug Reports

    Just bumping this, as it's still an issue in 2.82.
  27. Yup, that was it. Thanks. Silly question, the 1024 & 2048 mean anything? If I had to guess I'd say ones a single cab the other a dual.
  28. JimGordon

    Helix into Valve Amp

    The Blues Junior is fairly low wattage, and my impression is that it starts distorting pretty early in the volume curve regardless of using any, right? If you have it set up so that your "real" overdrive pedals can easily push it, it's likely that all the gain stages from the preamps and effects in your presets might be pushing the amp itself into overdrive, on top of whatever drive the Helix is trying to emulate. Have you tried turning the big volume knob on the Helix itself down? I know "they" say you are supposed to run it at full, but with an amp that has lower headroom, you may need to ignore that. Also, when you say "main presets", are you just using the stock presets? As RD2RK said above, factory presets are usually....crap. This has been a rule of thumb since the earliest days of multieffects pedals with presets. You'll need to futz around and make your own to suit your amp, even if the Helix volume knob tweak works. It will be worth the time; you didn't drop $1500 just to limit yourself to what some stranger thinks you'll like the sound of! If after a few months of tweaking, it doesn't work out, you might want to try another amp with more headroom (as you aren't a fan of the DI/FRFR sound); perhaps something in the 30-40 watt range.
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