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  2. For original Variax piezos,... https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/114557-line-6-11-11-0001-piezo-pickup-for-variax-300-500-700
  3. Just to clarify, the HD500 and HD500X share exactly the same type and number of models.. What happened with the HD is that Line6 decided to put better quality models (especially more dynamically responding) which were more resources hungry into a still affordable (thus somewhat limited) hardware, so the total number of the models included decreased significantly compared to what was in the older devices. They chose to put only the models of the most iconic and requested amps, above all most of the missing ones actually are simply small variations of the included ones, or inspired by. Helix more powerful hardware costs more and allows to include the latest HX modeling technology (even more resources hungry), but also a greater quantity of models. So, as always you get what you pay for. At the end only you as a user know what you really need for your hobby or job, and how much. In regard to the previous technology models not included in the newer devices, actually some of them (the most requested ones) have been added at some point with the models packs. But it seems clear that there wasn't room for everything. Moreover the old ported models don't sound 100% exactly as the originals because the old cabs haven't be ported too. I'm sure there is a company which sells the models individually, Line6 not, they have always had a different approach. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  4. Thanks you. I am really disappointed about the fact that it does not send CC MIDI commands. This means I cannot use the Snapshot mode to control my Fender Amp..
  5. yeah that's the same process I've been using.
  6. Would love this functionality as well to control a small under-the-board switcher like the DPC.micro. Unfortunately, there's currently no Command Center capability on the Stomp so you can't send specific MIDI messages as you change Snapshots. The Stomp only sends PCs with each change to a new preset and these are fixed to each specific preset. No MIDI CC. You'd have to get a MIDI controller that could control both.
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  8. Could MIDI PC messages sent from HX Stomp to Voodoo Lab Control Switcher be used to switch distortion of my Supersonic on/off?
  9. I was hoping I could use my HX Stomp to send MIDI messages to the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher. Basically I want to control my Supersonic Amp with it. The main task would be to switch from clean to distortion of my Supersonic. I understand this requires CC MIDI messages coming from the HX Stomp. Is there really no way to get my HX Stomp to control the Control Switcher ???
  10. Yes. That's the word from Line 6. Makes no difference. I do think the switch on the Stomp is handy particularly if you are using it as an interface but on a pedalboard you can just leave it on.
  11. And what ? You'd buy the 3 amps you need for $39 and Line6 would go out of business ? Also it takes time and money to write the code, setup the infrastructure to deliver it, the people to support it, all so they could make less money ? I have over 1000 channels on my T.V. and maybe use about a dozen. Yeah what you say sounds great in theory but in reality it's difficult to do. It difficult to write code for these specialized processors then the hardware changes underneath you're code, maybe not significantly but enough where it takes time to fix or re-write code. Then bringing forward older amp model code to newer platforms. Plus the time it takes to just actually model the real amp and try to replicate it. I'm thrilled they give us what they do for what little they charge for it.
  12. You wouldn't regret the LT. good stuff.
  13. Hello how can I set the HX Stomp to control an external control switcher (Voodoo Lab Control Switcher) via MIDI in Snapshot mode ?
  14. Yes... I always import. I drag and drop within the impulse window if I want to move/copy an IR to another location, but I use import to bring it in.
  15. It's likely a dirty contact point in the saddle where the piezo sits or a failing piezo. Try moving the string aside and applying some electronic contact cleaner to the piezo surface, If that doesn't resolve things you may need to replace the piezo - sometimes they fail. If replacing one I would replace the whole set; the rest may not be far behind in terms of failure. Contact Line 6 for availability.
  16. That's a 9 year old update to an 11 year old OS, I wouldn't expect much new hardware to just work without some help, class-compliant or not. After working on a lot of 2009-2012 MacBooks, I'm impressed your USB ports still work at all.
  17. Hello rd2rk, I made more tests yesterday that I will try to explain. First, the Rear Panel CHANNEL SELECT rotary switch is set to FOOTSWITCH. If my guitar is directly plugged into the Mesa input, the HX can switch the channel. I can go from channel 2 to channel 1 without any issue. Once again, I used the Command center -> Instant -> Ext amp 1 -> Tip on a preset. If my guitar is plugged to the HX and my HX to the amp, whenevr I send the instruction to switch the channel, the channel 1 and the channel 2 turn on and the amp start buzzing hard. I tried to plug only the send & return of the HX into my Mesa and I have the exact same problem : both channels turns on. Do you think my HX has a problem ? It's brand new, but it could happen... I could do a video to show you the issue, it clearly doesn't come from the Mesa. The HX react differently when external switching + input are used.
  18. and you did 'import'? not a drag and drop?
  19. Awesome. I took a chance and got the SparkMini as well and I agree it works and sounds great, fixed me right up. I decided against the EQ pedal because from the reviews it seems like they all introduced some noise. I was afraid the Spark might as well but if it does its completely undetectable to my ears.
  20. I just got my Mini Spark last night and it works great, it definitely boosts the volume from my Mooer 150 to the range it needs to be and doesn't add perceptible noise or color. I set it at 10:00 and forget about it.
  21. But damn it! Thanks sgreb for reporting. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to try other JTVs to make comparisons and see if they all respond in the same way (to the same player).. who knows, maybe all JTVs in general respond in a normal way only in the hands of those players who use a very light touch. If this is so, surely they would not be suitable for me as I have a very dynamic way of playing (going from delicate to strong), luckily my old 700 does not limit/compress my playing in any perceptible way.. I'll see if my friend will get the same disappointing result you had after the reflashing .. but honestly I tend to pessimism in this case.. He doesn't know it, but I feel a little guilty with my friend, after all I was the one who convinced him to invest money to buy a Variax (in origin he wanted to buy a real LP but he liked also a few other standard guitars), then he decided to take the JTV-59, assuming it should have been even better than my old 700, but it was not so, this is the simple truth. Too much hassle to get a normal working instrument which didn't cost little brand new. I wonder if there is a quality control check on the instruments that leave the factory.
  22. whatever connection type he is using can be turned off to the Big knob......
  23. I'm having a very specific problem with the G-string piezoelectric pickup on my Variax 500. Much of the time, the signal goes dead; there is no sound coming from it. However, after pressing down on it, for a few seconds to a few minutes the sound will return, but it will then get fuzzy and fade out to nothing again. This started a week or two ago. Is this a grounding issue, a signal wire issue, or something entirely different? And how can it be fixed? Thanks!
  24. Hello from Greece!!! I have a Toneport kb37 and i am running Windows 10. A few days now i have the following problem... I turn on my PC but the kb37 is dead (no sound and all the lights are off). I have checked the usb ports and there is no problem with them. After my PC is working for about an hour, suddenly the kb37 turns on!!! Or i just have to restart my PC for many times. Everything is up to date and i have found out that the pitch bend wheel is stuck. Is this thing dying or is there any solution for my problem? Thank you for your time. I will appreciate any help!!!
  25. Thanks for your suggestions on this guys. We're going to go and listen to as many set-ups as we can. Also looking at the presonus air 15 plus presonus subs. They seem to get good reviews.
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