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  2. Kilrahi

    IR length discussion

    I think you brought up a great analogy to audio compression trends of the last two decades. As a lover of true lossless formats (such as Flac) it has always driven me nuts that the great compromise of the iPod era was that people embraced crappy . . . in many cases EXTREMELY crappy, recordings of their favorite songs in order to have the convenience of portability. My ears could never stand anything less than 320 AAC format and mp3 was absolutely out of the question. What's funny is that people who embraced bad mp3's staunchly argued with me that it "did not matter." I could get the emotional baggage they were carrying, as no one wants to feel like their method has problems. What's interesting is if they'd let me show them what the differences through an A/B comparison - once heard, it could never go UNHEARD (and I almost invariably felt kind of bad for showing them), and in real live studies (not done by me) people do show that subconsciously they DO care because they often choose to listen to better recorded audio for much longer than trashy mp3 recordings when subjected to them in blind tests. Now that memory just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper, we're seeing a push towards higher quality audio. Is that good? I think so. Quality DOES matter, at least to the point that our human body becomes the biggest obstacle to experiencing better versions of things (and who knows, maybe then we'll rip out our original eyes and ears and start implanting them with higher quality synthesized stuff). However, I get cruisinon2's point - look, the Helix does not sound like trash. It sounds beautiful. Nobody realizing longer IRs bring more to the table should look at their Helix, feel threatened, and never want to turn it on again. At the same time though, I do not expect the Helix to be THE last, or even MY last, modeler. I do expect Line 6, or Fractal, or whoever comes next to one day pull the next big rabbit out of their hat and it will no doubt embrace, and SHOULD embrace MANY advancements. It will have a FAR better processor (I mean, come on, processors advance so much just year over year and the old stuff gets cheaper and cheaper), FAR better memory and ram . . . honestly it better have crap I can't even dream up yet. Those engineers are going to need to be aware of the modest improvements that can come from things like the videos above show. I demand that of them. In the mean time though, those of us not involved in the design of these things can choose how interested we want to be in knowing about what those improvements could be. In cruisinon2's point, that probably won't be all that much. Me, I DO want to know about them because I just think it's cool lollipop. Still, just like cruisinon2, at the end of the day my biggest improvements are going to come from my practice time, not what modeler I buy.
  3. Hard to tell in that light if the connector is keyed correctly, you might want to double check that.
  4. psarkissian

    Spider IV clipping at initial attack

    Log a support ticket in your account. Failed input circuit, needs to be taken to a Line 6 authorized service center.
  5. psarkissian


    Do you have it plugged into an AC converter transformer so that it can run off of the AC mains in Argentina? These do not have adaptive switch supplies that will run on any wall socket. Have to have a unit made for the Argentine AC mains wall socket, or an AC converter transformer that will convert to the correct wall socket voltage. That looks like a power transformer for US wall voltage, which is the wrong kind.
  6. beascott

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    Folks seem to be loving the Powercab plus. For me, I love my L2t and L2m combo at home. It doea it all--electric, acoustic, bass, and stereo. It leaves me not wanting for anything more.
  7. specracer986

    Volume Fluctuation

    When I started this thread my Helix was always connected to my computer via USB for patch tweaking, and to my DXR12 for monitoring. I have no idea if that affected the problem or not. I haven't used the XLR out in a long time. I did have a noise problem with the USB connected, that using XLR out fixed. My current situation has me back to a combo amp. So my Helix rig only gets sporadic use.
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  9. brue58ski

    Volume Fluctuation

    It sounds like you also have your computer connected via USB. Could this be part of the issue?
  10. specracer986

    Volume Fluctuation

    I don't have a definitive answer for you. I bought a PC+ and connect to that with the L6 cable and then out of the PC+ to FOH. I never chased down the cause of the problem that I started this thread about and never contacted Line 6 about it. It was only happening with XLR out and it was not a constant occurrence. Since there were ways to work around it, I just let it go. I'm not currently gigging the Helix rig, so ignorance is bliss here.
  11. Hi! I bought a FX 100 and when i try to jam on both sections of Music Library i cant hear the tracks. The guitar works right, but i supous that the tracks should sound in my amp...thats right? I use the APP in an Android phone. Can somebody help me, please!!!
  12. allyboo22

    POD XT Advice

    That's perfect buddy, thanks for the advice and info, I'll get on it and get the triple pack ordered!! Thanks again, you're a great help!! Al
  13. Maybe try the Helix forum? This is for DreamRig..
  14. cruisinon2


    The answer has far more to do with where you're putting the speaker (on a pole, on the floor as a monitor, etc), and exactly how you're using it (is it for FOH with the entire band running through it, as a floor monitor with just guitar and vocals, backline stage volume for a guitar player, etc) than what's in the room. It's not like there are "concrete floor" vs "deep-pile carpet and big fluffy couch" settings to choose from. ;)
  15. hurghanico

    Watts drawn from Hd500x with jtv59 being powered by it.

    To understand which type of power pack might be good for your needs you should think in terms of its capacity, ie in Ah (amp hours) or Wh (watt hours). Therefore, knowing that the POD to work properly needs 9v of voltage and 3A of available current (if the Variax is powered by the POD), you must calculate how many Ah of capacity must be able to supply the power pack to cover the necessary operating time before current drops below the necessary level. The following video clip could help to do your math: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  16. reggiedadog

    L2t/l2m for home use?

    so to conclude my feelings on this thread I bought the Powercab + and I love it, its funny but after playing for years and using overdrive pedals with valve amps the sound I can get from the craked Matchstick or Brit 2204 models with no overdrive, at home levels, uis amazing. So much better than the studio monitors! Highly recommend it!
  17. hurghanico

    POD XT Advice

    As soon as you install the triple bundle pack in your device (probably you will have to use the License Manager program to do it) all the same models included in POD Farm 2.5 Platinum will be already in place in your POD, no need to transfer. The only things that need to be added/saved in the POD are the presets/patches which use those models, so you can use the POD alone without the computer.
  18. brue58ski

    Pimp my Helix - aftermarket accessories?

    I personally don't think they look any cheaper than the ones you linked to. Just a different shape. I like the black ones I linked to. They look great and the led ring light shines through it perfectly. Blends better than I think the clear ones would. But to each his own.
  19. palladinojt

    Patch file types

    Thank you!
  20. silverhead

    Patch file types

    No. The patches are not compatible.
  21. palladinojt

    Patch file types

    Are Helix patch files and Firehawk patch files the same file type? I have a Helix Rack, and a friend of mine is considering purchasing a Firehawk 1500; I'm wondering if he and I will be able to exchange tones/patches we create. Thanks!
  22. hurghanico

    Pod HD Desktop - broken USB jack: replacement?

    I know what they are for, they must be applied from the inside to each jack end, they are important for the stability of the jack sockets and to ensure a good tightening with the external nuts of each of them. It always happens that when the main board comes off, those black plastic rings fall from the jack sockets. To do a good job of reassembly, they all have to be repositioned on their respective jacks, but unfortunately this makes it more difficult to get the main board back in place without the rings falling again. It takes a lot of patience, I know it because I've done it several times, but I think the plastic rings need to be repositioned in their place to avoid problems that could occur later. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X
  23. JensHagelskjaer

    Strymon midi issues w/ Helix floor???

    Im also using Mobius and BigSky with Helix but don't control by midi. I dont know anything about midi. Any good advices how to get started (videos, where to read)? Thanks
  24. giaturr

    HX Stomp MIDI controller (IOS)

    Ok, since Ed is not nearby, here is what I found on this topic..... would someone be interested ..... The Fav page is locked (so it's mainly a credit page) and the only way I was able to UNLOCK it (and edit labels and Program Changes) was buying the extra modula Pack Extra Features #2. It's 5.42 euros in Europe; not a big price, but it should be counted for the total cost of the layout.
  25. PatDam

    Tech21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe

    Hi All, yes, very interested as well about your feedback regarding the Tech 21 Deuce. I owned a Tech 21 PE60 about 5 years ago and there was a constant kind of buzz coming from the power supply - I sold it about 2 years ago Curious to see if the Deuce has the sam issue or not Thanks
  26. datacommando

    Helix Native in Logic - worked now doesn't

    Hi Matt, Sorry to hear that HXN has gone flakey on you. Line 6 aren’t doing a great job of inspiring customers with this sort of thing. There are many others on this forum with very similar complaints and should have been dealt with - fast! The post from “soundog” above seems to address most of the things that I would have to say about this other than, the delay in getting this resolved is more than likely due to the fact that the Core routines of the operating system, across all the range of Helix products, are being brought into line. This should mean that the totally bug free updated version of Native will, hopefully, be released with the next firmware which has been promised by “late spring”. I imagine that will be before the end of June 2019. I realise this does not particularly help with your situation, especially when there are so many HX Native users who have no issues. When it does work you have a full Helix brain without the hardware and it is impressive. It’s such a shame that Line 6 have not been able to put a little time aside to squash this bug, which seems to be a glitch in the “phone home” system.
  27. Alex_SF

    Pod HD Desktop - broken USB jack: replacement?

    Thanks again for the pointers to FullCompass for the parts. I just replaced the USB jack, and also the rotary encoder, which I discovered was also messed up (I normally use Pod HD Edit to switch patches on this thing, so no telling how long that's been broken). The four USB jack connectors that solder to the board were totally sheared off; I'm sure now that the unit got kicked or something while plugged in on the floor. Fired it up and tested the connections; both replaced parts seem to be working correctly now. One last question, if anyone's still paying attention: I found these little black plastic bushings or spacers inside the unit (like a 3/8" long section of hard plastic tubing, about 3/8" in diameter), but can't tell what they go to. The unit went back together fine with nothing seemingly loose; does anyone know what those spacers do?
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