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  2. psarkissian

    JT Variax not connecting

    Problem at this time is with Catalina. It's being looked into. Check with Support to see where that's at.
  3. Short answer is impedance. VDI impedance is stable between cables. 1/4" cables vary from company to company, so there may be a slight variation in tone color and frequency response.
  4. rd2rk

    Helix Rack, Engl e530 preamp, and Control

    The Helix Control controls the amp switching THROUGH Helix Rack. Don't forget to read the warnings!
  5. psarkissian

    Update Monkey to 64 bit

    It is being looked into. I don't know what the results are. Contact Support for details.
  6. psarkissian

    Spider Valve Valve HD 100 MKII

    https://line6.com/legacy/svhd100 Check the online manuals, check the Model selections.
  7. Seems the same issue indeed. Please let us know if you get any response. Did it also start with copying of a preset from one setlist to another? thx
  8. psarkissian

    Spider Valve Mk2

    Other amp tones into SV MkII? Or SV MkII into some other amp? Either way, I would think not, our patches would not be compatible in some other company's product, and vice versa. Check the OS compatibility on the Downloads list, your computer may have too new of an OS.
  9. Peter

    Helix not starting up

    Have you try to make a reset? (5+6 on boot restores Global parameters or fs 9+10 on boot restores presets, setlists, globals and IRs (restores factory bundle) "THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS) Can you enter update mode (fs6+12) and reinstall the firmware? Otherwise I think it's a hardware problem and you have to open a support ticket.
  10. rd2rk

    Digital distortion

    If that doesn't help, you may have squirrels. No, really, they're a thing. Search here and on the digital and modeling forum on The Gear Page.
  11. Hi Everybody, I have been trying for hours to connect my pod to windows. Pod Edit program seems to work fine but there is only one big problem: if I choosethe POD as audio driver, no sounds come from speakers. So I can't listen to my editing work on patches and sounds. I also have some problems when I try to install the latest drivers for the POD HD 500 X edit program. Line 6 Monkey is able to download the driver but it fails installation and sends me on the download area of the official web site. That sin the website tells me that "At this time, there is no software available that matches your selection." :( How can I fix the problem?
  12. Tangledown

    Helix not starting up

    Hi all My first post, so please be gentle. My Helix LT froze after I left the Tap/tuner button active for about 40 minutes during gig interval. when I went to start second set myHelix had froze. It won't start up now and just shows the number -28 in the top left hand corner. Any ideas anyone? Cheers!
  13. Today
  14. dgeiger1

    Bass Content

    It’s been awhile since anyone commented on this thread, so just wondering if it’s gotten any better for the low Enders?
  15. Davedp32

    Helix LT- is exp. pedal still an issue?

    Well, then im going for it...Gonna order a Helix LT Thanks Guys for your input it was helpful!
  16. EmeryFry

    Expression Pedal Not Working on HD500

    unplug and replug while holding down the "RIGHT" curser. Not a power button
  17. cruisinon2

    OSX Catalina and HX Stomp

    Amen to that... Early adopter = guinea pig. Life has enough headaches as it is. No need to punch yourself in the nuts....;)
  18. Thanks a lot: after dozens of try with a Lenovo tablet with Android 7, this was the solution! You saved a young guitar learner!
  19. Thark

    OSX Catalina and HX Stomp

    I know that when I first installed Mojave I had much the same experience ... no input from any source into Cubase. It turned out that the first time I ran Cubase it asked me whether or not I wanted to use the “microphone”. I said no ... no use for the built-in Mac mic. Wrong answer! Microphone in Applespeak means audio input. The fix was to tick the box beside Cubase in the security section of the system preferences. Go to System Preferences/Security & Privicy/Privacy/Microphone and make sure that Logic is checked. BTW, I’m not going for Catalina until all of my critical apps have been released in 64-bit versions. Edit: There's an app called Go64 that will check your system and list all 32-bit (and 64-bit) apps. Useful for knowing what needs updating.
  20. walterjunior

    Global EQ missing on menu

    Hi! I just got a pod hd500x, and i can't find the global EQ settings where they are supposed to be (holding view button as i guessed watching a video) I just realised that flash FirmWare Version is 1.00 and USB is 1.04... could it be the problem? Thanks!
  21. jasonmelani

    Stereo IR

    Thanks all, I should have clarified more.... I am not running out of blocks. I simply needed to understand the parallel path better. I was successful in making two different paths but in order to keep things simple I placed ... IR -> Reverb (stereo) -> Term (stereo) out to stereo delay..... done. Thanks for the feedback all!.
  22. ezut

    Digital distortion

    Thank you.
  23. pianoguyy

    Expression Pedal Not Working on HD500

    WHAT? There is no power button on the HD500.
  24. msilvacoelho

    FYI: Helix and DT25/50 Power Section Control

    This was driving my crazy! I'll try our your presets tonight. Thanks!
  25. SaschaFranck

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    Yes, MIDI through USB. The App doesn't "understand" MIDI In, though, so it shouldn't exactly be an issue. Someone recommended to turn of MIDI Clock on the Helix (which is fine with me, don't need it for the time being) as it might be another problematic thing. However, I will give this a last try and then possibly call it a day as the conflicts between snapshots and CCs don't allow me to utilize it the way I'd like anyway.
  26. phil_m

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    Were you using MIDI over USB? It can be quite easy to get a feedback loop when you start sending commands.
  27. EmeryFry

    Expression Pedal Not Working on HD500

    I've reinstalled the software, booting back to factory. I've done the calibration 3 different times, and after a few preset changes, the expression pedal goes out. The toe switch works, but the vol/wah does nothing. Could this be a ribbon cable issue? Also, the power off/right button step only works about 2 out of 5 times. I may just have a lemon
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