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  2. velaramon

    adjusting volume levels across presets

    Following up. Is it better to use the output block volume or a separate gain block?
  3. velaramon

    acoustic guitar amplifier with Helix

    I have an older Acoustic Image Corus. This is supposed to be a high end acoustic amp. I'm not keen on how Helix sounds through it (using the effects return). It may have something to do with the particular design of this amp, but I suspect it may also have to do with the points made above. That being said, I haven't compared the sound to an FRFR, so I don't have the full picture.
  4. rd2rk

    FX100 users who have upgraded to Helix

    If you depend on the Tone Matching, and you're overall happy with your sound, stay where you are With Helix you'll have to learn to create your sounds from scratch. My recommendation is to DL the free NATIVE trial and try your hand at it. Compare what you've got to what you hope to get and decide for yourself if the grass is really greener on the Helix side of the fence!
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  6. phil_m

    Snapshots change audible gap

    Changing the mic distance might introduce an audible gap. That's essentially the same as changing an IR, so I could see why that could cause a bump. Don't do that... ;-)
  7. rd2rk

    Sending Midi CC mesages from HX Stomp

    Global Settings - MIDI/Tempo - Tx MIDI Clock ON
  8. caledoneus

    Helix into Valve Amp

    if you are running it into the front of an amp, most (or quite possibly all) of the factory presets are going to sound bad, b/c they have an amp/ cab block in them. You'll need to delete/ bypass the amp/cab blocks, or just set up your own presets with no amp/cab blocks involved to use it as a pedalboard.
  9. Sure! I would like to use FBV Express MkII to control Pod Farm 2.5. In the manual I read that there is this file to download that is appropriate for this. I'm looking for it but can't find it ...
  10. SixStringFlyboy

    POD HD500X and HD500 - Sharing Patch Settings

    Thanks for this thread, and thanks for the videos showing how you actually created the patches. I just bought a used HD500 (not the X) to get me by until I can afford the X or better, and I'm still getting to I know the board. I find seeing how you created them extremely helpful. Also, it has at least one foot switch that will need to be replaced, so I'll definitely be digging into that video later this evening. Have you ever replaced the toe switch on the pedal? This one seems to be non-functional. Is it the same type of switch? Thanks!
  11. rd2rk

    Helix into Valve Amp

    Nice image! Thanks for posting that!
  12. daviddlch

    Help with G10 and Ibanez JEM77P

    Will this Danco #10 O-ring 11/16" O.D X 1/2 I.D X 3/32" work on Ibanez SR2605 ?
  13. borgis

    Snapshots change audible gap

    Im going from cleanish to heavy , im automating mic distance and early reflection and drive.
  14. In standalone mode, at initial startup, my custom presets' volume are clipping and spiking although the main volume output is in its normal position and the preset's master volume on the amp hasn't changed or the gain, etc. It's as if the output volume knob has been cranked to max or my audio interface input has been maxed out—but this is not the case. This happens to only my custom presets. However, if I select an unedited default preset (Line6), the volume is normal, and when I go back and select any of my custom presets, the volume is normal again and all is fine. Not sure what the issue or conflict is, but can someone explain this phenomenon or know how to fix it? This just started a few days ago and I've had Pod Farm for more than a few years. I haven't added any new software either. I reinstalled Pod Farm, but it didn't' help. SPECS: Mac OS 10.12, Roland UA 4FX USB Interface. Thanks!
  15. WildVines

    Spider V 240 MkII Questions

    Thank you joestides and ADBrown for answering my questions.
  16. uhartm

    Basic tutorial for Spider Remote app

    Yes. But not any help. Jason, Line 6, said there is no Pilot’s guide to the ‘remote app’ as of yet. Then he referred me to the video on YouTube, “Interacting with Spider V | Line 6,” which is more of a amp marketing video. The video is 6:42 min long and the remote amp isn’t discussed until 4:50 min. And ends at 5:12 min. The demo person says, “If you are happy with a sound you can save it.” But he doesn’t show you how to do it. Really? When I bought my first car, computer, wife and English setter I got user manuals. I threw the ones out for my wife and dog as they quickly got outdated.
  17. sparkyERTW

    PowerCab+/DT25 integration - Mix and Match?

    Thanks for posting that, Steve, it's nice to get confirmation (even if it's that it doesn't work).
  18. Log a support ticket with Line 6. There are four different reasons for this, set-up, piezo, piezo interface, main board. Needs to be properly troubleshooted.
  19. BarrySandman

    How do I update Helix Native?

    i use bouth floor and the native,,but they not work very well together,,,can they? and i upgrade my floor now,,but i trouble a little,,,it about,,i forget everytime,,if theres a trick,,like on the floor the two left bottoms down,,,,i think its difficult for a person with ADHD like me to do that,,but can you please tell me how to update Native to 1.82 thanks Barry
  20. Here are the calibration instructions for FBV Express MKii, if you are still receiving an error, I recommend opening a support ticket https://line6.com/support/tickets/ FBV Express Mk. II: 1) Hold D while powering on the FBV. Upon release, the pedal display will read '1'. 2) Press and hold the pedal toeswitch until the 7 segment display changes to '2'. This should occur instantly. 3) Set the heel to the heel (minimum) position, press the D button. The 7 segment display will change to '3â'. 4) Set the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The tuner LEDs above the 7 segment display will light. 5) Move the pedal and verify that the tuner LEDs sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and refills when moved to the maximum position. 6) Press D to exit
  21. ADBrown

    Spider V 240 MkII Questions

    Spider V has 128 presets total, 124 factory presets, and 4 left blank. All presets can be overwritten. You can manage your presets, and download more presets using the free Spider Remote app for mobile device or computer. The FBV3 controller functions are set with Spider V. The top row, FS 1-5 control your effects, bottom row, FS A-D are for changing presets. There is also a tap tempo/tuner footswitch, bank up and down, and function which controls the looper. You wouldn't be able to assign 9 presets without changing banks. Everything can be edited and controlled from the front panel, you can select the AMP or FX button followed by the EDIT button to get into tweaking parameters. iPhone 6 Plus, should work fine with Spider V.
  22. billholder

    Is there an auto-wah?

    Yeah, the Helix modulation section seems deficient. I expected to find a completely parameterized mod engine, with specific unit sims as default patches on top of it, like the amps. All we get is a baked-in selection of historical mod unit sims (and not a very flexible list of examples either). Poor form, Line 6. Mod-heads expect better.
  23. SteveJohns

    PowerCab+/DT25 integration - Mix and Match?

    So far (as of 20191021) you cannot do this. I would love to see stereo DT25/Powercab+ via L6 in the future! More info here: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Allow-DT25-or-DT50-and-PowerCab-to-be-a-Stereo-Pair/966279-23508
  24. bobcoss

    Snapshots change audible gap

    So so if you are in the middle of a song and have time based effects like a delay with repeats and a lush reverb, as long as trails are turn on, changing the snapshot will be seamless. If you have a guitar with sustain for miles, and you let that last amazing chord ring out at the end of the song ring out, and change the "patch", you are going to hear a short interruption of that beautiful chord. Bummer. But if you are using your snapshots instead, you can select the desired snapshot and the new effects will take effect, but no gap. But you might hear your fabulous distortion change to clean all of a sudden which might not be what you want.
  25. USERLINE62K19


    Thanks a lot @pianoguyy @hurghanico your suggestions worked too good. Got a mind blowing output throughout the gig. Both of u made my day.. :-) tc
  26. What happens if you fiddle with the distortion/fuzz box FX setting knob? Do you have the same problem using any of the clean presets?
  27. If you are getting error codes, you will need to start a Support Ticket.
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