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  3. fremen

    Helix Bug Reports

    Thanks, that worked !
  4. lawrence_Arps

    Digital distortion

    obviously the posts about identifying your set-up and signal chain are the most important thing here, but... How do you know you are hearing "Digital" distortion?
  5. amsdenj

    Natural preset...What goes to xlr out?

    Most, if not all guitar speakers/cabinets are pretty directional, its the nature of a guitar speaker. In Flat/FRFR, the tweeter is on, but its screwed onto the back of the speaker and goes through a hole in the magnet. That adds a little acoustic loading, but is probably very directional too. Listening to a guitar speaker off axis is often a better sound. I use IEMs and couldn't get by without them. If I'm ever in a situation where I can't use them, I use custom ear plugs.
  6. Assuming you are referring to Helix, controllable input impedance is only available on the 1/4" guitar input, it has no effect on VDI input.
  7. rd2rk

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    That is way cool! You wrote that? I don't have any Androids, but that kind of app might make it worth getting one!
  8. scthom

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    I was going to say Archetype also, beautiful cleans and growls nicely when turned up. I'm gonna have to check out the Litigator though.
  9. Yesterday
  10. SaschaFranck

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    As I won't start a new thread just yet, here's kinda what I'm talking about:
  11. bryanblackburn

    Helix into H & K Grandmeister/Boss Katana. Best way?

    You can get a low cost mixer to mix and send the out puts of amps back into your returns as well and if you have a good mixer with midi like the behringers x air 18 you can use the sends on that mixer and feed the outs from many other devices into the extra channels on on the x18 air to add even more amps or FX units and build out a truly monster system like you would see in use by those who use these units https://www.rjmmusic.com/effect-gizmo/ which you can also get if you want to feed even more amps and multi fx units then switch among them all. Or you could sell the extra gear you have to get a decent FRFR system and have money to spare.
  12. bryanblackburn

    Helix into H & K Grandmeister/Boss Katana. Best way?

    I would run into each of these amps from the sends on the helix and then feed the tone back into the returns of helix either to process with IR's or if the cab tone comes from the output of the amp I would disable the IR's in the helix for that line of processing but I would feed the out put of my helix into a seperate power amp / cab or powered cabinet that is FRFR or to FOH. Some will suggest you feed the helix out into the power amp in on the Katana. If moving air is important and it always is I would use the HK live and use it with a 4 cable method and use midi to connect all these midi units. There is a device you can buy that will allow you add midi to the katana http://www.primovasound.com/index.html. I personally am leaning towards the headrush powered cab units for my FRFR solution or the new tech 21 deuce deluxe http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/amplifiers/powerengine-dd/ now if I had the $$$ I would probably opt for 2 of the new 212 power cab plus that line 6 just came out with.
  13. JimGordon

    Randall Satan tone match - Advice required

    Well, I'm not incredibly familiar with the Randall Satan in particular, but I've seen others use the Line 6 Fatality model as a starting point for the whole Dimebag Darrell sound (he was probably the most famous Randall user, with the possible exception of the Edge using a Randall on "The Fly"). Thing is, that Pantera sound is really tricky to nail as it seems you need to use all sorts of EQ to boost and cut bands both before and after. The Satan is a tube head though, unlike what Dimebag used, so if at all possible, maybe try to have 2 parallel amp paths with the Fatality and maybe something like the Revv, which is a pretty modern high gain tube amp? And of course......lots of EQ.
  14. JimGordon

    Helix Rack, Engl e530 preamp, and Control

    Tangential to the question, but how does the Engl 530 sound in general? That's the pre-amp Helloween used in the late '80s for the Keepers albums (aka the Book of Genesis for power metal). Any chance you could give your impressions of A/B'ing the Engl with something like the 2204 Mod model in the Helix? That's what I've used to try to emulate that Helloween sound.....
  15. amsdenj

    Line 6 Stomp Footswitch Options

    The expression inputs to HX Stomp can be any combination of two expression or footswitch. So you can have FS 4 and FS 5 if you want. HX Stomp only has 3 snapshots, so if you have FS 4 and FS 5, you can have two footswitches with 3 snapshots at the same time. Each footswitch can control up to 8 things: effect bypass and/or parameter min/max values. Each snapshot can save values for up to 64 parameters. FS mode can be either stomp or snapshot. HX Stomp is an amazing piece of gear. Here's a great video: And another:
  16. Thanks for your reply. RESOLVED!! Apple logo>sytem preferences>security&privacy>Allow apps downloaded from: [check "App Store and identified developers"] cheers!!
  17. amsdenj

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    Litigator, keep the drive down for a pedal platform. Might need a little mid boost for single coil guitars somewhere in the patch.
  18. SaschaFranck

    CC Assign Snapshot Issue

    No, a MIDI control app running on Android. I will post a video later on (in a new thread about another feature request...). Could be kickass but unfortunately, the snapshot conflicts seem to render it a no-go.
  19. amsdenj

    Capture your own IRs? What are you using?

    If you have Logic Pro X, it comes with an Impulse Response Utility that I have used to create my own IRs with very good results.
  20. amsdenj

    OSX Catalina and HX Stomp

    I've updated, and have no problems. It took a while to examine all the 32 Bit apps I had, and delete them or replace them with 64 Bit alternatives. But once that was done, my whole studio (Logic) can up without a flaw.
  21. marxbear

    Bass Content

    I've been using my LT exclusively for Bass for 12 months now and have gotten to the point where I don't use an AMP/CAB on stage, unless there is no foldback or IEM available. the 2.80 update provided the Ampeg SVT Pro model which I have swapped over to. previously I was using the GK800. Rather than using a cab block, I use an EQ at the end of the chain. There are some really great Bass information from Dr Tone's Secret Helix Lab (drtonelab.com). Jon Willis has done some amazing work in "normalising" but bass and guitar amps for use with Bass.
  22. hurghanico

    POD HD 500X Driver Version fail installation

    to be able to hear the POD sounds from the speakers, the speakers must be connected to the POD outputs (not to your PC).. from the DOWNLOADS section of this website the version driver is available for download only for windows 7,8 and 10.. eg. if your PC runs on XP the latest driver you can use actually install and use is _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All about POD HD500/X help and useful tips
  23. pianoguyy

    POD HD500X can't be detected with Catalina (mac)

    i guess the next question is.... were you signed up to receive updates from L6? Dear Line 6 Product Owner, As you may be aware, Apple ® recently released macOS ® Catalina. Although we are working closely with Apple to ensure our software and drivers are fully compatible with macOS Catalina, we caution you against upgrading until you confirm that your specific Line 6 product is compatible with the new operating system. The latest information on macOS Catalina compatibility with Line 6 products may be found on our Knowledge Base. Thanks, The Line 6 Development Team
  24. Fugit

    Helix Bug Reports

    Try Doing 10-11 boot up (fs C+D) which rebuilds all presets, preserving the set lists, IRs, etc. If that doesn't do it, try backing up, factory reset (fs 9+10 power up), then restore. Then Try again.
  25. Hi, This is now normal behaviour for Apple Mac Operating Systems - you have just encountered the “Gatekeeper” which is built into the OS to protect you from malware. Rather than go through typing out the process of getting past this situation, I will give you a link to Apple’s own page on how to deal with this stuff. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT202491 Hope this helps/makes sense.
  26. ToggyB

    POD HD500X can't be detected with Catalina (mac)

    No I didn't!!!!!!!
  27. pianoguyy

    POD HD 500X Driver Version fail installation

    wait, i am confused. you are running EDIT but you can't get your Pod to connect... yet you think you should be able to hear your tone?
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